What is an e-consultation in Stevenage?

Often with dental problems that need attention, patients first come in to consult on their issue and depending on how long it will take to fix, a second appointment is made. For example, if you have a chipped tooth, a dentist will take a look at it before deciding on how and when to treat it and then liaise with their receptionist to fit you into the diary. However, with the COVID-19 virus that has caused the world quite a lot of upheaval, we at the Smilecraft dental practice want to eliminate the need for this initial face to face consultation wherever possible and replace it with a SmileMate virtual consultation, which can then be followed up with a regular voice call or video call via a Zoom call.


What is an e-consultation in Stevenage and what can existing patients use it for?

We rely heavily on the photos you send us in the SmileMate consultation to give us the best idea of what to expect from your particular case and how to fit it into our work week, as well as accommodate your needs, particularly if they are urgent. A sore tooth could mean many things and obviously you can’t take a picture of a back molar that may have a cavity. In the case of this kind of pain where the cause is not obvious it may be required that you have a face to face consultation, so that we can see what’s bothering you, but if you are unsure, give our practice a call and we can help guide you through the process safely. In the cases where we can tell a lot from a photograph, the following can be done via the virtual consultation:

Broken tooth or filling

We can easily make an assessment of how quickly you need to see a dentist in order to get a tooth fixed just by looking at a few pictures of it. We can follow up on the submission of your photographs with a call and set up an appointment to fix your tooth, so that you only have to come in once.

Swelling and trauma

In the case of facial trauma where perhaps a tooth has been knocked out or there is significant swelling to the face, we will be able to get more or less of an idea of what your needs may be at a physical appointment and book you in for treatment as quickly as possible if it is urgent.

Cosmetic procedures and orthodontics

If you are looking to transform the look of your teeth with either an orthodontic appliance of cosmetic procedures like veneers or whitening, a simple set of photos of your smile will help us determine what you need so that we can get you in and out of the chair as soon as possible.

What is an e-consultation in Stevenage and how can new patients use it?

For new patients who have not yet been to our practice, we would like to know more about what your expectations are, in order to decide how we can accommodate you best. There is a detailed section on the SmileMate questionnaire that addresses this, as well as a chance to upload your smile photographs in order for us to get a better idea of what we are dealing with.

This process is designed to streamline our dental practice in order to make things more comfortable, convenient, and safe for you.

What is an e-consultation?

Let our technology work for your smile


In light of the recent changes within all of our lives that Covid 19 has had, we feel, here at Smilecraft, that it’s time to make the most of the cutting-edge technologies which are at each of our fingertips. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to combine our dental expertise with new emerging technologies to allow for patients to have their teeth professionally assessed and their concerns voiced within a digitalised environment which does not require them to visit our practice. If you are asking what is an e-consultation from us here at Smilecraft, then have no fear. Our expert technicians and practitioners have worked tirelessly to create a seamless experience which is easily accessible to all those who need it.

How can technology help?

The question of “What is an e-consultation?” is something which, understandably, many people across the country have been increasingly asking. In response to the recent Covid 19 restrictions, we understand that many people across the country are more hesitant to have face-to-face contact. This being said, we do still recognise the importance of maintaining a good level of oral and dental health. As a means of ensuring that our patients get the best possible care from us here at Smilecraft, we developed the SmileMate Virtual Consultation System. If you are already aware of the specific issues or concerns that you have with your teeth, then SmileMate allows patients to explain them to a dental expert in their own words. This information is filled out within a section dedicated to the patient’s dental expectations. In order to best correctly assess the health of our patients’ teeth, and the extent of treatment they may need, we also ask them to send in a picture of their teeth so we can make a more established observation and best decide on a treatment plan.

What can new patients expect at an e-consultation?

