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More than just a smile


Here at Smilecraft, we strive to provide the residents of Stevenage with a dental service which is unparalleled, and offer them far more than your average dental practice. It is our belief here at Smilecraft that, just as there are no two identical sets of teeth, no two installations of the same procedure be identical. Rather than simply adopting the lazy, clinical approach to dentistry, whereby the barrier between practitioners and their patients is divided with sterilised, impersonal accuracy, at Smilecraft, we are a dentist in Stevenage who take the time to connect with each of our patients on a personal, human basis, and have found that in doing so, a far better relationship can be formed between the patient and their trusted practitioner.

Cosmetically conscious

In recent years, there has been more of an increased focus on having a clean, healthy looking, straight and white smile than ever before. There are many speculative reasons for this recent increase, with many feeling the rise in social media documentation and the smiles portrayed throughout the media, films and television are the cause. However, whatever the reasoning behind the rise is, the fact remains that an increasing percentage of people across all age demographics are opting for cosmetic dentistry solutions from our dentist in Stevenage, to achieve a more cohesive, healthier looking, whiter and straighter smile. One of the most popular of these procedures, which we offer here at Smilecraft, is tooth whitening. This is a procedure which is used to clean off years of superficial stains or discolouration which have come about through the loss of the natural enamel on a patient’s teeth. This loss can happen for numerous reasons, and through certain lifestyle choices, such as smoking, drinking black coffee, tea or red wine, or from taking certain medications.Through tooth whitening treatment however, patients can achieve a whiter looking smile almost instantaneously. The process of receiving teeth whitening treatment through our dentist in Stevenage here at Smilecraft, involves the use of a specialised peroxide-based whitener which is applied directly to the front of the patient’s teeth within a specialist retainer. This process can result in patients’ self-esteem being vastly boosted, as they can walk out of our practice the same day they walked in, with a heather looking, whiter smile and the self confidence to match.

Clearly ingenuous

Another cosmetic dentistry solution which we provide here at Smilecraft, is the installation of discrete dental aligners such as Six Month Smiles. This is a new method of orthodontic alignment which has increased in popularity massively in recent years, and is often favoured over conventional orthodontics, due to its discrete nature. Six Month Smiles treatment, replaces the needs for conventional orthodontic tools such as brackets and wires, with a removable plastic retainer. This retainer is created using a specialist dental plastic which is chosen due to its uniquely firm, yet malleable consistency. When worn, the retainer uses targeted pressure points within it to slowly move the patients teeth back into their correct position. Each installation of Six Month Smiles is an entirely unique process, as each retainer is made from a mould of each patient’s teeth. As such, when it is worn, the retainer fits so snugly over the patient’s teeth that it becomes practically undetectable. Unlike conventional orthodontics, Six Month Smiles gives patients the power to simultaneously carry out essential orthodontic alignment, and smile at unsuspecting passers by throughout treatment. In addition to this, as the name may suggest, treatment through Six Month Smiles is vastly shorter than conventional methods of orthodontics, and slows patients to achieve the smile they deserve, in as little as six months.

Answering your questions about smile makeovers in Stevenage

Many people make plans for the future and desire to improve themselves. Have you considered working on your dental health? What about treating yourself to one of many smile makeovers in Stevenage? If any of this has been on your mind, the following will give you more information about smile makeovers, and what you can expect when you come to Smilecraft Dental Care.


What is a smile makeover?

Excellent question! Our trained dentists will first offer you a consultation where they will assess your dental structure and your dental health. From there, they will write up a plan to give you the best smile possible. This could mean that you’ll need braces to bring misaligned teeth into their correct places, or you could need teeth whitening to brighten your smile. Here is more information about a few of our cosmetic options.

Teeth whitening

If one tooth in your mouth or many teeth have begun to discolour over the years, then it’s time to get them sparkling again. We offer kits that you can take home, or you can have your teeth whitened by one of our dentists.

White fillings

We aim to use white composite fillings in your mouth that closely resemble the colour of your teeth. They’re less noticeable and bond well with your problem tooth. It’s a great alternative to the metal amalgam fillings which have been used by dentists for many years.

