A guide to a dental e-consultation in Stevenage

Here at Smilecraft, we work hard to ensure that all our patients have a wide range of options when it comes to getting the best possible smile. We encourage people to come to visit us for regular dental check-ups, and to learn about the choice of treatments we offer that help to improve dental health and to give great cosmetic results. This is our guide to a dental e-consultation in Stevenage, explaining how it works and how it can help.


How does it work?

A dental e-consultation in Stevenage is a modern solution for patients who lead busy lives. It takes the form of a video chat with the dentist that allows the patient to discuss any concerns they have and to ask questions about possible treatments.

The first step in the consultation is to fill in the form provided. The patient gives their name and contact details and is then asked to attach a photograph of their mouth. This can be taken using a standard smartphone and is an opportunity for the patient to show the dentist what their teeth and gums look like so that they can identify any issues and how they could be treated.

The patient is also asked to write a description of any difficulties they have been experiencing, including things like pain, sensitivity or cosmetic issues.

These details are then submitted to us for the dental e-consultation in Stevenage. The dentist examines the photograph taken and reads the description provided by the patient before booking them in for the consultation.

Who is a good candidate?

The idea behind this kind of appointment is to facilitate the needs of patients who lead very busy lives. Many of us now find that there are simply not enough hours in the day. Working full time and having a family as well as attempting to carve out a social life leaves little in the way of options for dental appointments. People who lead very busy lives do not necessarily want to take time off to discover that the issue they have can be resolved at home.

These consultations give our patients the opportunity to find out if they can alleviate any difficulties using some form of at home treatment, or if they may resolve over time with the simple application of good oral hygiene. Alternatively, they may discover that a visit to our surgery is needed, but the patient is able to save time as the dentist has been able to identify the problem and the treatment in advance of the appointment.

Patients who feel a little anxious about coming to see us for check-ups or any kind of dental treatment may find the e-consultation process very helpful. It offers them an opportunity to discuss their worries and ask the dentist about how they can help with these. They can also learn in detail about what might be involved when they attend for an in-person appointment. Having this knowledge in advance can be a very effective tool in helping to alleviate nerves and allow the patient to feel much calmer about visiting the dentist.

The ins and outs of dental hygiene

Having direct access dental hygiene Stevenage is possibly the most important element in keeping up healthy teeth and gums. It may not only be the cure for a multitude of dental sins, but can also be a really important part of preventive care. If you visit us at Smilecraft for your dental check-up and your dentist recommends you see the hygienist it can of course feel a little worrying, but we want to reassure all our patients that a trip to the hygienist is a very normal, common part of your oral care. However, if you’re still worried here’s all you need to know about  dental hygiene appointments.

The role of a hygienist

A dental hygienist works slightly differently to your dentist, they undergo specialist training surrounding the upkeep and care of teeth and gums. They are trained to recognise the signs of decay and gum disease, and specialise in restoring health to the mouth through deep cleaning, known as scaling and polishing. Once they’ve worked through any in-chair treatments with you, they will discuss with you why your teeth and gums have declined in health and discuss best practices with you to fully restore and keep up your dental hygiene.

Direct access dental hygiene Stevenage

When you come and visit the practice you will be greeted by one of the team before meeting the hygienist. During the appointment you will undergo a full health examination of all your teeth and gums. When this is happening it’s very common for the hygienist to call out various numbers, this is just them indicating to the dental nurse what condition your teeth are in and is nothing to worry about.

After they’ve established the condition of your teeth they will work around the whole mouth performing a deep clean that involves a deep descale of plaque and tartar build-up. Once they’ve cleaned the teeth they will give them a good polish to give them back their shine.

They then talk you through all the ways they think you can improve your oral hygiene routine. This may include changing your brushing technique to a more circular motion or taking up the use of dental floss, which although sometimes annoying and time consuming, can make a serious difference to the health of your gums. They could recommend the use of interdental brushes, which should be used alongside flossing to remove food debris and early build of plaque.

