The importance of good dental health

Having healthy teeth and gums is good for overall health. This is because when you have an issue with a tooth, it can cause other bodily symptoms and make you feel unwell. As a dentist in Stevenage, we understand the importance of this and help our patients to give them a high standard of dental care when they need it, as well as general dental care, including regular check-ups. By having check-ups every 6 months, we can help our patients to prevent problems and treat issues before they become serious.

Dentist in Stevenage

About us

When you need a dentist in Stevenage, Smilecraft is a local clinic you can turn to. When new patients register with us, they tend to stick with us. Over time, our team has built solid and trusting relationships with many patients, who have grown to stay with us and have gone to register their children with us.

Our unique appointments system

If going into your dentist in Stevenage is something that’s just too nerve-wracking, you can start with our e-consultation. You simply complete an online form and include a photo of yourself. The form will give you a chance to let us know about any problems you’re having with your teeth and what you’d like to have done to improve your smile. With this first step, it may feel easier to come into our clinic to make a booking with one of our dentists.

If you’re comfortable to come and see us right away, we have an online booking system you can use. For new patients, we give an hour-long appointment. This is because you will need to complete a form about your full medical history and so that the dentist can complete a full examination and assessment of your teeth and gums. At the end of your appointment, we will talk with you about the results, letting you know about any issues that need to be treated and what the options for this are. To secure your appointment, there is a £15 booking fee, which will then be deducted from the cost of your treatment or check-up.

Thinking of joining us? If so, here’s why you should

Smilecraft has been an established dentist in Stevenage for 25 years, providing professional dental care services to the area. We believe in great customer care, always putting your needs at the centre of our business. Here’s how we do that:

Your first consultation

Your first consultation will be an in-depth assessment of your dental and oral health, including checking for any gum infections and a full oral cancer screening. We will take x-rays and look in detail at your dental health history. Once completed, we will then sit and discuss with you any issues you feel are important and look at any treatment plans that maybe

necessary. As your dentist in Stevenage, we understand that good customer care includes clear pricing and we offer payment plans to help spread the cost of any treatments you may require.

A dentist in Stevenage offering the full package

As a trusted dentist, we cover a range of general, restorative and cosmetic treatments including:

Preventive dentistry

Six-monthly check-ups are the corner stone of good dental health care. They ensure we resolve minor issues before they turn into major problems. Regular check-ups and hygienist sessions ensure we catch infections or signs of decay early so we can treat them efficiently. If we spot anything more serious in our examinations, swift diagnosis and treatment ensures best outcomes.

Routine dentistry

Everything from root canals to snoring issues can be resolved by your dentist. During our check-ups, if we find an issue or if you feel you have an issue arising, we can find a cost-effective solution to everyday dental and oral health issues.

Cosmetic dentistry

We offer a range of cosmetic dentistry treatments that can improve smiles. This includes treatments such as veneers, teeth whitening and the latest in fast-acting, cost-effective braces technology.

Missing teeth

As your dentist in Stevenage, we can stabilise your dentures and provide replacements for your missing teeth. Dental implants can offer incredible results and may be the correct treatment to fully replace a missing tooth or prevent denture slippage.

Call today to book your first consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

Looking for a dentist in Stevenage?

When you move house, in among all the unpacking and setting up new utilities contracts, you also need to find new healthcare providers. Don’t leave getting on the lists of your local GP and your dentist in Stevenage until you have an emergency. Most of us need you to come in for an initial examination before we carry out any treatments. We need a baseline record of your health to start from.

Dentist in Stevenage

We are Smilecraft

Here at Smilecraft, we are a dentist in Stevenage that has been at the heart of the town’s dental health for more than 25 years. People come from in and around the town for our routine general dentistry as well as cosmetic dental treatments.

We provide treatments for the whole family, so you can bring yourself, your children, your young adults and your parents and we will be able to cater for all their dental needs. We put your comfort and needs at the top of the list of our priorities.

The Wand

That means we have invested in the Wand, a way of delivering anaesthetic injections that is painless. No one likes the sting that comes with an injection. It is caused by a sudden rush of a lot of fluid into the cells. With the Wand, a computer controls the amount of fluid that goes into your mouth, little by little, so there is no sting, just gradual numbing. Now it really is possible to have pain-free dentistry.