Teeth straightening

As an adult, you too can get braces to straighten and enhance your natural smile. There’s no need to worry about the traditional metal appearance of braces with our Six Month Smiles option. The braces you’ll wear during the treatment period will be clear, and closely match the colour and shade of your teeth. You can feel confident, knowing your teeth are being taken care of and you’re gradually getting closer to your new smile. 

Are smile makeovers in Stevenage expensive?

We care about all of our patients and we want them to get the best results possible. We also try to make sure that our patients are clear about the cost of procedures and treatments. The price of a smile makeover in Stevenage may vary because each patient’s needs differ and combination treatments vary in price; as an example, teeth straightening followed by teeth whitening may vary in cost in comparison to having veneers.

On our website, we have a section labelled “Fees & Offers” – you can find more information about the services we offer and how much we charge for them.

How can I get in touch with Smilecraft Dental Care?

We always enjoy meeting new patients and working with our regular ones. If you’d like to enquire about smile makeovers in Stevenage, you can contact us via a number of channels.

We have a ‘contact us’ form on our website, fill this in and we’ll get in touch with you. You have the opportunity to write your name, number, email and a message. We handle your personal information with the greatest care.

If you’re not ready to come in and see us, why not fill in our e-consultation form, upload an image of your smile and tell us what you’d like to change and why. We will then get in touch with you.

You can also see images of our treatments or find out more about our work via our social media channels. We look forward to hearing from you!

Discover a dentist in Stevenage who is right for you

Patients come first


Here at Smilecraft, we are not your typical, average dental practice. Where an innumerable amount of practices across the country are increasingly adopting the simplified, clinical approach to dentistry, whereby the line between patient and practitioner is divided with a sterilised accuracy and jargon – here at Smilecraft, we are a dentist in Stevenage who make every effort to get to know our patients on a personal, human basis. We’ve found that, by taking the time to connect with our patients, a far stronger and longer lasting dental relationship can bloom.

Clearly something special

Some of the most sought out dental procedures we provide at Smilecraft, are those which are categorised as ‘cosmetic dentistry’ solutions. These cover an array of varying treatments, all of which are designed to make a patient’s smile more aesthetically cohesive. One such treatment we offer is the installation of discrete dental aligners such as Six Month Smiles. These are a revolutionary method of discrete orthodontics, which replace the use of common orthodontic tools and methods –  such as fused brackets or unsightly metal wires – with a removable plastic, transparent retainer. This retainer is made from a specialised dental material, and uses targeted pressure points within it to gently and gradually push the patient’s teeth into their correct shape when worn. One of the primary attractions to this method of orthodontics, over conventional braces, is the discrete nature of the procedure. Each installation of Six Month Smiles is an entirely unique process, as every retainer is created from a mold from each patient’s teeth. As such, when the retainer is worn, it fits over their teeth so tightly that it becomes almost impossible to detect. This may clarify the procedures popularity amongst the demographic of teenagers and young adults, as they may be somewhat more open to scrutiny. Another attraction to this treatment is, as the name may suggest, Six Month Smiles, unlike other forms of orthodontics, can provide patients with a straightener, more together looking smile in as short a time as just six months.

Shine like a star

Another cosmetic service which is vastly popular that we provide here at Smilecraft, is cosmetic teeth whitening. This is a form of cosmetic dentistry which has grown in popularity exponentially over recent years, across all age demographics. The aim of teeth whitening is to provide patients with a whiter, healthier looking smile. This is achieved by the application of a peroxide-based whitening gel to the front of the patient’s teeth. This gel rids any superficial stains or discoloration on their teeth. Staining of a patient’s teeth can be the result of a multitude of factors which cause the enamel of a patient’s teeth becomes dulled or yellowed. These can include certain lifestyle choices such as smoking, drinking red wine, black coffee or tea, or taking certain medications. However, through teeth whitening such as Zoom Whitening, which is offered here at Smilecraft can rid years of superficial staining to a patient’s teeth, and leave them with a whiter, shining smile, and the self-confidence to match.

