Ho, ho, ho! It’s time to wish yourself a ‘Merry Christmas’ with a trip to Smilecraft!

The weather outside might be frightful, but inside our practice it’s really delightful! We have a wide range of treatments that can transform your smile and give you the merry Christmas you deserve this year. With general dentistry treatments, preventive care, cosmetic dentistry and restorative treatments, you won’t need to visit another dental practice, once you’ve come to see us at Smilecraft. We have been established for over 25 years and there’s nothing we love more than ensuring that our patients have healthy, happy smiles and are completely comfortable in coming to see us, whenever they need to. We pride ourselves on delivering the treatment that we would want for ourselves and our families, putting you at the forefront of all that we do. We are experienced and well trained to look after nervous patients, and we use gentle methods to ensure that your treatment is always as comfortable as possible. To make your merry Christmas that little bit merrier, you could opt for a treatment that changes your smile into a merry Christmas cracker with dental implants.

What are dental implants used for?

If you have missing teeth, dental implants offer a solution to replace them. Your tooth consists of the visible part that you can see, as well as the root, which is connected to your jawbone. When you lose a tooth, replacement teeth such as crowns, bridges or dentures cannot be attached to the jawbone to hold them firmly in place. However, with dental implants, these are tiny screws that are firmly fixed to the jaw and the replacement teeth can be attached to them. The result is that you have replacement teeth that don’t need to be removed and they shouldn’t loosen at all, regardless of what you eat.

The good list

If you’ve been good this year, then you deserve a Christmas treat and what more could you ask for than all the good things that dental implants can offer? Firstly, when you have dental implants, nobody else should realise that you don’t have a full set of natural teeth. Dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth, a number of teeth, or a whole set. They are really easy to maintain and could last you a lifetime, as long as you brush, floss, and visit us for your routine dental check-ups. Another benefit of dental implants is that alongside having a beautiful smile, you will also have a healthy one. By filling in the missing teeth, you protect the gums and any remaining teeth you have from bacteria. You could also improve your clarity of speech, and your ability to chew food – that’s definitely one for the festive cheer! And, Santa could have put a little something extra in your stocking this year! If you do opt for dental implants with us at Smilecraft, they could make you look visibly younger. Sometimes, having missing teeth can age your face, but by filling the gaps in your smile, your face can look younger as it gets more structure in it again.

Meet and greet

If you would like to make your Christmas wish come true for your smile, come and see us for a comprehensive consultation. We will take plenty of time to examine you for 40 minutes, carrying out the necessary health checks and taking X-rays if required, discussing your concerns about your smile. We will then follow up with a Zoom call and agree upon a treatment plan for you. Our team are friendly and passionate about delivering excellent care and whatever treatment you require, we look forward to treating you to some festive cheer this year.

Wishing all our patients a very merry Christmas in Stevenage

Dreaming of a whiter Christmas?

At Smilecraft we know that the run-up to Christmas can be a busy and hectic time, as we all carry out the various preparations needed in order to enjoy a merry Christmas Stevenage with our friends and family. Whilst getting your presents, crackers and Christmas trees in order is of great importance, so too is spending a bit of time on yourself to make sure that you look and feel your absolute best over the festive season.

If you’ve noticed that your enamel has become somewhat dulled or yellowed then there’s still time to arrange to undergo dental whitening treatment in order to shine and have the merry Christmas Stevenage you deserve.

What does dental whitening involve?

Noticing that your teeth are duller or more yellow in colour than before can be severely stressful and disheartening – but there is nothing to fear as there’s still time to get your smile shipshape to allow for a merry Christmas Stevenage and some remarkable photographs.

Dental whitening is one of our most popular and sought after cosmetic dental treatments which we provide to our patients here on a regular basis. Part of what makes dental whitening so popular is its ability to brighten and clean up the appearance of any smile remarkably quickly, either within a single session at our practice, or over a few weeks at home. 

