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Across the county, and across the world, there has been a trend in recent years of people seeking out dental treatments. More than ever before, record numbers of patients are opting for cosmetic dentistry to improve the way their teeth look, and maximise their dental health. We feel that the massive increase in the use of social media platforms has been a swaying factor behind the recent surge in dental engagement and those seeking out our quality dentist in Stevenage. The more our daily lives are documented and displayed to the outside world, the more a focus has developed around the aesthetics of our smiles, and as such, caused record amounts of us to take action in seeking cosmetic treatments to boost their aesthetic appeal and let them shine to their fullest potential.

Aligned, in just six months

One of the most sought after methods of cosmetic dentistry, which we provide to patients of all ages, is the installation of discrete orthodontic aligners such as our Six Month Smiles system. This is a discrete form of orthodontic alignment which replaces the use of traditional tools, common throughout orthodontics, with a removable, plastic retainer. This retainer is custom made from a mould of each patient’s unique dental structure, and is made from a transparent plastic. When it is worn, the retainer uses targeted pressure points to gradually move the wearers teeth back to their correct placement, and fits so tightly over their jaw that it becomes virtually undetectable when worn. The discrete nature of the treatment may explain its popularity over conventional orthodontic methods, especially with young adults and teenagers. Another attraction to this procedure is that the whole process can yield straighter teeth in as little as six months, whereas conventional methods of orthodontics often take around twelve months to complete.

Filling in the gaps

Dental fillings are a common procedure which most patients will need at some point in their lifetime. They are opted for in cases where a patient’s tooth has become mildly decayed, and requires to be cleaned and filled with a dental bonding agent which fills the gaps. Common NHS funded fillings are referred to as metal amalgam fillings.  Whilst these fillings ‘fill’ out their duties in a way which is effective, they are generally easily detectable within a patient’s mouth.   As such, an increasing amount of people are opting for the cosmetic alternative: white composite fillings. These are similar to conventional fillings, only they are made of a white bonding material which is actually far more adhesitive than metal amalgam fillings, and can last far longer. Additionally, they are color matched to the surrounding teeth in the patient’s mouth so that they blend in to the point that they become almost invisible. These fillings allow patients to permanently fill in large gaps in their bottom teeth without sacrificing their outward appearance or impacting their self-esteem.