Is all you want for Christmas your two front teeth? Come to Smilecraft to achieve that picturesque ‘Merry Christmas’ smile

The holiday season will soon be upon us; parties, family get togethers and dinners in restaurants with dear friends will be part of most people’s activities and of course, everyone wants to look their best for those all too important seasonal selfies!


While all these festive activities can be easy for many people, it can be difficult for some too. Even if you are wearing a designer gown and have the latest ‘must have’ clutch bag, when you have gaps in your smile or stained teeth, it can really drag your confidence down, often causing you to back out of parties and dinners with friends. Hardly the ‘Merry Christmas’ in Stevenage you want or deserve!

At Smilecraft, we want you to have a truly Merry Christmas in Stevenage and can offer you many cosmetic dental treatments, which will boost your confidence and help you really enjoy the holiday season!

Dental implants

When you have noticeable gaps at the front of your mouth, having a Merry Christmas in Stevenage may seem very hard to accomplish.

At Smilecraft, we can help you fill those gaps with our implants and customised prostheses, to provide you with a stable, permanent and natural looking alternative to dentures!

No need to turn down that sticky Christmas pudding; you can eat what you want without worry and with proper care, implants can last a lifetime!

Teeth whitening

Want to wear that bright red lipstick to the Christmas party, but have stained teeth?

Our team can help you get a whiter smile using our Enlighten system, which is performed in surgery, with top up gels for you to apply at home. This process will lighten your teeth quickly without causing sensitivity and give you confidence for months after the holiday season.

Porcelain veneers

Need whiter teeth quickly for that Christmas dinner?

Porcelain veneers, much like false nails, are placed over the top of your teeth and instantly whiten your smile.

They are long lasting too and can provide you with a gleaming smile for the next 15 holiday seasons!

White fillings

Having a filling is never fun, but is sometimes required to preserve the function of your teeth.

While many people associate larger fillings with being black in colour, our team at Smilecraft can offer you white, composite fillings; colour matched to the surrounding teeth.

You will have your teeth preserved to the same professional level, without the less than discreet black fillings.

Six Month Smiles

If you are more concerned about having misaligned, spaced or overcrowded teeth, then you may be able to get them looking straighter with our Six Month Smiles alignment system before the holiday season.

Although, as the name suggests, this treatment typically takes up to six months, depending on the severity of your dental misalignment, you may be able to achieve the desired results in significantly less time.

If not, you will have a visually discreet aligner that will not impact on those precious holiday photos and by next Christmas, you will have that coveted, straighter smile.

Removing wisdom teeth with your dentist in Stevenage

Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars that emerge during the late teens and early twenties. Wisdom teeth are not as functional as other teeth in your mouth, and they can sometimes crowd your mouth.


Wisdom teeth can sometimes cause an array of problems, which necessitates their removal. Close to 85% of adults undergo oral surgery to get their wisdom teeth removed. Therefore, you shouldn’t be too surprised if you find that you need to visit a dentist in Stevenage for wisdom teeth removal.

What are some signs that you may need to remove a wisdom tooth?

You will need to schedule an appointment with our dentist in Stevenage if you are experiencing continual pain. When wisdom teeth grow incorrectly or crookedly due to lack of enough space, they force your mouth alignment into painful positions.

Consequently, you experience tooth pain, pain when eating or drinking, jaw pain, and headaches. Take note of how long you feel the pain. There is a need to visit our dentist if the pain is consistent, or it doesn’t subside even after taking painkillers.

Sometimes there is not enough space for wisdom teeth to emerge from the gums. As such, they do not develop as they should. Impacted wisdom teeth can appear fully or halfway. Some of the signs that your wisdom teeth are impacted and they require removal include jaw pain, bad breath, swollen and tender gums, and difficulty in opening your mouth.

If you have noticed any of these symptoms, you need to pay us a visit at our dental practice. Our dentist will extract the impacted wisdom teeth to prevent future complications.

Sometimes wisdom teeth grow to take up too much space in your mouth. You might think that braces can straighten up the wisdom teeth. But incorrectly, grown wisdom teeth cannot be straightened by braces. No procedure can correct them, because nothing can be done when there is not enough space for the wisdom teeth to emerge correctly.

The only option you have is to get the teeth extracted. Our dentist in Stevenage will determine whether to remove all your wisdom teeth or a few of them.

