General Dentistry offered by your dentist

General dentistry is the practice of restoring the oral health of a patient to the best it can be, using a variety of different treatments. If you are looking for a dentist in Stevenage for some general dentistry options, then do not hesitate to contact us for further information. It is our aim at Smilecraft to give you the best smile that you can possibly have, which in many cases, is a healthy one. If you have any concerns about your dental health, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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Fillings & Root Canal Therapy

Often cavities can be the main issue facing your general dentistry health, and it can be what causes the most damage. This is why it is important to have regular check-ups with us, and to make sure that your teeth are well maintained and performing as well as they possibly can.

Fillings are necessary when the cavity has formed enough of a hole to be painful, and part of the tooth needs to be removed and filled in. These are available as white fillings too, so it will be hard to notice via the naked eye.

Root canal therapy is necessary when the cavity has not been dealt with, and instead needs more drastic treatment. This is when the cavity has breached the pulp chamber, and infected the pulp, which is the core of the tooth. Once this has become infected, your oral health is in danger, and you will need immediate treatment.

Emergency Dental Care

If you urgently need a dentist in Stevenage, then it is important to note that we have an emergency dentistry department set up to receive your calls. Emergency dentistry can be anything from a sudden onset of pain, to a broken or knocked out tooth. We understand how traumatic a lost tooth can be, which is why we will approach each case with the same amount of compassion and efficiency.

Dental Implants

Restorative dentistry is also an aspect of dentistry that our practice will cover. If you are looking for a dentist in Stevenage for some dental implants, then this is a treatment that we offer. This is an extremely advanced treatment and as such is not offered by all practices, however, we are proud to offer the treatment, and all the guidance regarding it.

The Wand

If you are worried about pain during your dental treatment, then it is crucial that you take note of our unique Wand Painless injection. Using extremely advanced technology, the Wand administers anaesthetic in a way that is virtually impossible to feel, so you do not have to worry about needles or injections when you visit us. Part of Smilecraft’s ethos is to make your visit to us as comfortable as it can be, and this specific treatment is a marker of this, and how we go the extra mile to achieve it.

What cosmetic dentistry can a dentist offer?

Cosmetic dentistry is the process of improving one’s smile using a variety of different treatments. If you are looking for a dentist in Stevenage that can administer cosmetic dentistry treatments, then Smilecraft is the right practice for you.

Dentist in Stevenage

Cosmetic dentistry is anything that is done to improve the look of your teeth and is becoming more advanced and professional every year. Improving your smile is a fantastic benefit to your wellbeing, as many studies show that if you look your best, then you feel your best. Many studies have also shown that a smile is the first thing that people notice about you, so if you are in an environment where you are meeting a lot of people, it can be important to you.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the easiest and most effective ways to improve your smile. Over time, teeth can naturally turn shades of yellow and brown. A poor dental hygiene regime, and substances such as coffee, can affect the colour of your teeth; often a perfectly maintained set of teeth can naturally darken in colour. Therefore, to revert this, teeth whitening is the solution, and is widely available in many dental practices. If you are looking for a dentist in Stevenage who can advise you on your teeth whitening treatment, then Smilecraft will be able to help.

White Fillings

Often people can be averse to fillings due to their noticeability. In some cases, if the fillings are large, they can be seen through the translucent enamel, which can give the teeth a grey appearance. White fillings are the answer to this and can provide fillings that are almost impossible to see. This can contribute to a healthy looking and natural smile, while keeping your oral health as the priority.

Inlays, Onlays & Crowns

Sometimes if part of the tooth is damaged or destroyed, then it will need to be replaced. This is where inlays and onlays come in, and can be used to replace significant sections of a tooth, without replacing it entirely. This can be ideal for worn-down or broken teeth that just need a slight adjustment or repairing.

Crowns are ideal for replacing the entire tooth for when the root is still healthy, but the organic crown of the tooth is lost. This can be due to decay, or even damage to the tooth, and provides a quick and effective replacement.