Benefits of dental hygiene appointments

As mentioned, one of the biggest benefits of having direct access dental hygiene Stevenage is that it can be a really big help when it comes to looking after your teeth and gums, guarding against gum disease and tooth decay, the two leading causes of tooth loss.

If you are someone who has issues with bad breath, it’s amazing how much just one quick trip to the hygienist can help this, leaving you with minty fresh breath. Finally, if you’re feeling like your teeth are looking dull and tired, but you aren’t ready to opt for a teeth whitening treatment, having a scale and polish with the hygienist could give your smile back that natural shine.

How the wand in stevenage can improve the dentist for your children

Getting small people to the dentist can be really stressful on parents. Terrible tantrums and traumatic tears are often associated with trips to the dental chair. For lots of reasons often children just don’t like the dentist. For some it’s that they’ve absorbed fear through images and video on the television or sometimes they overheard adults talking about their bad experience – more often than not it’s a combination of these things. This fear is reinforced by bad experiences at the dentist. Pain for an adult is unpleasant but at least we have the knowledge to understand it’s pain we are going to benefit from. Pain for children is worse because they don’t understand why it’s happening to them. So imagine if they could go to the dentist and have the treatment they need but without having to go through painful injections? Well finally they can with the development of the wand in stevenage you can now get pain free injections for your little ones.

What is this magical wand?

Well this magical system was created to replace those horrible outdated syringe injections when you come to the dentist. This system is controlled through a computer and is able to deliver anesthetic to patients without causing pain. This makes any dentistry work much less stressful as you don’t need to worry about the pain aspect. From personal experience I can support the argument that the injections often feel the worst part of the process.

What will happen when the Wand in Stevenage is used?

When you first see the wand you’ll notice that it doesn’t look like a wand at all, it actually looks like a big computer with a pen attached to it. It is able to give a supply of local anesthetic in a slower way  and the low pressure and lower rate means that you get a more effective anesthetic and means it’s more pleasant for the patient.

When using the Wand in Stevenage your dentist has more control than they would with a syringe – they are able to pinpoint numbing to just one tooth! How amazing is that? No more having a floppy tongue or limp lip. Your children most likely won’t notice they’ve had any numbing done, so they can jump straight back into their fun filled lives without the invasiveness of full mouth or part mouth numbing.

What else can I do to help my children’s dental experience?

Try and keep the language around the dentist positive, positive reinforcement is key with calmer dental experiences. Always work to manage their expectations – don’t say it will be pain-free because this could not be the case and then they will feel betrayed and build a negative picture of the dentist. Explain to them as best you can why it’s important for them to go and that they need to look after their teeth. Using phrases like ‘we need to keep them super clean for the tooth fairy’ can be a fun, practical approach to take. If you are worried about your child’s relationship with the dentist feel free to contact the practice for more practical tailored advice.

At Smilecraft we believe in preventative dentistry for kids

At Smilecraft Dental Care we believe that a healthy, glowing smile in both adults and children is an essential part of life.

We understand the importance of quality dental care and how it can positively affect your overall health and wellbeing. This is why we want to ensure that we offer treatments in a safe, welcoming environment and encourage all of our patients to have routine checks-ups for healthy teeth and gums.

Our private dental practice is conveniently situated in the heart of Stevenage Old Town. We provide a full range of dental treatments that patients can trust ranging from general dentistry to cosmetic dentistry. We also pride ourselves on offering preventative dentistry for kids Stevenage.

We want your children to take care of their oral health

We believe in preventative dentistry for kids Stevenage and encourage parents to bring their children to our practice from an early age to learn about oral health care. One of the incredible benefits of having a regular check-up from a young age is that you are able to minimise the risk of untreated dental decay. This could have a negative impact on your child’s growing dentition later on in life and preventative dentistry for kids Stevenage is an ideal solution to combat this problem.