You probably don’t know that sometimes sinus problems are caused by your oral health and mouth. If you are experiencing congestion, pain, or pressure with your sinuses, you may need to have your wisdom teeth extracted. Visit our dentist for an examination and wisdom tooth extraction as soon as you start experiencing sinus problems.

A cyst is a sac that forms next to a tooth, and it gets filled with fluid. The cyst can destroy roots, your jawbone, and other surrounding structures if you fail to treat it. Unfortunately, it can develop into a tumour when it becomes severe. As such, you should consult with our dentists as soon as you notice a cyst forming around your wisdom tooth.

Getting your wisdom teeth extracted is not fun. But, it becomes necessary as soon as you notice the above signs. It doesn’t hurt to talk to one of our dentists if you are worried about your wisdom teeth.

Your dentist in Stevenage on protecting your child’s teeth

Tooth enamel, the visible white part of your tooth, is the first line of defence against cavities and plaque. While enamel is the hardest part of your body, it is also prone to a lot of abuse.


Parents want the best for their children, and protecting their teeth should be a priority. Several foods and habits can damage your child’s tooth enamel. Fortunately, there is much you can help your child with, in order to protect and keep the tooth enamel healthy and whiter.

 Avoid certain foods and drink more water

Bacteria thrive in the sugar on your teeth. Therefore, they induce the plaque that eventually causes cavities. One of the best ways to help protect your child’s tooth enamel is to limit their intake of sugary foods and drinks.

Our dentist in Stevenage advises parents to be aware, because not all sweet foods are apparent. For instance, rice and bread convert into simple sugars that eventually damage the tooth enamel of your child.

To avoid this, always check on the back of the grocery packaging to know the nutrition content. Also, avoid sugary drinks, such as fruit juice, soda, and sports drinks, because they are notorious for high sugar content.

Drinks and foods with high citric acid content erode the tooth enamel through demineralisation. In situations where demineralisation is severe, the acid finds its way to the dentine. Dentine is the soft layer found beneath the tooth enamel.

Consequently, your child’s teeth can become sensitive, and they experience pain. You should encourage your child to rinse their mouth with water 30 seconds after eating or drinking anything with high citric acid. It helps with cleaning away the lingering acid and protecting the enamel.

Water is an excellent tool that fights against acid erosion. As a dentist in Stevenage we will often recommend children increase their water intake because it doesn’t contain acid, so it protects the enamel.

Water also enhances the production of saliva, which is essential in cleaning teeth and restoring the pH balance in your mouth. Therefore, parents ought to try giving their children more water in place of sugary drinks, so that their teeth enamel remains healthy and robust.

 Other positive choices that you can make

Calcium neutralises acids that damage the enamel and re-mineralises the enamel to offer protection. Therefore, as your dentist in Stevenage we advise the incorporation of at least one dairy product to your child’s meals to increase their calcium intake. If your child doesn’t consume dairy, you can give other calcium-enriched drinks and foods, such as canned fish, soybeans, almond milk, kale, and almonds.

It is vital to brush and floss regularly for enamel protection. However, over-brushing is harmful to your teeth. You can consult with our dentist to learn brushing tricks and avoid over-brushing so that you don’t damage the tooth enamel. One of our tips is to use a soft-bristled toothbrush and using short strokes while brushing back and forth.

Come and see us regularly for the examination of your child’s overall oral health. We will evaluate your child’s tooth enamel as part of the regular dental check-up and recommend treatment if necessary.

Our ultimate goal is to maintain your child’s overall oral health in perfect condition and equip you and your child with the knowledge to keep a healthy smile.

Ask your dentist in Stevenage about problem snoring

When you visit our practice there are a number of treatments and techniques we can use to help you out with your various dental problems. But did you know that we can also provide solutions to problems with snoring?


Here’s a brief outline of how your dentist in Stevenage can help you out with any pesky snoring problems you might have.

Why do we snore?

Everyone on the planet snores to some degree. Whether it’s a quiet growl or a wall-shaking, thundering rattle that can be heard from space, we all at some point start snoring in our sleep.