For a smooth and aesthetic finish to your teeth, veneers are a fantastic option. Veneers are made from porcelain and are attached to existing teeth via an extremely strong adhesive. Porcelain is also extremely durable, so the teeth are not only given a completely new look, but they are also protected. This can be ideal for someone who is not only looking for a fresh new look for their front teeth, but also looking to protect their existing teeth, which may be already damaged or cracked, or even discoloured. If you are interested in veneers, or any of the listed cosmetic options, and need a dentist in Stevenage, then please contact Smilecraft for more information.

What are the plus points for choosing white fillings?

With modern diets containing excessive amounts of sugar, there is an increased likelihood of patients seeking dental treatment for cavities. Cavities, if not treated at a dental clinic, inevitably leads to tooth decay and tooth loss. While sugar is the main culprit in tooth decay, there are other contributory factors. These factors include bacteria entering the tooth structure through chips and fractures in the outer layer of the tooth.

White Fillings in Stevenage

Dental practitioners rely on fillings to save a tooth from progressive decay. At Smilecraft dental clinic we offer our patients the option of choosing White Fillings in Stevenage to prevent cavities from completely destroying teeth.

4 Reasons why patients choose White Fillings in Stevenage

Patients are already familiar with the silver fillings, also referred to as, amalgam fillings. Improvements in dental technologies and materials have made available white fillings as an alternative option.  At our dental clinic we find that more and more patients prefer this option over amalgam fillings. Here’s why.

  1. Aesthetic value

A top concern of patients having to seek treatment for teeth cavities are cosmetic in nature. A key benefit of composite fillings is that the fillings can be matched to the colour of the patient’s teeth. This means that these fillings are less noticeable as compared to silver fillings.

  • Lower price tag compared to other dental treatments

White Fillings in Stevenage are a more cost effective option for patients who need to treat a broken tooth. This treatment method costs less than opting to have porcelain crowns cover shape defects.

  • Minimal drilling required

Unlike the standard filling treatment, composite fillings require less preparation. As the filling material bonds to the teeth, drilling may only be needed to remove evidence of dental decay.

  • Replacing white fillings are relatively less complicated

Should it happen that filling needs to be replaced, the method to replacing composite fillings is far easier than replacing an amalgam filling. The area that is damaged can be easily removed and replaced. This comparatively less complicated than having to remove the entire silver filling before cleaning out the cavity and filling it in again.

Carefully consider filling materials

One of the most frequently asked questions by our patients who have to consider filling treatments is – How to choose the best treatment method for their dental health? We advise patients to consider the choice of materials available to make sure that they choose the most suitable option that is in their best interests.

Composite fillings are made from a composite resin material that includes plastics and other materials such as silica and dimethylglyoxime. This compound material ensures that the filling is successfully secured to the tooth’s surface.

The benefits of composite resin material include:

  • White fillings are mercury free.
  • Composite fillings are more durable and offer increased resistance to breakage.
  • Tooth sensitivity is decreased.

Do you need to check the condition of your teeth? Why not schedule a check-up with one of our experienced dental practitioners today? Give us a call at Smilecraft. We look forward to helping you achieve excellent oral health.

Do you have a phobia of the dentist?

Thousands of people suffer from dental anxiety or phobia throughout their lives. Sometimes it can be caused by having a negative experience in the past which has now left you feeling terrified of visiting your dental practice, whilst some people have been anxious about going to the dentist for their entire lives. Either way, having a phobia about attending dental appointments can affect people in many ways.

Dentist in Stevenage

Here at Smilecraft we are aware of just how awful suffering from dental anxiety can be. Your dentist in Stevenage will do whatever they can to make you feel relaxed and at ease from the moment you enter the practice. We want you to feel confident when you visit us and when you leave our practice we do not want you to be shaking in fear, we want you to feel glad that you made the decision to visit us.

What constitutes a phobia?

Every person suffering from dental phobia or anxiety is different. Some people will feel unable to even speak about dentistry without feeling panicky, let alone think about attending an appointment. At our practice we try to stress the importance of having regular check-ups, as avoiding your dentist in Stevenage can result in the condition of your teeth deteriorating over time, and you may need more excessive treatments later in life.