If you are a new patient to our practice here at Smilecraft, then you can have every confidence. We have engineered our digital constellation software to be easily accessible to all – including any older patients who may require treatment. The first, and most crucial stage in the e-consultation process is the information which patients put in the ‘your expectations’ section. After the patient has detailed their dental needs, concerns and wants within the section and sent in the relevant pictures if they are required, then our expertly trained dental diagnostic and specialist practitioners can then process this information. They can then contact you again with a uniquely made, patient tailored treatment plan which has been crafted in such a way that it best meets the needs and desires which you, the patient, have clearly laid out. Some of the most commonly detailed problems which can be treated through an e-consultation include chipped or broken fillings, dental swellings and many forms and degrees of dental trauma. Patients also reach out to us through e-consultations to seek out information on orthodontic treatments which we offer here at Smilecraft, as well as cosmetic dentistry options which cover a wide range of different treatment options. Anyone who is looking to have their oral wellbeing seen by a professional team of dedicated specialists – without having to leave the comfort and safety of their own homes – ought to begin their e-consultation with us here at Smilecraft at the next convenient time to them. 

Safely contact your dentist through an e-consultation in Stevenage

Adapting to the times


At Smilecraft, we are a dentist who is completely dedicated to providing care to all those who need it in such a way that they feel comfortable, informed, and safe. We recognise that the recent lockdown measures taken across the country may have caused higher levels of anxiety than normal and has caused many people to refrain from making visits to practices unless it is absolutely necessary. As such, in an attempt to provide dental care to those who are unable to visit our practice, we offer online consultations. For those who are wondering what an e-consultation in Stevenage is, it is a way of digitally examining a patient’s dental wellbeing and working alongside them to create a unique treatment plan.

Benefits of an e-consultation in Stevenage

One of the main benefits of an e-consultation in Stevenage is that patients have time to explain their dental concerns and treatment goals to a professional through an online messaging system. This can be helpful for many patients as they may struggle to properly voice their concerns and wishes during a physical consultation as they have ample time and can carry out their digital consultation at a time and location in which they feel comfortable and relaxed. This ability to choose when they carry out the online consultation is another key appeal for those who are busy working from home and cannot spare any time to visit our practice to carry out a physical consultation.

Six Month Smiles treatment

One of the most common concerns which patients commonly voice during their online consultations is the misalignment of their teeth. Many of the patients who voice concerns about having crooked teeth have refrained from getting their teeth professionally straightened because they are convinced that treatment will vastly affect their outward appearance for as long as twelve months as conventional, fused metal braces often do. However, through treatments such as Six Month Smiles, we can straighten a patient’s teeth in such a way that it yields positive results in just six months – and without having a massively impacting effect on their outward appearance.

How does Six Month Smiles work?

The Six Month Smiles system operates through two different branches of cosmetic orthodontics, with both being tailored to meet the needs set by each individual patient. The first method is ‘Invisible braces’ which are discreet orthodontics which operate in a similar method to conventional braces, only they yield results in a shorter time frame. The ‘invisible’ nature of this method comes from the fact that the brackets used are specifically color-matched to blend in with the patient’s teeth and the wire used is made of transparent plastic and as such is far less visible.

The other alternative Six Month Smiles treatment which we offer here at Smilecraft is the removable retainer method. This alternative method of dental alignment, which doesn’t require anything to be attached to a patient’s teeth, is purely made up of a single transparent retainer. This retainer is made out of a digital impression of every patient’s unique tooth shape and is both transparent and wafer-thin. When worn over the patient’s teeth, the retainer uses pressure points that are built within it to push their teeth together until they are straight.

What is an e-consultation in Stevenage?

Adapting with the times


At Smilecraft, we recognise that the face of conventional dentistry is changing. In the past, patients only typically sought out any dental treatments through their dentist when it became unavoidably evident that help was required. Toothaches, breaks and chips were the bread and butter of most local dental practices. Today however, things have changed and people from all ages and social demographics are actively seeking out cosmetic dentistry procedures as a way of improving the way their smiles look and how they feel about themselves. In order to adapt to this new wave of patients, here at Smilecraft, we can provide patients with a e-consultation in Stevenage to allow those who need it to complete a consultation over the internet.

What is an e-consultation?