Most of the causes of snoring can be fairly natural, it may be the way your tongue is placed in your mouth or the way you’re lying on your bed. But, in a few cases that familiar night time noise session could be caused by underlying health problems, like sleep apnoea, which could potentially have lethal consequences.

What are the risks of snoring?

As we mentioned above, snoring is mostly harmless, but when it could be linked to conditions like sleep apnoea then you run into problems.

Sleep apnoea can occur when the muscles around your neck and airway become relaxed to the point that they collapse and you stop breathing for a few seconds. This occurs frequently throughout your natural sleep cycle and in most cases your body will naturally kick the breathing response back into action, it can often result in you waking up often throughout the night. If you live with a partner this can also affect them as you spring awake or they spend the night worrying about when you’re going to cease breathing next, so it can be quite stressful for everyone.

Most cases of sleep apnoea can go undiagnosed for a long time as the symptoms appear when you’re sleeping. But if it’s left unchecked it can become a risk factor for things like stroke, heart disease, diabetes and much more. That’s why it’s important that you visit your dentist in Stevenage as they can help  identify any potential problems from your night time ritual.

At Smilecraft Dental Care our team will help you get back to a normal healthy night time routine in a relaxed and welcoming environment. 

How your dentist helps

If you haven’t been scared off yet, here’s how your dentist in Stevenage can help you with those snoring problems.

Normally a set of oral devices or a mouthpiece might be crafted to hold your jaw in a set position that allows the airways to stay open as you rest. Or you may be referred for MAS treatment whereby you have to wear an external mask that continually blasts oxygen to keep your airway open as you sleep. If the problem could potentially be more serious, your dentist can also work in conjunction with your GP to isolate the issue or figure out potential future treatment plans to get you back to a good night’s rest.

If you suffer from snoring problems, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to see how we can help you.

How to keep the nerves at bay when visiting your dentist in Stevenage

Most of us find the visiting the dentist a fairly normal affair. We go in, sit down, talk to the team about how we’re doing and then go home again. It sounds easy enough, but for some people this can still be quite a nerve-racking experience that can put them off a potentially vital check-up.

Dentist in Stevenage

 So here are a few tips from our team on how to keep calm when you visit your dentist in Stevenage.

Talk to us

Starting off our list strongly we have perhaps one of the most important things you can do to keep calm when visiting your dentist in Stevenage and that’s to just talk to us. Opening up a line of dialogue with our team can let them know to stop when things are getting a little too much for you or you just need a  break for a while.

If you’re still nervous when it comes to speaking to strangers then try just arranging some sort of hand signal to let us know when to stop. It doesn’t have to be anything too complicated, just putting your hand up is enough to let us know.

At Smilecraft Dental Care our friendly team are always willing to help new patients feel at home when they stop by for an appointment.

Bring in a bear

 Now of course we don’t mean an actual bear, that would be a little too dangerous in a dental practice, but a stuffed version won’t do any harm and can often relax a nervous patient.

Bringing in a teddy bear from home is a good way to relax, as it gives you that familiar texture and smell of a place where you feel safe, and in an unfamiliar environment, like the practice of a dentist in Stevenage, it can be an island of calm in a sea of anxiety.

Listen to some music

Hearing the drills and goings on of a practice can trigger a lot of nervous patients, so that’s why we recommend blocking out the noise with some of your favourite tracks. Having something that you love to listen to is a great way to distract yourself from any ongoing treatments.

Although, if you do plan on jamming on a few tracks we suggest that you keep it to something calming like classical or jazz. Anything electronic or heavy metal based will just get your heart rate racing again with their fast tempos.

Use meditative breathing

Relaxing breathing techniques are another great way to beat the anxiety. As your body flushes with adrenalin, a few slow breaths in and out can flood your system with oxygen, which allows your body to break this chemical cocktail down faster and lets you feel calmer quicker.

These are just a few things you can try to keep yourself calm when you visit our practice. If you start to feel your nerves get the better of you then don’t hesitate to let our team know and they will do their best to put you at ease.

