What is The Wand in Stevenage?

The Wand in Stevenage is essentially an anaesthetic delivered painlessly we use at our clinic in Stevenage, to remove the need for painful injections. The wand was developed to replace the traditional syringe which many patients may have found to be uncomfortable, or even painful.

How does it work?

The Wand is a perfect example of modern, dental technology which embraces the recent advancements made within the field of dentistry. Our computer controlled system delivers anaesthetic with the help of digital aid.

Did you know?

Since the original invention of the syringe over one hundred and fifty years ago, there has been little or no change in the way anaesthetic is delivered to the site being worked on, which is why we believe that this development was well overdue.

Patients who may wish to receive The Wand in Stevenage

If you are looking for a pain-free alternative to traditional anaesthetic injections, then The Wand may be perfect for you. The Wand technology is not only suitable for nervous patients, but can be used by any patient who wishes for a more comfortable dental experience.

What to expect from your pain-free syringe experience

Many patients may not know what to expect from this modern dental technology, however they may feel more comfortable feeling prepared prior to treatment. Patients can expect to see a modern computer system, as well as a thin and streamlined dental pen. Dentists at our clinic have reported to feel more comfortable using The Wand, not only due to its pain-free nature, but also its easy application system. Our dentists will choose to numb the area being worked upon in a gentle, slow way, but we will never cause numbness of the teeth or tongue for a very prolonged time as the anaesthetic is delivered in a measured way in just the right amount for your comfort.

The treatment process

In terms of the exact treatment process, The Wand uses an extremely thin needle which is attached to a thin wire. The Wand looks like a pen, and delivers our local anaesthetic slowly and in a calm and comfortable manner. The low pressure administration at our clinic results in a more effective anaesthetic, delivering an overall more comfortable dental experience.

Feeling anxious?

Patients who are nervous may be reluctant to undergo any form of dental treatment, they may even miss their dental check-ups altogether, which is what our clinic strives to prevent. Patients who do feel worried prior to dental treatments may have a fear of syringes, or painful dentistry in general, which is where The Wand can help.

Have your say

We understand that any new dental technology may receive skepticism at first, which is why we display many happy patient reviews on our website. Our patient testimonials are evidence of the fantastic Wand System, which is now used frequently by our dentists at our clinic.

Why choose our dental clinic?

The Wand is not commonly used yet in the field of dentistry, we therefore believe we are unique in the modern dental treatments we offer our patients. Our dental clinic is situated within the the heart of Stevenage, and has been delivering a high standard of dental care for over twenty-five years.