An e-consultation in Stevenage is a new and adaptable strategy which we operate here at Smilecraft. The basis behind an e-consultation in Stevenage is to allow patients who cannot attend the practice physically to have their dental concerns and issues listened to by a professional. Nowadays, an increasing amount of our patients do not work within the standard parameters of nine till five, and as such sometimes find it difficult to arrange a physical consultation with one of our professionals at Smilecraft. Another reason as to why a patient may wish to book an e-consultation rather than a physical, in-practice consultation, is that the patient may suffer from a varying degree of dental phobia or anxiety, and may feel more comfortable carrying out the initial stages of arranging a treatment plan from the confines of their own home.

Why are consultations important?

Consultations, whether digital or physical, are arguably one of the most critical and crucial stages of every patient’s dental journey through us here at Smilecraft. The reason for consultations playing such a vital role in a patient’s treatment journey, is that they mark the beginning point from which any and all treatments are carried out. Another reason for the importance of consultations and their value, is that they are essential to determine whether or not a patient is dentally healthy enough to carry out a certain procedure. Before almost every dental procedure that we carry out here at Smilecraft begins, one of our experts will take stock of the health level of the patient’s gum tissue and teeth. This is essential, as if the patient’s gums are in poor health and signs of periodontal (gum) disease are evident, then the patient may not be dentally fit enough to carry through with the procedure. As such, it is essential that any signs of gingivitis or periodontal disease are recognised during a consultation, prior to beginning any course of treatment. Another reason as to why consultations are a vital stage in any treatment process here at Smilecraft, is that they let the patient familiarise themselves with both the procedure which they are planning, as well as the practitioners and staff here at Smilecraft. By meeting and speaking with our expert practitioners, digitally or physically, patients typically feel more included throughout the process and therefore more comfortable with what they can expect from treatment and the timescale therein.

How to stay on top of your dental hygiene in Stevenage

Many individuals may be aware of the importance of dental hygiene, however they may not be taking care of their teeth adequately in the comfort of their own home. Unfortunately despite patients brushing for two minutes (and twice daily) plaque and tartar can still accumulate on the surface of the teeth. At our dental clinic within Stevenage we suggest you visit our surgery every six months for a ‘dental check-up’. During this appointment we may run through several standard procedures (such as providing an oral assessment) as well as giving you educational advice on how to clean your teeth correctly at home.


Preventing the onset of oral diseases and infections..

It could be considered as common knowledge within the field of modern dentistry that your diet has a direct affect on the health of your mouth. The consumption of highly sugary food and drink (such as sweets and fizzy drinks) causes bacteria on the surface of the teeth, which can unfortunately lead to oral diseases and infections (such as gum disease, for example). As well as highly sugary foods, highly pigmented food and drink (such as coffee, red wine, and curry) may also cause discolouration of the teeth.

Did you know?

In addition to altering your diet, certain lifestyle factors (such as the consumption of alcohol and frequent smoking) may also cause yellowing of the teeth.

How can we help you maintain your dental hygiene in Stevenage?

At our dental clinic within Stevenage we have heaps of experience working within the field of dental hygiene. Our dental healthcare professionals have completed the necessary graduate dental training and vocational experience to deliver your dental hygiene treatments. Our skilled dental team recommends you visit our clinic frequently to stay on top of your oral health, which may include receiving certain dental procedures (such as a scale and polish).

What is a scale and polish?

If you are experiencing a significant amount of plaque and tartar buildup on the surface of the teeth (which can unfortunately be caused by poor dental hygiene in Stevenage) then our team may suggest you receive a scale and polish. A scale and polish is an extremely common treatment within the field of dental hygiene and can be completed within a few short minutes!

How does it work?

Many of our patients may receive scale and polishes frequently within their bi-annual check-up, however they may be unsure of the exact treatment process. Our team will use a combination of pastes and brushes to remove the build up on the surface of the teeth, in addition to this we may also advise you on how to maintain your clean teeth through the use of interdental brushes.

Feeling anxious?

If you are feeling nervous regarding a trip to your local dental clinic this could hinder your dental hygiene. Many of our anxious patients may delay their dental hygiene appointment (or even miss it altogether) and we aim to prevent this from happening! If you are feeling worried then feel free to give our friendly dental team a call. Our dentists can answer any queries or concerns you may hold prior to your scheduled appointment at our clinic.