If you’re looking for a dentist in Stevenage, look no further than Smilecraft Dental Care

Smilecraft Dental Care is a private dentist situated in Old Town Stevenage, in the greater Stevenage area. We understand that our patients expect quality dental care and we strive to provide this. But don’t just take our word for it, why not review some of our patient testimonials on our website. It is not often you come across a dental practice who will exceed your expectations, in not only providing professional dental excellence and oral hygiene, but who also strive to deliver a high level of patient care.


Why choose us?

Here at Smilecraft Dental Care, we believe that preventative dentistry should be at the forefront of great oral health and our team encourage this and are dedicated in providing this care. Maintaining good oral hygiene and establishing a routine which supports this is essential to the maintenance of healthy gums and teeth. A healthy mouth starts with good dental hygiene. We routinely screen for mouth cancer and at your first appointment we will provide a comprehensive oral examination, including x-rays where necessary. During this time, we will evaluate your oral hygiene and discuss if any treatment is needed. We will then tailor a treatment plan that’s just right for you. We take our patients’ health extremely seriously; that is why we adhere to a strict decontamination procedure, using single use instruments where possible.

 At Smilecraft Dental, initial appointments are booked for an hour, in order to get to know you, evaluate your current oral hygiene and allow us an opportunity to discuss your treatment options and discuss what you would like to achieve with us. Establishing relationships with our patients will not only help us get to know you but will make you feel more comfortable during your visit with us. Our team are experienced in welcoming you and making you feel relaxed and comfortable. We have been established for over 25 years and we pride ourselves in being an approachable family orientated practice, with many of our patients being third generation. We also enjoy many referrals of friends and family from our patients. Our team is led by Bradley Abrahams, who is a well respected and experienced dentist, who is passionate about dentistry. We also offer dental implants, which along with bridges and crowns, are a great solution for missing damaged and broken teeth. If it’s cosmetic treatments you are looking for, our teeth whitening procedures and veneers will surely give you something to smile about. We have a variety of easy payment options available to you and still provide NHS treatment for our younger patients. We are easy to find, just a 15 minute walk from the train station, and also offer emergency appointments when necessary. Why don’t you stop by and see why our patients are always smiling?

General Dentistry offered by your dentist

General dentistry is the practice of restoring the oral health of a patient to the best it can be, using a variety of different treatments. If you are looking for a dentist in Stevenage for some general dentistry options, then do not hesitate to contact us for further information. It is our aim at Smilecraft to give you the best smile that you can possibly have, which in many cases, is a healthy one. If you have any concerns about your dental health, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Dentist in Stevenage

Fillings & Root Canal Therapy

Often cavities can be the main issue facing your general dentistry health, and it can be what causes the most damage. This is why it is important to have regular check-ups with us, and to make sure that your teeth are well maintained and performing as well as they possibly can.

Fillings are necessary when the cavity has formed enough of a hole to be painful, and part of the tooth needs to be removed and filled in. These are available as white fillings too, so it will be hard to notice via the naked eye.

Root canal therapy is necessary when the cavity has not been dealt with, and instead needs more drastic treatment. This is when the cavity has breached the pulp chamber, and infected the pulp, which is the core of the tooth. Once this has become infected, your oral health is in danger, and you will need immediate treatment.

Emergency Dental Care

If you urgently need a dentist in Stevenage, then it is important to note that we have an emergency dentistry department set up to receive your calls. Emergency dentistry can be anything from a sudden onset of pain, to a broken or knocked out tooth. We understand how traumatic a lost tooth can be, which is why we will approach each case with the same amount of compassion and efficiency.

Dental Implants

Restorative dentistry is also an aspect of dentistry that our practice will cover. If you are looking for a dentist in Stevenage for some dental implants, then this is a treatment that we offer. This is an extremely advanced treatment and as such is not offered by all practices, however, we are proud to offer the treatment, and all the guidance regarding it.

The Wand

If you are worried about pain during your dental treatment, then it is crucial that you take note of our unique Wand Painless injection. Using extremely advanced technology, the Wand administers anaesthetic in a way that is virtually impossible to feel, so you do not have to worry about needles or injections when you visit us. Part of Smilecraft’s ethos is to make your visit to us as comfortable as it can be, and this specific treatment is a marker of this, and how we go the extra mile to achieve it.