We also offer younger patients fluoride applications as they are completely safe and highly effective. These applications help to safeguard your growing child’s teeth from developing any potential decay. The process is simple and has no risk of pain so your child can have peace of mind knowing the treatment will offer no discomfort. The fluoride is simply painted onto the surface of your child’s teeth, and this will help to mineralise the teeth and add a layer of protection.

Fissure sealants which are tooth coloured in appearance can be applied to biting surfaces of children’s teeth and these also go a long way in helping to prevent decay.

Enjoy confidence knowing that your children’s teeth are well looked after and that they can grow up being conscious of their oral health and what they can do to maintain their teeth and gums.

At our practice we believe that for both adults and children, preventative dentistry is always better than a cure and encourage you to book an appointment with us.

What is involved in dental hygiene treatments?

If you’re considering having a dental hygiene treatment, we would be happy to set up an appointment with our friendly hygienist. This treatment is ideal for those looking to remove any stubborn plaque from their teeth that is often a result of many years of build-up. We encourage our patients to have their teeth professionally cleaned as we have special equipment in place to offer optimum results.

What takes place during a routine visit at our dental practice?

We try to encourage all our patients to have regular checks-up and to not have any fear about visiting the dentist. Our dental practitioner is happy to assist you with any queries or anxieties you may have and will gently guide you through the check-up. During a routine appointment our dentist will simply monitor your teeth and gums and assess the state of your oral health. During this time, they can also address any possible concerns you may have or answer queries about possible treatment plans for other procedures we offer at our practice.

Why should I choose teeth whitening Stevenage?

White teeth aren’t just for celebrities, it’s for all of us. At Smilecraft, we can help give you a smile makeover that will transform your appearance and result in an ever-youthful glow.

At Smilecraft, we want all our patients to have the confidence to smile proudly and freely without worrying about the state of their teeth or their appearance.

Easily transform your appearance and wellbeing

Teeth whitening Stevenage is a quick procedure and offers no downtime with immediate results. You can rest assured that the cost of this procedure is highly affordable and will not cause you to break the bank. For those looking to prolong the results, there is also an option to purchase products to use at home so that you can enjoy whiter teeth for longer.

An at-home whitening kit is a great option for those with an active lifestyle or busy corporate life as they could continue their day with minimal disruption. It is also quite safe to do and a comfortable procedure.

Teeth whitening is great for those looking to minimise the signs of ageing. Your newfound glow will draw focus away from any wrinkles or frown lines, resulting in a more youthful appearance.

Another added advantage of teeth whitening is that it is linked to having higher levels of self-esteem. It also helps to boost your confidence, which may positively impact other aspects of your life, such as your career or professional relationships.

Dental treatments you can trust

At Smilecraft, we offer three main options for teeth whitening Stevenage, which includes Enlighten Whitening, Zoom Whitening and Home Whitening.

Enlighten Whitening uses state-of-the-art materials and is the only system in the world that is able to whiten your teeth by up to 16 shades. This option involves both home whitening practises and in-surgery whitening for the ultimate results. You will be provided with a Tooth Serum desensitising toothpaste to use at home as well as an Evo White toothpaste to continue to maintain your glow long after your treatment takes place.

Zoom Whitening includes a combination of home whitening and an in-surgery session of around two hours. This option will whiten your teeth by up to 4 to 6 shades, and after treatment, you will be given a home bleaching tray and whitening gel that you are required to use for six days.

Home Whitening involves teeth whitening trays that can be custom-made for each patient. Once the trays are ready for collection, we will have them fitted for you, and a demo will be given on how to use the tray. This treatment plan takes around 4 to 6 weeks to complete before you can reach high levels of whiteness.

Enjoy a smile that brightens up a room

If you feel like you want to transform your smile, we can help. We provide a full range of dental treatments from teeth whitening Stevenage to root canal therapy that patients can trust. Smilecraft is always here to help.

Wishing all our patients a very merry Christmas in Stevenage

Dreaming of a whiter Christmas?