The wide variety of treatments on offer with our dentist in Stevenage

At our dental clinic in Stevenage we not only offer preventive dentistry for all of our patients, treatments to promote dental hygiene and oral cancer screenings, but we also provide cosmetic dental treatments, such as tooth whitening, in addition to solutions to missing teeth  including dental implants.


A glimpse into your future smile

If you are interested in receiving any form of dental treatment at our clinic you may be curious to see what your future smile will look like. Located on our website we have a ‘smile gallery’ which displays many of our happy patients’ smiles, before and after their chosen dental treatment.

How to book your first dental appointment

Our dental team is aware that patients may prefer to book their appointment using our online system (rather than via the telephone, or an email) which is why we offer an online scheduling service, allowing our patients to select the reason for their appointment, and their preferred time.

Do I have to pay for my dental treatment upfront?

No! Our dentist in Stevenage understands that private dental care can be difficult for many both financially, and emotionally for those who are anxious, which is why we strive to make paying for your dental treatment as straightforward as possible. If you are considering paying for your dental treatment over the course of several months or years then give our practice a call!

How it works

Located on our website we offer a detailed fee guide for any of our potential or pre-registered patients to determine which dental treatment may work for them. We never deceive our patients with false dental costs which is why we always inform them of their exact treatment costs before they start their journey with us.

Your monthly payment plan

Our dentist in Stevenage offers our patients a monthly payment plan to cover the cost of their dental treatment which means good quality dental care can be affordable and accessible to the many.

What are the benefits?

Many of our private patients may choose to pay for their dental procedure upfront, however some may feel more comfortable paying in instalments (if their dental bill is higher, for example) which is always welcomed at our clinic. Paying over a longer time period can help ease the financial burden that dental care can bring, our 0% interest makes it even easier to spread the cost, meaning you are only ever paying for your treatment.

Do you only offer private dental care?

No! Despite offering bespoke private health care to our patients within Stevenage, we also offer dental care under the National Health Service for our younger patients. Dental treatments under the National Health Service at our clinic never compromise on quality, and ensure your children’s teeth are being looked after to the same high standard as your own.

Feeling uncertain?

The modern world of dentistry can be hard to navigate, and many patients may be unsure of how monthly payment plans work, if this is the case then feel free to contact our clinic to speak to a member of our dental team. 

Why choose our dentist in Stevenage?

At our clinic within Stevenage we understand that choosing a dental clinic for your individual dental needs can be difficult, especially if you’re choosing to receive major dental surgery. If you are finding it hard choosing the right dental clinic for you, then why not give our dental practice a call. Our dental surgery always welcomes new patients, whatever their age, or dental case.


What makes our dentist in Stevenage unique?

Our dental clinic has been established for over twenty-five years and offers a high standard of private dental care for patients in Stevenage, as well as the surrounding area. Our practice takes huge pride in delivering an excellent level of general dentistry, as well as cosmetic treatments for our new, and pre-registered dental patients, treating them with respect and care whilst they are receiving treatment from our experienced team.

Our dental approach

Our dental healthcare professionals adopt a patient centred approach, and we believe this formula works both for us, and our patients. Many of our patients are visiting our clinic through recommendations from close family members or friends, which we believe speaks for itself.

Don’t just take our word for it

Despite many of our patients visiting our clinic from referrals and positive feedback, we understand that many of our potential patients may wish to read some trusted reviews. Located on our website, we have many positive patient testimonials which we believe support the excellent standard of dental service we provide, and have been offering our patients for over twenty-five years.

Meet our dental team

Our team consists of eight key members, we are lucky enough to boast a varied selection of dentists, hygienists, as well as dental nurses and our welcoming reception staff. At our dentist in Stevenage we ensure every member of our team embodies the same passion for delivering a high standard of dentistry we wish to promote.

Placing you at the top of our priority list

Our patients’ comfort and dental health is at the heart of everything we do, which is why we are huge believers that prevention is always better than the cure. Our dental team adopts a preventive approach to dentistry, encouraging our patients to visit our clinic twice a year to ensure their dental health is of a high standard. In addition to our preventive approach, we also embrace the latest advancements within dental technology, ensuring our patients are treated with the very best dental materials available.