If you are unhappy with the colour or shade of your teeth and would like to do something about it in the run-up to Christmas, then the first thing you need to do is book in for a consultation with one of our approachable and professional cosmetic dental experts. During this consultation, our whitening experts will first determine the cause of your dental staining, as there is more than one type of dental staining, before then working out which of our treatments is best suited to your needs.

What type of dental whitening treatments are on offer?

At our practice we aim to offer our patients all the procedures and treatments they could ever need in order to achieve the smile they desire. One such treatment which we offer our patients to brighten the shade of their teeth is the Enlighten Evolution whitening system, which is our most efficient and streamlined whitening system to date, and can brighten a patient’s enamel by as much as 16 shades! The Enlighten system involves a mix of both in-practice whitening and at-home whitening to give patients the best and most lasting results. 

Alongside Enlighten we also offer our patients Zoom whitening, which is one of the fastest ways to achieve a smile that is between 4-6 shades brighter. The main appeal of the Zoom whitening method is that it is carried out within the dentist’s chair, and takes just two hours to complete. After completing Zoom whitening, patients are then given bleaching trays to use at home to ensure the longevity of the treatment.

If time is less of a factor in your decision to brighten your enamel, then we also offer home whitening kits. These utilise a mould of your unique tooth shape and structure which is made within our practice, that you take home and place a small quantity of a peroxide-based gel within. These at-home whitening kits should be worn overnight for roughly 4-6 weeks and you should see visible improvements in your tooth shade after just two weeks of whitening.

How to have a Merry Christmas and look after your teeth

What is a festive season without decadent sugar-rich or carb-heavy foods to tempt and delight? However, our dental practitioners at Smilecraft want you to keep your Christmas cheer and have a Merry Christmas Stevenage by bearing in mind a few teeth-friendly tips to ensure that the treats you indulge in this Christmas, don’t take a toll on your teeth!


Dentist-recommended tips to ensure oral health during the festive season

You can have all the fun and a Merry Christmas Stevenage and still be kind to your teeth – just remember to implement a few important measures.

Don’t skip out on your oral hygiene practices

All dental practitioners agree that what a patient does at home to care for their teeth and gums is vitally important. This is true on any given day, but more so, during celebratory occasions where the excessive consumption of sugary foods and alcoholic beverages increases exposure to sugar and acid-loving bacteria in the mouth. Coming home tired after a late night out full of Christmas cheer, it may be tempting to sacrifice your usual night time routine of brushing and flossing, but, we advise against it – the greater risk of cavities or poor gum health has far worse consequences.

Practice moderation

It’s only Christmas so why not have that extra mince pie or another helping of Christmas pudding and yet another glass of wine? The harm lies not only in expanding the waistline, but endangering oral health too – the amount and frequency of exposure to sugar and acids ensures a steady supply of food for bacteria to grow and plaque to form. By all means enjoy a slice of Christmas cake, but be sure to limit the number of dessert portions especially during day-long celebrations.

Keep teeth and gums healthy by chewing on sugar-free gum

Chewing sugar-free gum works in two ways to promote good dental health. Firstly, it stimulates the production of saliva which is essential for the reduction of acid in the mouth. Secondly, bad breath is kept at bay, as saliva also gets rid of bad bacteria responsible for bad breath.

Choose the cheese

One of the few festive indulgences that is kinder to teeth is cheese. It has long been known that cheese helps in the protection of teeth against acid in the mouth. A cheese-based dessert is a great healthy choice to indulge in.

Leave the cracking open of bottles to the bottle openers.

Next to giving you a great looking smile, your teeth’s primary function is to support your chewing and biting capabilities. And to do these vitally important functions well, teeth need to be healthy and strong. Using teeth for all other purposes such as tearing off strips of tape or bottle caps, risks chipping or fracturing teeth enamel and leaving the door wide open for bacteria to creep in and set up camp.