Having a phobia can mean anything, from feeling a little anxious about visiting your dental practitioner to having a panic attack in the waiting room. Some people can feel sick or have irrational thoughts about what is going to happen at their appointment, and in some cases, they will be unable to have procedures performed without powerful anaesthetics.     

Why avoiding your dental practice is a bad idea

At Smilecraft, we try and stress to all our patients how important it is to attend regular check-ups and have the treatment they need as soon as they need it. Your dentist in Stevenage will be able to tell you how not keeping your teeth in a good condition could result in tooth decay, gum disease and many more problems that will result in you either losing teeth or having to have more extensive dental work carried out in the future.

What you can do to overcome your fears

There are several things that you can do to ease your anxiety. At Smilecraft we always welcome you and allow you to bring a relative or companion with you, so you feel a little more comfortable in your surroundings. We also offer services for patients that really do not like visiting the practice such as our e-consultations. This is where you can upload a picture of your smile and/or teeth and explain to us what you want to have changed or checked. Your dentist in Stevenage will be able to provide you with basic information about the treatments that you may need, but it will remain up to you to book an appointment when you feel ready.

It is best to book an appointment at our practice and speak to one of our many dental professionals, as they will provide you with all the information you need and help you get back on track when it comes to achieving the smile that you want.  

Your dentist can supply you with white fillings

Have you recently visited the dentist for a check-up? If not, you might be at risk of tooth decay. This is where your tooth is weakened, and you may experience pain or discomfort. Your dentist in Stevenage can solve these problems for you by using white fillings. Alternatively, you could be feeling self-conscious about the metal tinge that people can see when you smile if you have metal fillings already, and think it is about time to replace these with white ones.

Dentist in Stevenage

At Smilecraft we understand that having a great smile leaves you feeling great too. So, whatever the reasons you have for wanting to get white fillings, we will do everything we can to ensure that when you leave our practice, you will be proud to smile and not embarrassed by your mouth.  

What are white fillings?

Your dentist in Stevenage will normally use a filling to repair a tooth, either because it has a cavity or because the damage has been done through incessant teeth grinding. Sometimes you may just have a broken tooth and need a filling to fix it. Metal fillings have been around for a very long time now but as technology has advanced, so has dentistry and its methods.

White fillings will last you an incredibly long period of time and are made from a hard substance that will replicate the original tooth you had. Chewing and eating in public are no longer chores for our patients, as they can bite down on food with confidence, knowing that they will not experience pain or discomfort anymore. Our patients will also be amazed by the fact that these fillings do not stand out as the metal ones did, so you can open your mouth, smile and laugh, all without worrying that people will notice how many fillings you have had. The fillings blend in well and will allow you to experience a whole new level of satisfaction that you have not experienced before.

It is still important to care for your teeth

Your dentist in Stevenage can provide you all the dental treatment you desire, but we still try and encourage all our patients to take care of their teeth as much as possible. Having strong and healthy teeth is important as it reduces the likelihood of needing extensive dental procedures later in life which can be both expensive and intimidating. If you have white fillings in Stevenage you need to make sure that you are brushing your teeth thoroughly twice a day, preferably using mouthwash and flossing as well. This will ensure that your fillings last for as long as possible.

It is quite common for young adults to require fillings, as this can be a time when people have let their teeth brushing routine slip. However, adults, the elderly and children can also need fillings, as they are not an age-related treatment. If you have been visiting our dental practice regularly since you were a child and taking good care of your teeth, you are less likely to require fillings. Ask one of our dental professionals if you are unsure of how to care for your fillings, or if you have any questions about maintaining a strong and healthy mouth. They will be glad to help you smile brightly again.    

Have you been for your mouth cancer screening?

Thousands of people suffer from mouth cancer each year. Occasionally people will ignore the symptoms that they have and neglect going for a mouth cancer screening in Stevenage which will only make their situation worse. It is recommended that you go for one of these screenings at least once a year so your dental professional can make sure that your mouth is in a healthy condition and will be able to pick up on any early signs of cancer development.