At Smilecraft we know that the run-up to Christmas can be a busy and hectic time, as we all carry out the various preparations needed in order to enjoy a merry Christmas Stevenage with our friends and family. Whilst getting your presents, crackers and Christmas trees in order is of great importance, so too is spending a bit of time on yourself to make sure that you look and feel your absolute best over the festive season.

If you’ve noticed that your enamel has become somewhat dulled or yellowed then there’s still time to arrange to undergo dental whitening treatment in order to shine and have the merry Christmas Stevenage you deserve.

What does dental whitening involve?

Noticing that your teeth are duller or more yellow in colour than before can be severely stressful and disheartening – but there is nothing to fear as there’s still time to get your smile shipshape to allow for a merry Christmas Stevenage and some remarkable photographs.

Dental whitening is one of our most popular and sought after cosmetic dental treatments which we provide to our patients here on a regular basis. Part of what makes dental whitening so popular is its ability to brighten and clean up the appearance of any smile remarkably quickly, either within a single session at our practice, or over a few weeks at home. 

If you are unhappy with the colour or shade of your teeth and would like to do something about it in the run-up to Christmas, then the first thing you need to do is book in for a consultation with one of our approachable and professional cosmetic dental experts. During this consultation, our whitening experts will first determine the cause of your dental staining, as there is more than one type of dental staining, before then working out which of our treatments is best suited to your needs.

What type of dental whitening treatments are on offer?

At our practice we aim to offer our patients all the procedures and treatments they could ever need in order to achieve the smile they desire. One such treatment which we offer our patients to brighten the shade of their teeth is the Enlighten Evolution whitening system, which is our most efficient and streamlined whitening system to date, and can brighten a patient’s enamel by as much as 16 shades! The Enlighten system involves a mix of both in-practice whitening and at-home whitening to give patients the best and most lasting results. 

Alongside Enlighten we also offer our patients Zoom whitening, which is one of the fastest ways to achieve a smile that is between 4-6 shades brighter. The main appeal of the Zoom whitening method is that it is carried out within the dentist’s chair, and takes just two hours to complete. After completing Zoom whitening, patients are then given bleaching trays to use at home to ensure the longevity of the treatment.

If time is less of a factor in your decision to brighten your enamel, then we also offer home whitening kits. These utilise a mould of your unique tooth shape and structure which is made within our practice, that you take home and place a small quantity of a peroxide-based gel within. These at-home whitening kits should be worn overnight for roughly 4-6 weeks and you should see visible improvements in your tooth shade after just two weeks of whitening.

Why dental hygienists matter

Dental hygiene in Stevenage may not seem like it but it is probably the most effective aspect of dentistry we have when it comes to saving teeth!

Dental hygienists may not be associated with much more and scale and polish. But again that is to do a disservice to the scale and polish. The short answer is that prevention is far better than cure. Cavities, gum disease and all of the treatments that are associated with it all start with a biofilm. A biofilm is an accumulation of bacteria; once they form, they cling to each other but also to the enamel. This collection of microbes, given enough time, form the thick milky layer that we refer to as plaque. But there’s not a lot that can be done about the tiny biofilms that form during the day, but as they become thicker and as noticeable as plaque, it is best to disrupt them with regular bruising.

Given enough time, they will calcify into tartar; this mineralized form of plaque is an excellent jumping off point for bacteria who will go on to form cavities in the enamel or attack local gum tissue. Tartar acts as a secure location beyond the reach of the immune system where the bacteria can rally in great numbers.

Once tartar has formed, there is no practical method of removing it at home. Some lightening toothpastes and bleaching gels have claimed to remove tartar, but what they actually do is stain it white making it less noticeable.

Scale and polish

The scale and polish is the most effective method of removing tartar and therefore it prevents the conditions stemming from its build up. This dental hygiene in Stevenage is carried out using a sonic scraper to dislodge areas of larger tartar build-up; for more precise areas, a dental drill can be used. This would be particularly helpful in between teeth or at the gum line.