How to get in touch

If you are considering receiving dental care at our clinic, you may be unsure of how to commence your treatment journey. Located on our website we display our direct telephone number, in addition to our geographical location, and our email address.

Pressed for time?

Many of our patients may have busy lives, which is why we also offer them a ‘contact us’ page on our website. This allows them to fill in a few personal details (as well as their message) without having to call or send a detailed email to our team.

What is The Wand in Stevenage?

The Wand in Stevenage is essentially an anaesthetic delivered painlessly we use at our clinic in Stevenage, to remove the need for painful injections. The wand was developed to replace the traditional syringe which many patients may have found to be uncomfortable, or even painful.

How does it work?

The Wand is a perfect example of modern, dental technology which embraces the recent advancements made within the field of dentistry. Our computer controlled system delivers anaesthetic with the help of digital aid.

Did you know?

Since the original invention of the syringe over one hundred and fifty years ago, there has been little or no change in the way anaesthetic is delivered to the site being worked on, which is why we believe that this development was well overdue.

Patients who may wish to receive The Wand in Stevenage

If you are looking for a pain-free alternative to traditional anaesthetic injections, then The Wand may be perfect for you. The Wand technology is not only suitable for nervous patients, but can be used by any patient who wishes for a more comfortable dental experience.

What to expect from your pain-free syringe experience

Many patients may not know what to expect from this modern dental technology, however they may feel more comfortable feeling prepared prior to treatment. Patients can expect to see a modern computer system, as well as a thin and streamlined dental pen. Dentists at our clinic have reported to feel more comfortable using The Wand, not only due to its pain-free nature, but also its easy application system. Our dentists will choose to numb the area being worked upon in a gentle, slow way, but we will never cause numbness of the teeth or tongue for a very prolonged time as the anaesthetic is delivered in a measured way in just the right amount for your comfort.

The treatment process

In terms of the exact treatment process, The Wand uses an extremely thin needle which is attached to a thin wire. The Wand looks like a pen, and delivers our local anaesthetic slowly and in a calm and comfortable manner. The low pressure administration at our clinic results in a more effective anaesthetic, delivering an overall more comfortable dental experience.

Feeling anxious?

Patients who are nervous may be reluctant to undergo any form of dental treatment, they may even miss their dental check-ups altogether, which is what our clinic strives to prevent. Patients who do feel worried prior to dental treatments may have a fear of syringes, or painful dentistry in general, which is where The Wand can help.

Have your say

We understand that any new dental technology may receive skepticism at first, which is why we display many happy patient reviews on our website. Our patient testimonials are evidence of the fantastic Wand System, which is now used frequently by our dentists at our clinic.

Why choose our dental clinic?

The Wand is not commonly used yet in the field of dentistry, we therefore believe we are unique in the modern dental treatments we offer our patients. Our dental clinic is situated within the the heart of Stevenage, and has been delivering a high standard of dental care for over twenty-five years.

The dental treatments we offer at our Dentist In stevenage

Our clinic believes that prevention is always better than a cure, this is why we strive to make sure our patients’ teeth and gums are always clean and healthy. General routine dentistry consisting of root canal, and emergency dental care, are just a few of the treatments we provide; however, we also offer restorative, preventive, and cosmetic dental treatments.


What is cosmetic dentistry?

At our Dentist in Stevenage we strive to offer not only general dentistry, but also cosmetic dental treatments. Cosmetic dentistry aims to improve the aesthetic appearance of a patient’s smile, and has recently surged in popularity within the field of dentistry. Some of the more popular types of cosmetic dentistry consist of tooth whitening and porcelain veneers, both of which we offer our patients at our Dentist In Stevenage.

Finding the right treatment for you

Tooth whitening has become increasingly popular to administer in the form of ‘home whitening kits’, this is why our clinic uses a combination of in house and at home whitening. Teeth whitening is a quick and simple way to completely transform the appearance of your smile, lifting and reducing stains whilst causing zero damage to the function of the tooth itself. Our ‘enlighten’ whitening system is a professional and safe bleaching treatment which can lift a patient’s tooth by up to sixteen shades! Aside from our enlighten whitening, we also offer Zoom whitening, ensuring our patients can decipher which particular treatment type suits their dental needs.

