Restore your smile’s natural shade with teeth whitening in Stevenage

Although it may seem like a Hollywood fad, having your teeth touched-up cosmetically is pretty commonplace for ordinary dental practices. One particular method of restoring that fading smile is with a few sessions of teeth whitening in Stevenage.

Over the course of treatment our dental team can help bring back that natural bright shade of your teeth that’s been hindered by discolouration and yellowing.


What is the source of discolouration?

As we get older our teeth can start to yellow and discolour. The most common cause of this are things in your diet that can stain the enamel layer such as coffee, and wine and smoking tobacco products like cigarettes.

To counter this your dentist can provide sessions of teeth whitening in Stevenage to slowly reduce this discolouration and allow your natural tooth shade to shine through.

How your teeth are restored

The process of whitening your teeth is fairly straightforward and tends to involve one of two different techniques used for the treatment.

The first option you may encounter involves taking a mould of your teeth to create a custom fitted tray that will then be combined with a bleaching gel, to be applied to the surfaces of your teeth. Then over a series of whitening sessions our team will slowly reduce and remove any staining build-up that’s causing your smile to be discoloured.

The other type of technique that may be used is referred to as ‘power whitening’. In this procedure your dental team will cover the surface of your teeth with a powder, this is then exposed to a light that will cause a whitening reaction that should slowly alter the shade of your teeth.

At Smilecraft Dental Care our highly trained team of professionals will help restore those pearly whites to give you back that confident smile you thought lost.

Is whitening at the practice the only option?

Most dental treatments will need to be performed at the practice, as they require specific tools and training that you wouldn’t be able to manage at home by yourself. However, that doesn’t apply to whitening, as there are custom created kits with detailed instructions on how to perform the treatment yourself at home.

This is ideal for patients that may not be able to fit visits to the practice into their schedule.

Is the whitening safe?

Whitening treatments and the provision of kits is strictly controlled and you should always follow any and all advice provided to you by your dental team. For users of home bleaching kits it’s generally recommended that a minimal amount of the bleaching gel is used, as excessive use or spilling of the product onto your gums from overspill can lead to irritation and blistering of the surface.

Hopefully this has helped to clear up a few things about the whitening process. If you would like to restore that lost shine from your smile or to learn more about the treatment and how it could benefit you then just have a chat with your dentist on your next visit.