The scale and polish is completed with a set of rotary brushes and polishing tools, leaving a smooth surface to the enamel which bacteria find difficult to adhere to, slowing down the time it takes for biofilms to develop on a tooth surface.This reduces the need for future scale and polishes assuming regular brushing continues.

Oral hygiene education

With younger patients, prevention is far more about education than any form of intervention; their temporary teeth don’t require scale and polishing. Monitoring the establishment of adult teeth and recording dental alignment is far more important, as well as establishing the habits that will prevent dental treatment in the future. This includes the fundamentals of brushing technique and the effects of acid erosion caused by soda consumption. We also encourage younger patients to report any toothaches they have to their parents as and when required.

If you have any questions about dental hygiene in Stevenage, please feel free to get in contact with our clinic. We would be happy to hear from you. If you leave your query with a contact number we will be happy to get back to you if you call outside of our operating hours.

Recreate a dazzling smile for a satisfying life with white fillings

Why is it essential to maintain our dental health?

Having good dental health is essential as it contributes to overall health and wellness. Having poor dental health can lead to pain and distress, affecting your productivity and, therefore, your overall performance. Furthermore, dental issues can harm your facial appearance causing you to have low self-esteem. We, at Smilecraft, believe that having good dental health can uplift your overall quality of life.

What are white fillings?

White fillings are a minimally invasive restorative treatment. There are different materials used for fillings, all of which are pliable and fill in a part of a tooth that has lost its structure due to damage caused by tooth decay. Our dentists can offer this treatment, giving you a better-looking smile.

By filling in a tooth to make it whole again, we can restore your bite and reduce the risk of further dental problems. We believe that this treatment will help boost your overall dental hygiene.

Why are white fillings used?

Commonly, white fillings Stevenage are used to restore lost strength and structure to a tooth or set of teeth following cavity treatment. This is done by removing the decayed tooth structure. Whilst this restores dental health, it may leave your teeth vulnerable to future decay. Therefore, if you are experiencing a toothache, we recommend that you see our dental team immediately as this is a sign of tooth decay.

Why are white fillings popular?

White fillings Stevenage have risen in popularity as it is known to blend in well with the surrounding natural teeth. Therefore, a tooth filling will not stick out like a sore thumb, and no one will be able to notice that you have one. At Smilecraft, our professionals are highly skilled at applying white fillings.

What are some advantages of white fillings?

The first benefit to having fillings is the lower risk of sensitivity. Composite resin, which is what white fillings Stevenage are made of, does not transfer heat quickly and it is this quality that can help you avoid unpleasant sensations when consuming anything hot or cold whilst also insulating your teeth from temperature variations. Moreover, the fillings are biocompatible; they do not contain any harmful chemicals and, therefore, are not harmful to the body in any way.

The next benefit is the stability of the fillings as they do not expand or contract as temperature varies. Therefore, they are less prone to falling out.

The final advantage is that these fillings are aesthetically pleasing. They can be shaped to blend in with the surrounding teeth and matched to the lustre of the teeth. We can even polish the fillings to mimic the reflective quality of natural teeth.

We, at Smilecraft, believe that such advantages make white fillings an amazing restorative treatment option.

Is it difficult to maintain these fillings?

Caring for these fillings is quite easy. All you need to do is brush and floss regularly, and as long as you maintain this properly, the fillings will last you a few years.

Mouth cancer screening during dental check-ups

Never something we want to think about, but can really make all the difference. Mouth cancer screening Stevenage is one of the key roles we perform at our dental practice.

Oral carcinoma is one of the most common forms of cancer in smokers. Thankfully, they are also common to recover from and relatively easy to operate on if necessary, but early detection is one of the biggest factors in the prognosis. Screening is part of the standard 6-monthly check-up at our clinic; it is carried out based on observation looking for odd formation of tissue or the start of suspicious growths. Not only are these growths usually painless, but can occur quite slowly meaning patients would not notice of their own volition. Growths that do cause any kind of discomfort or rubbing, are usually put down to other things like mouth ulcers or minor gum disease .