Your initial consultation

Arrive early, as the first part is filling in a medical history form. Your first consultation with us takes an hour. We need this time to get to know you, and find out about what you want from us as your new dentist in Stevenage. We also need to get detailed records of your teeth as they are now. Teeth tell us all about your dental history.

After we have thoroughly examined your teeth, taken x-rays and done a cancer check, we will go through what we have found with you. Then we can go on to draw up a treatment plan for you, if you need one. Hopefully, by the end of the appointment, you will feel part of Smilecraft.

Your dentist in Stevenage: one of the team

Have you noticed how much easier it is to get through life when you are part of a team? At home, your family is your team, pulling together to get everyone to where they need to be, get them fed and clean and sheltered so they can go far in life. There are also other team members that we call on from time to time as back-up for the more complex things the family can’t do. One member of that team is your dentist in Stevenage.

Dentist in Stevenage

Have some regular contact

Just like being in any team, the members need contact. You are with your immediate family nearly every day, and your friends very frequently too. You don’t need to come into Smilecraft anywhere near as often, but you do need regular contact with your dentist in Stevenage.

We usually recommend that patients come in for a check-up every 6 months, but if you are pregnant or have diabetes or another condition, we will probably want to see you more often.

Contact for us is not just about saying, ‘Hello, get in the chair and open your mouth’. We want to hear about you, what you’ve been up to and whether you have any niggles or questions about your oral health. After all, you spend all day, every day, with your teeth and gums, and will have important information to give us about them.

Our part is to do the bits you can’t, such as having a good look for the beginnings of problems such as tooth decay and gum disease. You won’t be able to feel them when they first appear, but we will be able to see them. Decay shows up first as white patches on the enamel as it starts to corrode. Gum disease might be too red gums at the back of your teeth, or places where the gum is coming away from the teeth.

If we can catch these problems early, we can work as a team to fix them before they become really serious. All it takes is a small filling, a good, deep clean and polish and you can get back to daily life and do more fun stuff with your team at home.

Preventive dentistry for long-term oral health

Visiting the dentist is not many people’s idea of a good time; however, none of us is immune from dental problems, so we have to go. Even if we brush and floss regularly at home, regular dental check-ups and professional cleanings are essential for maintaining the healthiest, most beautiful smile.

Dentist in StevenageWith regular preventive care, problems can be noticed at an early stage and treated in the least invasive manner. Moreover, at Smilecraft, your dentist in Stevenage, we offer preventive treatments that are kind to our patients’ mouths and wallets.

Why are dental check-ups so important?

Dental check-ups are recommended bi-annually even for patients with great teeth. A dental check-up will give your dentist in Stevenage the opportunity to update your dental record and assess your oral health. Early treatment is always in the interest of the patient, as it can avoid further complications. An adult dental check-up may include services such as dental x-rays, gum disease assessment, oral cancer screening and a head and neck exam.


Dental cleanings are really important since they significantly reduce the risk for gum disease and tooth decay. Your dentist in Stevenage (or a dental hygienist) will assess the patient’s soft tissues and remove plaque, tartar and food particles from the teeth and gums. This can be done with a traditional scaler or an ultrasonic scaler to blast tartar and plaque off the teeth. Your dentist in Stevenage will also polish the teeth at the end of the treatment in order to prevent plaque build-up. Regular dental cleanings are really important because they also help remove plaque from below the gum line, hence preventing gum disease.

Dental sealants

Your dentist may also recommend dental sealants during a check-up – these are great for children. These preventive plastic caps can deter tooth decay and keep teeth and gums healthier for longer. A dental sealant is a clear plastic coating that is painted on the molars. It acts as a barrier against all those bacteria found in food that cause tooth decay. Dental sealants cover completely the surfaces and crevices of teeth and can greatly reduce the risk of cavities. They will wear off over time, so they may need to be replaced sporadically for best results.

Who’s that living on your tongue?

If you thought you were alone inside your mouth, you could not have been more wrong. Inside your mouth is a whole ecosystem of good, bad and indifferent bacteria, about 20 billion of them, according to one scientist. And our job at Smilecraft, your dentist in Stevenage, is to help you keep them under control.