Mouth Cancer Screening in Stevenage

At Smilecraft Dental Care we acknowledge that this can be more than just a difficult subject for some people to approach, so our dental practitioners are on hand to make you feel as comfortable and reassured as possible. They will be able to mind your mind at ease by answering the questions you pose to them, and they will be able to tell you what steps you need to take next if the results of your screening are not what you wanted to hear.

Do what you can to stay healthy

There are several things that can be done to decrease your chances of suffering from cancer of the mouth. The first thing most health practitioners will advise you to do is to stop smoking, as this is the number one cause of more than one cancer. Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol is also incredibly bad for you and this can lead to cancer cells becoming more aggressive.

Eating a well-balanced diet will help maintain a strong and healthy mouth too, so having variety in your diet and making sure you eat plenty of fruit and vegetables will help keep cancer at bay. By visiting us at Smilecraft Dental Care just once a year to have a mouth cancer screening in Stevenage you will be letting us help you to stay on top of your overall health as well as just your oral health. 

Symptoms of mouth cancer

There are several signs that you may be suffering from mouth cancer, such as white or red patches on the tongue and around the mouth. You could also be suffering from mouth ulcers that are not healing or going away after a few weeks have passed. Numbness in your mouth maybe something that you are experiencing, or your teeth could be starting to come loose in their sockets.

Having a mouth cancer screening in Stevenage if you notice any of these early signs could confirm or deny whether you have cancer. It will scan your mouth for any lesions or lumps that have formed at all, whether they are on their tongue, the roof of your mouth or your cheek does not matter. For some people this is the most challenging part, as it is taking the first step of what may become a very long journey. The earlier you can catch it the easier it will be to get the right treatment that you need and resolve your problems sooner. Our dentists will ensure that you get a completely professional yet friendly experience when you visit our practice for your screening.

How to relieve the sudden onset of toothache: home remedy tips from the dentist in Stevenage

Toothache and chronic dental issues can hit at any time, sometimes so all-consuming that you can barely function, let alone drive to the dentist.

While you do need to see the dentist in Stevenage eventually, we know that, in the moment, this is sometimes not always possible.

Dentist in Stevenage

So how do you self-medicate tooth tenderness? Read below and learn to administer home remedies and concoctions that could help you or a family member through extreme discomfort. And when you can, book an appointment with us, Smilecraft Dental, so we can get to the source of your aches and pains.

Home remedies you can try at home

  • Salt and hot water

One of the simplest and most basic methods used to relieve pain is to mix salt and hot water and rinse it repeatedly. Gargling this solution helps to remove fluids that irritate the gums while helping to manage your pain enough for you to book an appointment with your local dentist in Stevenage.

  • Ice or compress

Pressing something cold on the inside or outside of your mouth is also an effective pain-reliever for aching teeth. Frozen peas also work if you do not have anything else in your freezer.

By constricting the blood vessels and slowing the flow of blood to the area affected, the cold sensation works to numb the pain and prevent or reduce swelling.

  • Alcohol

Soak cotton wool in alcohol – whisky, scotch, vodka or brandy will do – and hold it to the area of your mouth, causing you problems.

  • Peppermint tea

Peppermint tea contains numbing properties that soothe feelings of sensitivity while the ingredient that gives the drink its minty flavour, menthol, is an antibacterial and drives away harmful germs. You can either rinse your mouth with the tea or sip it slowly until the pain disappears.

If you do not have tea, peppermint oil is also an effective remedy for pain. Place a few drops of the oil on a cotton swab and hold it to your sore mouth or tooth.


Try over the counter medication, such as ibuprofen if the above remedies prove ineffective.  Swelling is usually the cause of most tooth pain, and ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory that reduces swelling and inflammation.

Make an appointment with us

We cannot stress enough that home remedies are not an alternative to professional dental treatment, but should be seen as methods of temporary pain management.