High risk groups

There is a strong connection between those consuming high alcohol content spirits whilst smoking, as a dual risk to developing mouth cancer. Regular consumption of alcohol disrupts oral tissues allowing carcinogenic products, such as smoke, to penetrate into a tissue. If you are in a high-risk group it is recommended that you get screened once a year, so your twice yearly check-up and mouth cancer screening Stevenage would have you covered. If anything is of concern you should follow up with your standard physician or GP and we would be happy to provide a statement of our observations if they require it.

Just mouth ulcers?

Due to the prevalence of misdiagnosing tumours as chronic mouth ulcers, if you have been suffering with a mouth ulcer that has not responded to treatment after 4 weeks of medicated mouthwashes and self-care, please book yourself in for an appointment as soon as possible.  There are several prescription medications that we can provide to relieve chronic mouth ulcers, as well as ensuring that it is nothing more serious.

If you are concerned about the risk of mouth cancer for yourself or any of your loved ones, please feel free to book an appointment at our clinic, as we would prefer to give you an all clear and have you put off your concerns. There is no harm in double checking.

Dental phobias

We understand that attending the clinic can be particularly difficult if you have a dental aversion or deep distrust of dentistry in general, but if you do have a suspicious growth, it is very important to have it checked out. You do not have to consent to any further work if you do not wish to. Our mouth cancer screening Stevenage is not there to make you feel guilty or to judge you, simply to help provide some guidance towards better overall health and to ensure that you do not have any greater issues that need to be addressed.

Feel free to contact the clinic in order to find out more information. We are always empathetic to the needs of nervous patients, taking each patient’s care at the pace they require.

I am unhappy with my smile

Many people are unhappy with the way that their smile looks, but that could be where we step in to assist. We, at Smilecraft, can help you achieve the smile that you have always wished you had and enable you to become happier and more confident in the process. We have the knowledge and capabilities to be able to do this in a relatively short time, if the condition of your dental health allows it. If this sounds like a treatment that could do wonders for you, then you should consider reading on to the rest of our article, this will take you through exactly what our treatment will offer you as well as how this treatment works. We will round off the article by outlining what your next steps should be if you decide this treatment is an ideal option for you.


What are Six Month smiles?

Six Month Smiles Stevenage can be used to correct crooked or misaligned teeth. This treatment does not use metal braces and can be used as an alternative to more traditional treatments that are used to straighten teeth. Six Month Smiles uses tooth-coloured wires and brackets that blend into your mouth so you can carry on without worrying about how your smile looks as your treatment takes place. A healthier mouth is promoted through straightening your teeth and you also will not have to go through the lengthy process of a more traditional dental brace. As the name suggests, you could straighten your smile in six months, although different cases can take longer or less time depending on the severity of the correction. You will be advised on how the procedure will work for you during your consultation. You should read on to the next section to see how this treatment works.

How do they work?

Six Month Smiles Stevenage work through being discreet and reliable. They are also a cost-effective treatment that you could consider if you are looking to straighten your smile without great expense. You will be given the right amount of support needed to be able to see the treatment through. The brackets are used to exert a force to straighten your teeth and we will check all adjustments are occurring within the correct time frame. Any questions you have can be answered by your dentist who will take the time to make sure you understand the process properly. You should read on to the next section to see what you should do next.

What should I do next?

If you think that Six Month Smiles Stevenage could be for you then you should consider booking an assessment with us. You will meet with one of our accredited dental professionals who will work with you to determine what your end goals are post-treatment and if this treatment could be beneficial for you. You should consider getting in touch with us at your earliest convenience. We have been able to provide top quality services to many patients and we would love to be able to work with you to give you the same level of care. We look forward to hearing from you and being able to put a treatment plan in place so you can start to feel your best.