Dentist in StevenageDon’t panic. These bacteria don’t weigh very much and they are meant to be there. According to Dr Walter Loesche, of the University of Michigan, USA, you have got about 500-650 different species of bacteria living in your mouth. Some, in ideal conditions, can reproduce every 20 minutes.

It sounds like it won’t be long before you can’t fit in any more bacteria in your mouth, but along with the litre of saliva you swallow every day, you also swallow about 100 billion bacteria. Having said that, some bacteria, such as Streptococcus mutans, try to avoid the fate of being digested by clinging onto the surfaces of our teeth, gums, tongue and cheek linings.

Streptococcus mutans is a name you might want to remember. This is the bacteria that you will be most familiar with. You can see it in your mouth and feel it on your teeth, building up as that sticky layer of plaque and then turning into chalk-like tartar if you don’t get it off your teeth within 3 days. It feeds on the sugars in your saliva, so if you eat or drink lots of sugar, you’ll notice these little critters making your teeth feel furry a few hours later. This bacterium is why you brush your teeth twice a day, and floss, and then come along to the dentist in Stevenage to get check-ups and deep cleanings.

Yes, Streptococcus mutans is the cause of dental decay and gum disease, both of which are the result of the acids it gives off after gorging on sugar. So, if you want to save yourself money and time at the dentist in Stevenage, come along for your check-ups and maintain a good oral health routine by brushing and flossing twice a day, every day.

Don’t forget your twice-yearly check-ups with the dentist in Stevenage

It’s so easy when you are a parent to forget about your own needs when you are busy running round after the kids. You get up, get them to school, go to work, collect them again, take them to all their extra-curricula activities, cook them dinner and before you know it, it’s time for bed and to start the whole routine again the next day.

How on Earth are you also meant to fit in taking care of your own needs by getting to a check-up with the dentist in Stevenage?

Dentist in StevenageAt Smilecraft, we know how hard it is for busy parents, but we also know how important a good oral health routine is. After your baby teeth fall out, you only have one set of adult teeth, which are meant to last you right through until you die, which could be 70 or 80 years.

Set an example

We also know that the best way for your kids to learn to take care of their teeth is by seeing you take care of your own. You need to brush them twice a day for 2 minutes, do some flossing once a day and finally, come and see the hygienist and the dentist in Stevenage.

The best way to set an example is to bring your babies along to your own appointments. Babies learn by copying and so, if they see you getting your teeth checked, and get to be in the dental clinic environment a few times before they are checked themselves, then it stops it being such a frightening experience.

Babies can start having check-ups when their first teeth come through.

Family outings

One way to make sure everyone in the family gets a bi-annual check-up is to bring the whole crew along at once. You can have your session with the dentist in Stevenage and your kids can have theirs too. Plus, if you are a practice member, you can save money on treatments.

Don’t forget the hygienist

Check-ups let us know if anything needs fixing. Hygienist sessions are deep cleans to make sure there is less chance of you or your children needing treatment for dental disease. Don’t forget to book a session with your check-ups.

Can your dentist in Stevenage help you quit smoking?

Smoking affects a considerable part of the population. In addition to the effects smoking has on general health, it is also harmful to the oral health. More specifically, smoking can cause gum disease and oral cancer.

At Smilecraft, we believe in the benefits of smoking cessation, especially when implemented by dental professionals. Instead of not addressing the elephant in the room, our dentist in Stevenage will bring up the issue with patients whose smoking habits are detrimental to their oral health.

Dentist in StevenageWhat are the effects of smoking on your teeth and gums?

Gum disease and oral cancer are the two major conditions affecting smokers. Implant failure is also a common consequence among smokers. Other effects that smoking may have in your oral health include:

  • staining and yellow teeth
  • bad breath
  • reduced ability to smell and taste
  • oral thrush
  • tooth decay and cavities
  • and coated tongue.

Gum disease and smoking – a parasitic relationship

The relationship between smoking and gum disease has been well-established in the past 15 years. Clinical studies have shown that smokers have a greater risk of developing severe gum disease (periodontitis) compared to non-smokers. While the reasons behind the effects of tobacco on the gum tissue are not clearly illustrated, researchers have found that smoking delays the flow of blood to the gums, disturbing the way gum tissue responds to healing and other treatments. Moreover, the development of gum disease on smokers is likely to be considerably faster compared to non-smokers.