Don’t let needless tooth aches dampen your celebrations this festive season. You can look after your oral health and have a Merry Christmas Stevenage. And make sure to have your teeth and gums checked by one of our well-experienced dental team at Smilecraft dental clinic

What is The Wand in Stevenage?

The Wand in Stevenage is essentially an anaesthetic delivered painlessly we use at our clinic in Stevenage, to remove the need for painful injections. The wand was developed to replace the traditional syringe which many patients may have found to be uncomfortable, or even painful.

How does it work?

The Wand is a perfect example of modern, dental technology which embraces the recent advancements made within the field of dentistry. Our computer controlled system delivers anaesthetic with the help of digital aid.

Did you know?

Since the original invention of the syringe over one hundred and fifty years ago, there has been little or no change in the way anaesthetic is delivered to the site being worked on, which is why we believe that this development was well overdue.

Patients who may wish to receive The Wand in Stevenage

If you are looking for a pain-free alternative to traditional anaesthetic injections, then The Wand may be perfect for you. The Wand technology is not only suitable for nervous patients, but can be used by any patient who wishes for a more comfortable dental experience.

What to expect from your pain-free syringe experience

Many patients may not know what to expect from this modern dental technology, however they may feel more comfortable feeling prepared prior to treatment. Patients can expect to see a modern computer system, as well as a thin and streamlined dental pen. Dentists at our clinic have reported to feel more comfortable using The Wand, not only due to its pain-free nature, but also its easy application system. Our dentists will choose to numb the area being worked upon in a gentle, slow way, but we will never cause numbness of the teeth or tongue for a very prolonged time as the anaesthetic is delivered in a measured way in just the right amount for your comfort.

The treatment process

In terms of the exact treatment process, The Wand uses an extremely thin needle which is attached to a thin wire. The Wand looks like a pen, and delivers our local anaesthetic slowly and in a calm and comfortable manner. The low pressure administration at our clinic results in a more effective anaesthetic, delivering an overall more comfortable dental experience.

Feeling anxious?

Patients who are nervous may be reluctant to undergo any form of dental treatment, they may even miss their dental check-ups altogether, which is what our clinic strives to prevent. Patients who do feel worried prior to dental treatments may have a fear of syringes, or painful dentistry in general, which is where The Wand can help.

Have your say

We understand that any new dental technology may receive skepticism at first, which is why we display many happy patient reviews on our website. Our patient testimonials are evidence of the fantastic Wand System, which is now used frequently by our dentists at our clinic.

Why choose our dental clinic?

The Wand is not commonly used yet in the field of dentistry, we therefore believe we are unique in the modern dental treatments we offer our patients. Our dental clinic is situated within the the heart of Stevenage, and has been delivering a high standard of dental care for over twenty-five years.

Is all you want for Christmas your two front teeth? Come to Smilecraft to achieve that picturesque ‘Merry Christmas’ smile

The holiday season will soon be upon us; parties, family get togethers and dinners in restaurants with dear friends will be part of most people’s activities and of course, everyone wants to look their best for those all too important seasonal selfies!


While all these festive activities can be easy for many people, it can be difficult for some too. Even if you are wearing a designer gown and have the latest ‘must have’ clutch bag, when you have gaps in your smile or stained teeth, it can really drag your confidence down, often causing you to back out of parties and dinners with friends. Hardly the ‘Merry Christmas’ in Stevenage you want or deserve!

At Smilecraft, we want you to have a truly Merry Christmas in Stevenage and can offer you many cosmetic dental treatments, which will boost your confidence and help you really enjoy the holiday season!

Dental implants

When you have noticeable gaps at the front of your mouth, having a Merry Christmas in Stevenage may seem very hard to accomplish.

At Smilecraft, we can help you fill those gaps with our implants and customised prostheses, to provide you with a stable, permanent and natural looking alternative to dentures!

No need to turn down that sticky Christmas pudding; you can eat what you want without worry and with proper care, implants can last a lifetime!