Immense pain coupled with anxiety, is enough to make anyone feel overwhelmed. Our dental team understand the stress of these emergencies and will slot you in to see the dentist in Stevenage where they can. On top of fast and efficient service, we provide a compassionate bedside manner to help you relax through this ordeal.

What constitutes a dental emergency?

Having a dislodged filling is understandably alarming, but if it occurs late at night when few dental clinics are open, the chances are that you can wait until the next day to repair it.

Prolonged tooth pain lasting 48 hours or more could be a symptom of an abscess or even gum disease and should be urgently treated.

Know how to treat yourself and others in a dental emergency, but be sure to come and see us for a repair and prevent the problem from recurring.

What qualities should I look for in a dentist in Stevenage?

Finding a dentist is easy; all you have to do is open up a phone directory or look online, and you will come across many in your area. Finding a dentist in Stevenage who is right for you proves more difficult.

Dentist in Stevenage

If you are in the market for a new dentist, allow us to introduce ourselves. We are a group of qualified and experienced dentists based in the town of Stevenage. We pride ourselves on our world-class services accompanied by a smile and pleasant demeanour.

Not in our area? No problem! Refine your search for the most appropriate dentist for you and your family by taking stock of desirable qualities that any good dentist should possess while learning how to spot red flags, as outlined in the below.

A good dentist is compassionate, understanding and a good listener

In the past, dentists were perceived as butchers; there to inflict pain without remorse or empathy. This, of course, is untrue in modern times as you will find that most medical professionals are highly compassionate.

An exceptional dentist in Stevenage does not merely focus on the problem at hand but on you as a person.

You might suffer from dental anxiety or have a fear of needles, feeling comfortable enough to open up these issues will make your experiences at the dentist less of an ordeal.

Another dentist might regard your fears with impatience, while a compassionate one helps you to overcome it by showing that the terror you feel has no grounding in reality.

Informs and educates you

Many issues we see every day are preventable. Some people do not know how to take care of their teeth properly or merely do not care about their oral health and hygiene.

An essential duty of a dentist in Stevenage is to inform patients about how they can improve upon their teeth-cleaning habits while at the same time, gently prompting them to take better of their teeth by telling them about the very real and serious consequence of neglect.

Tries to minimise your pain and make you feel comfortable

Specific treatments are synonymous with pain, which a dentist is very much aware of and will try to ease your discomfort with anaesthesia and numbing gels. Short breaks will also help to make any unpleasantness bearable.

Will not introduce unnecessary treatment

A dentist who is trying only to maximise his or her gains may recommend treatments that are not required to fix your dental issues, these are few and far between.

An oral health provider after your best interests tries to help you save money by using a traditional or conservative approach to help treat uncomplicated issues.    

At the same time, despite dental care being more accessible than before, many people cannot afford to pay for appointments in full. You know you are in good hands if your dental clinic offers a variety of payment plans from which to choose.

Choosing someone to take proper care of your teeth is no mean feat – make sure that you are in the right hands. 

Want a brighter, whiter smile? Enlighten teeth whitening in Stevenage

With modern foods being either highly acidic or high in sugar, it comes as no surprise to dentists when patients tell us about stains or dulling of their teeth.

Enlighten Teeth Whitening in Stevenage

Teeth change colour with age and with lifestyle habits like smoking, drinking red wine and excess amounts of coffee, teeth can very quickly appear yellow or even grey.

Luckily, there is a simple solution that doesn’t involve heavy handed brushing. Dental surgeries across the UK offer cleaning services as part of a check-up and can offer tooth whitening services too, to keep your teeth gleaming.

What types of dental whitening may be offered?

When you visit your dentist for dental whitening, they will discuss with you which type of dental whitening is best suited to your teeth.

Enlighten teeth whitening in Stevenage is a common method used at our Smilecraft surgery and comes with several advantages over whitening services that involve regular trips to the dentist.

What is Enlighten?

Enlighten teeth whitening in Stevenage is a streamlined, effective whitening process that can be completed both at home and at your local dentist, causing minimal disruption to your life.