What can your dentist in Stevenage do?

While a dentist cannot persuade a patient to quit smoking, they can help them consider the option by providing information on smoking cessation. Our dentist in Stevenage will answer all your questions and provide adapted feedback after your examination. Your dentist can be a great ally in your quest to quitting smoking since you have a longstanding relationship with them and you see them regularly.

There are many methods and nicotine replacement therapy products that can help you quit smoking, so it comes down to what fits your lifestyle and individual needs. In general, there is no compelling evidence that one technique is more successful than another and often a combination of treatments can prove more beneficial.

Sore jaw? See the dentist in Stevenage

It seems like, despite all the advances in technology to help us save time, we have less and less of the stuff, or just too much, either way, modern life is stressful. Stress shows up in many forms. Some people lose sleep. Others lose hair. Some lose teeth.

Dentist in StevenageStress and your jaw

It’s very common to develop jaw joint problems. They may be due to stress or they could be due to something else. It is estimated that about 70% of the UK population will suffer from jaw problems at some juncture in their lives. For many, in these days of high stress, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders can be ongoing.

You may not even know that you have jaw joint problems, as the symptoms may not be felt in that area. But if you have any of the following symptoms, it is worth coming into Smilecraft Dental Care to get your jaw joint checked out by Dr Bradley Abrahams, our resident jaw joint dentist in Stevenage.

TMJ disorder symptoms

  • Ongoing pain in your shoulders, back or neck
  • Regular headaches or migraines
  • Ear problems such as tinnitus, earache or deafness
  • Pain in the jaw joint area
  • Jaw joints that click or lock
  • Jaw clenching or grinding (this may be when you are asleep)
  • Difficulty in opening your mouth wide.

Are your jaws properly aligned

Often the cause of jaw joint problems is that the jaws are not lining up properly. One way Dr Adams often treats patients is to fit them with a custom-made Tanner appliance, which is a kind of splint that you wear at night to bring the jaws into alignment. The Tanner device will also help stop you grinding your teeth when you sleep.

Save your teeth

If you do have TMJ disorder and are grinding your teeth at night, they may well start to crumble away, so it is worth getting your jaw joint looked at by our dentist in Stevenage. Dr Adams has been interested in jaw joint problems for more than 30 years and has studied under 2 of the world’s leading TMJ experts, so he will be able to give you well-researched treatment and advice.

Reasons to smile with Smilecraft

We love being a great dentist in Stevenage. It takes time and effort to make sure that at Smilecraft Dental Care we offer that extra something that keeps our patients coming back, but we think we have got the recipe right. Here are some of the things we do that make us stand out from the crowd:

Dentist in StevenageMouth cancer screenings

Mouth cancer is on the rise. As it is directly linked to lifestyles, it shows up most in people aged 50-74. The national advice is to have a mouth cancer screening once a year, but at Smilecraft Dental Care, your dentist in Stevenage, we will give you a screening every time you come in for a consultation. Mouth cancers are easy to deal with in their early stages, but they grow quickly, so having one every time you come in for a consultation gives you added protection.

Emergency dentistry

We guarantee to see every emergency patient, and we will always do our best to fit you in to see the emergency dentist in Stevenage on the day that you call. But, please try to call as early in the day as you can, as the later you leave it, the harder it is for us to find a slot for you.

Modern techniques and equipment

The dental world moves fast these days, so at Smilecraft Dental Care we make a point of ploughing our income back into new techniques and equipment. For example, we use The Wand, a computerised local anaesthetic delivery system that takes the pain out of receiving injections. It looks like a small pen, there are no needles and it is so gentle that many patients do not even know they have received an injection.

Making payment less painful

One thing that puts many people off going to the dentist is the bills. At Smilecraft Dental Care, we have 0% finance and membership plans to help you save money and spread the costs of treatments.

If you are looking for a dentist in Stevenage, why not come into Smilecraft Dental Care and meet the team? We’d love to tell you more about us.