Teeth whitening

Want to wear that bright red lipstick to the Christmas party, but have stained teeth?

Our team can help you get a whiter smile using our Enlighten system, which is performed in surgery, with top up gels for you to apply at home. This process will lighten your teeth quickly without causing sensitivity and give you confidence for months after the holiday season.

Porcelain veneers

Need whiter teeth quickly for that Christmas dinner?

Porcelain veneers, much like false nails, are placed over the top of your teeth and instantly whiten your smile.

They are long lasting too and can provide you with a gleaming smile for the next 15 holiday seasons!

White fillings

Having a filling is never fun, but is sometimes required to preserve the function of your teeth.

While many people associate larger fillings with being black in colour, our team at Smilecraft can offer you white, composite fillings; colour matched to the surrounding teeth.

You will have your teeth preserved to the same professional level, without the less than discreet black fillings.

Six Month Smiles

If you are more concerned about having misaligned, spaced or overcrowded teeth, then you may be able to get them looking straighter with our Six Month Smiles alignment system before the holiday season.

Although, as the name suggests, this treatment typically takes up to six months, depending on the severity of your dental misalignment, you may be able to achieve the desired results in significantly less time.

If not, you will have a visually discreet aligner that will not impact on those precious holiday photos and by next Christmas, you will have that coveted, straighter smile.

What happens in an e-consultation?

Sometimes you just don’t have time to get to the dentist, but you have something about your teeth that is beginning to worry you. Maybe it feels like a crown or a filling is coming loose. Or is that toothache a symptom of an infection? Or perhaps it feels like you’ve got a chip or a crack.

Dental E-Consultation

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to consult the dentist here at Smilecraft in Stevenage without having to take time off work? Well, there is with the e-consultation on our website.

The e-consultation is a quick way to find out if you need to come in for further investigation. All you have to do is fill in the form here, telling us your name and contact details. Then you upload a selfie of your mouth, making sure that the picture features a clear image of what’s wrong, and then fill in the box describing what the issue is.

Our principal dentist, Dr Bradley Abrahams can then take a look at the picture and your information and get back to you with a quick idea of what’s going on and whether you need treatment.

Who can use the e-consultation?

Any of our patients are welcome to use the e-consultation facility. We find it works really well for those who have a long way to travel to see us, as well as for those who are very busy.

It’s also a great way for nervous patients to make first contact with us. We will get back to you and let you know if you need to come in for treatment, and we can also talk to you about options to make sure that you are able to relax as much as possible when you do come in.

Want a smile upgrade?

E-consultations are also a great way to find out if you would benefit from cosmetic dental treatments. Just send us a selfie of your smile, tell us what you’re unhappy about it, and we’ll send back a few suggestions of ways to improve how your smile looks.

Don’t forget, an e-consultation does not replace the face-to-face consultation and you will have to have one before we move onto treatment.

The Wand: it’s like magic

No one likes being made to feel pain, and most of us will do our best to avoid it. We sneak carefully around stinging nettles. We do strange little jigs around bees and wasps. We avoid going for check-ups at the dentist.

Wait! Rewind! That last one is not such a good idea. It’s also based on a premise that is fast becoming obsolete.

Whereas in your parents’ day, going to the dentist could entail pain from teeth being drilled, these days we have much more access to local anaesthesia and it’s a rare dentist who will insist on you having treatment without being numbed first.

We know what you are going to say next. You’re going to say that just having the local anaesthetic hurts. It hurts when the needle goes in and then it hurts when the liquid anaesthetic is injected into your gums and palette.

Well, that may be true at some dentists, but not here at Smilecraft in Stevenage because we have The Wand.

Never heard of The Wand? Then let us tell you all about it. By the time we’ve finished, you may not be actually clamouring for an anaesthetic, but if we need to give you one, you aren’t going to mind at all.

Why do stings hurt?