How much do your treatments cost?

We are fully aware that the cost of your dental treatment may be in the forefront of your mind, this is why we aim to make the process as simple and as stress free as possible. A hefty upfront dental cost is never desirable, this is why we offer 0% finance payment plans, allowing our patients to pay for their treatment in installments.

How to start your dental journey

Patients who are considering receiving treatment at our clinic may be unsure of how to commence their treatment journey, this is where we can help. Located on our website, we offer our patients many contact options, there is a telephone number which is ideal for nervous patients who wish to ask some questions about the process. Many of our patients may have hectic work and social lives, and therefore prefer to drop us an email which we also encourage.

Can I book an appointment online?

Yes! Many of our patients find this online tool extremely useful, it only takes a few seconds. Via our ‘email us’ page, we offer our patients the chance to fill in a few personal details, the reason for their visit and time slot they wish to schedule. Scheduling appointments online allows even our busiest patients to stay on top of their dental health.

Come and pay us a visit

Our team understands that many of our patients may lean towards a more direct treatment approach. Aside from our contact details and online form, many of our patients may prefer to pay us a visit. Nervous patients may find it useful to discuss their treatment face to face with our dental team; however, any of our potential patients are welcome to book any appointments or treatments directly at our clinic.

About our Dentist In Stevenage

Our dental clinic within Stevenage has been providing professional and caring private dental care for over twenty five years.  Since our clinic was established, our dental team has continued to deliver routine, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry to many happy patients.  We have adopted a dental approach which we believe works perfectly, we always place our patients health, comfort, and happiness, at the top of our priority list, ensuring they receive the best possible form of treatment available.


A preventive approach

Our team believes that prevention is always better than a cure.  Preventive dentistry essentially aims to prevent the onset of tooth decay, yellowing, or disease, before they damage the teeth.  With this in mind, we encourage our patients to visit our clinic regularly (twice a year) for a dental check-up, ensuring the oral health of our patients’ is always under control.

Our happy patients

Our Dentist In Stevenage attracts patients from all around, and even overseas.  Our clinic hosts families of many generations, many of whom are personally recommended, which we believe speaks volumes.

See for yourself

Patient reviews within modern dentistry are now becoming essential in attracting patients, this is why we display a wide array of happy reviews on our website.  Our patient testimonials ensure our patients trust our approach before they even walk through our clinic doors, it also gives them a glimpse of their potential smile.

Meet the team

Our Dentist In Stevenage boasts a wide array of dental healthcare professionals.  Our team within Stevenage is not only made up of dentists, but also welcoming reception staff, dental nurses, and trained hygienists.  Our excellent dental team consists of eight individuals, all of whom deliver the same professional and caring dental approach.

Optimum results

We understand that receiving any form of dental care, whether this be just a general dental check-up, or a major dental surgery, can be a huge, emotional and financial investment.  Our patients visit our clinic to receive the best possible results, and we aim to deliver.  Within the growing field of modern dental work, there are many modern materials and technologies which we provide at our clinic.  Using modern techniques ensures our patients always receive the highest standard of care.

Feeling anxious

If you are considering visiting our clinic but you are feeling nervous, there is no need to fear.  Many patients may not be aware that dental anxiety is in fact extremely common, and is now accommodated by many dental clinics worldwide.  Our clinic within stevenage has adopted many ways to ensure our patients feel at ease, one of which is the wand computerised system.

What is the ‘Wand computerised system’?

The wand is a computerised system which administers local anesthetic in a controlled manner, ensuring that our patients feel little pain when having treatment. 

Aside from physical solutions, we also listen to our nervous patients queries and concerns, allowing them to voice any anxiety they may hold prior to treatment.  Once our patients have talked through their worries, we can offer them a ‘walk-through’ of any treatments they require, as well as a visit to our clean and comfortable clinic before treatment.