It is a combination treatment; 2 weeks of home-based treatment and then a 1-hour trip to your dentist for the final procedure- that’s it!

In essence, Enlighten is a clear, plastic, customised tray that fits over your teeth.

How does Enlighten work?

As an Enlighten tray is customised to fit your teeth, it is designed to be removable, but secure when it is in your mouth.

When you undertake this treatment, your dentist will provide you with a gel to place into your customised tray, that can then be worn overnight for two weeks. These trays are not bulky or thick, so they are extremely comfortable to sleep in and will not come loose in the night.

The active ingredient in the gel passes through your enamel and into your tooth, breaking down any stubborn or set stains in the process through chemical oxidation. This procedure is not painful but does take some time to complete, so you must follow any directions given by your dentist to fully benefit from this treatment.

On the last day of treatment, you will be called back to your dentist to undergo the final stage of the process. This involves a forty minute to one-hour deep bleaching, to really whiten your teeth and leave you with a gleaming smile.

The Benefits of Enlighten

One advantage of this treatment is that it can lighten your teeth up to 16 shades, meaning that people with the deepest set stains will benefit.

The outcome is predictable and even, reversing the visible effects of dental ageing and creating a mouth full of teeth that are the same shade.

Enlighten is a market leader in tooth whitening and is heralded by patients and dentists as being extremely quick and safe to use.

Contact us at Smilecraft to discuss the other benefits of Enlighten in Stevenage.

Dental care at the dentist in Stevenage

Deciding which dentist to go to when your mouth is in trouble is a big decision, especially because there are so many practices in the UK. Some might offer you outstanding service, and others could leave you with bad memories from a traumatic experience caused by substandard treatments.

Dentist in Stevenage

At 800 years old, Stevenage has stood the test of time and continues to thrive today with its old world charm. While a visit might take you back in time to another century, the town offers all the modern conveniences to its residents, including schools, stores, restaurants, and our reputable dental clinic, Smilecraft Dental Clinic, a practice which continues to put the smile back on the faces of the locals and many others in the surrounding area. 

We value your needs and do everything possible to restore your mouth to good health with our range of treatments and our friendly and professional service that is second to none at the dentist in Stevenage.

 Who are we?

We are a family dental clinic. From grandparents having problems with their dentures to sorting out the milk teeth of your little ones, we do not discriminate – we take care of everyone both young and old.

As we like to tell our patients ‘prevention is better than cure’, which is why we stress the importance of investing in a good toothbrush, paste and cleaning your teeth for the recommended amount of time. This should be twice a day every day for 2 to 3 minutes per session. To this day, many people do not see the importance of flossing, but it is a vital part of your cleaning regimen that minimises your risks of tooth decay and several mouth diseases.

People often moan to us because they do not see the point of regular check-ups every six months.The state of your mouth can change rapidly, and being able to detect and diagnose potentially harmful issues early on can spell the difference between correcting a problem easily and painlessly, or spending more time in the dentist’s chair with a more serious infection.

Problems we see everyday

From gum disease and tooth decay to missing teeth and misaligned pearly whites, our years of collective experience means we have seen the lot.

Many are afraid to see us because they do not like to be judged and put off going to see the dentist in Stevenage time and time again, resulting in the state of their teeth worsening. Remember that we have witnessed teeth and gums in various states of decay, and your issue is not unique.

Coming to see us early on could:

  • Cure and reverse the effects of gingivitis, a common and easily treatable disease that often shows up in adults. Get rid of those unsightly red gums that cause you so much embarrassment, for good.
  • Preserve your teeth. Remove cavities from your pearly whites, before the infection spreads throughout your tooth.
  • Save your life. For the most part, decreased oral health is not fatal, but the early signs of serious body diseases are often detected in your mouth. We do screenings for oral cancers, diabetes and HIV/AIDS.
  • Transform your dull, yellow and ageing teeth to a sparkling and brilliant smile on par with a toothpaste advertisement.

Are you looking for a dentist in Stevenage? Come and have a chat with us.