This is the question that dental researchers asked themselves when they were trying to work out ways to deliver injections without pain. Turns out, it’s not actually the needle entering the skin that causes pain, it’s when too much liquid goes into the cells too fast and they feel like they are going to burst.

What is The Wand?

The Wand is a computer-controlled way of delivering local anaesthetic. It looks more like a pen that a syringe. The computer injects small amounts of liquid at just the right pace so that the cells never feel like they are going to burst, and there is no pain.

You won’t feel a thing. You may even find yourself asking us if we have started with the injections yet.

So, don’t be scared any more. If you’d like to see The Wand, do ask next time you are in for a check-up. It’s a great gadget.

Merry Christmas! Smiles make great presents

In a world drowning in stuff, more and more people are choosing to give each other experiences and helpful treatments instead of another iPhone or tablet. If you are thinking about what you can get for your special people, why not think about doing something to enhance one of their most important natural communication tools, their smile?

Merry Christmas in StevenageSmiles say more

A smile is what people particularly notice when they meet you. If it’s for the first time, a great smile can colour their whole relationship with you. So, if it’s a working relationship, or some other kind of important interaction, being able to smile a great smile can be crucial. Even if it’s just another day-to-day interaction with people you already know, whether or not it starts with a great smile can set the tone for the day. Being able to see each other’s smiles is why people love using video calls.

Ways to upgrade a smile

Modern dentistry has all sorts of ways to enhance teeth and smiles, and there is bound to be one that is just right for your special person.


Lots of people have one or 2 teeth that let down the rest of their smile. Maybe it’s a discolouration, or a crack, a chip or a slight twist or lean. Veneers are tiny porcelain sheaths that we cement onto the front of the offending tooth to cover over any imperfections. It only takes 2 sessions to fit veneers and they can last for at least 10 years if they are well taken care of. If you know your sweetie agonises over one or 2 teeth, why not offer them veneers this year. They are far more beneficial than nail extensions.

Teeth whitening

One way to transform a smile is to have the teeth whitened. Whitening removes surface stains left by coloured food and drinks such as tea, coffee and berries. A whiter smile can boost confidence in just one hour in the dentist’s chair at Smilecraft in Stevenage. Or you can buy your favourite person a bespoke DIY kit that they can use again and again at home.

Looking after your teeth over Christmas

We need to look after our teeth all year and especially over Christmas. After all, who wants to be stuck in the dentist’s practice over Christmas? Keeping our teeth happy and healthy is the best way to avoid any unwanted surprises this Christmas.

Visiting your dentist regularly and keeping on top of your oral hygiene is the way to keep a high standard of oral hygiene.

Merry ChristmasHere at Smilecraft, we also offer a wide range of treatments to keep your teeth looking beautiful, as well as feeling great. The demand for treatments like teeth whitening and cosmetic braces has grown in recent years and so has the number of options available to patients.

Keeping your teeth clean

The most important part of your oral hygiene routine is brushing. Your dentist usually advises to brush at least twice a day. This number can be higher, depending on your habits, dental history and if you wear braces or not.

Although brushing is the most important part of your oral hygiene routine, flossing at least once a day is also important. Many dentists will also recommend using an anti-bacterial mouthwash to keep the nasty bacteria away from your teeth.

Many people also forget to brush and clean their tongue. This is an important part of maintaining a high standard of oral hygiene.

Why is visiting the dentist so important?

Having a friendly dentist that you can visit regularly is important because a dentist can evaluate your overall oral health and spot any problems before they turn into an issue.

During a regular check-up at Smilecraft, your dentist will check for any signs of tooth decay that may need treatment. This treatment could come in the form of a filling or maybe root canal therapy for more serious cases.

At Smilecraft we can treat most dental issues and make your teeth live their full potential. If it’s getting that extra shine or straightening your teeth to perfection you want, we have the treatment for you.

If you have any questions about any treatments, come in for a visit at Smilecraft, and from all of the team here in Stevenage: Merry Christmas.