The Benefits of a Dental e-Consultation in Stevenage: How Smilecraft is Using Technology to Enhance Care

In today’s digital age, we at Smilecraft are proud to offer a dental e-Consultation Stevenage. We understand the need for convenience and efficiency in your busy lives, which is why we’ve embraced this innovative approach to dental care. With an e-Consultation, you can get professional dental advice from the comfort of your home, saving you time and effort. We utilise advanced technology to provide secure and effective virtual consultations, ensuring that you receive the same level of care as you would in our clinic. This service is not just about convenience, it’s a reflection of our commitment to patient satisfaction. We believe it’s just one of the ways we’re using technology to enhance care at our Stevenage dental practice.

What is a Dentist- Based e-Consultation and How Does it Work at Smilecraft?


An e-Consultation at Smilecraft is a virtual appointment where you communicate with our dental professionals via a secure online platform. It’s a simple process. After booking your e-Consultation on our website, you’ll receive a link to a secure video call. During the call, our dentist will discuss your dental concerns, just as they would in a traditional face-to-face consultation. They will guide you through a self-examination and offer professional advice based on your symptoms. All you need is a good internet connection and a device with a camera and microphone. We’re proud to provide this service not only as a convenient alternative to in-person appointments but also as a part of our dedication to innovative dental care in Stevenage.

The Advantages of Choosing a e-Consultation at Smilecraft

The benefits of choosing an e-Consultation at Smilecraft are vast. Firstly, it’s incredibly convenient. You can get expert advice without having to travel to our practice, perfect for those with hectic schedules. Secondly, it’s efficient. We can often provide an immediate response to your dental concerns, eliminating the stress of waiting for an appointment. Thirdly, it’s flexible. Whether you’re at home, at work, or even on holiday, you can access our services anywhere with an internet connection. Lastly, it’s secure. We use encrypted technology to ensure your data remains private. But above all, an e-Consultation at Smilecraft allow us to extend our personalised, patient-centred care beyond the boundaries of our practice, truly embodying our belief that everyone deserves access to quality dental care, no matter their location.

How e-Consultation is Transforming Dental Care in Stevenage

E-Consultation is revolutionising the way we deliver dental care in Stevenage. By offering consultations online, we’re making dental care more accessible, especially for those who may find it difficult to visit our practice in person. This digital approach enables us to extend our reach, offering our expert services to a wider community. It’s also empowering patients, giving them greater control over their dental health. No longer do they have to wait days for an appointment; with e-Consultation, they can receive advice virtually instantaneously. At Smilecraft, we’re proud to be at the forefront of this digital revolution, demonstrating our commitment to innovation and patient care. It’s just another way we’re enhancing dental care, offering a comprehensive dental e-Consultation Stevenage service that meets the needs of our modern patients.

Why Choose Smilecraft for Your e-Consultation in Stevenage

Choosing Smilecraft for your dental e-Consultation Stevenage means choosing a practice committed to both innovation and patient care. Our seasoned dental professionals provide expert advice, and our advanced technology ensures a seamless virtual consultation experience. We’re dedicated to providing the same high-quality care online as we do in our practice, making us a trusted choice for e-Consultations. With Smilecraft, you’re not just getting a convenient appointment; you’re becoming part of a digital revolution, pioneering the future of dental care in Stevenage. We invite you to experience our commitment to excellence firsthand, seeing just how a dental e-Consultation at Smilecraft can enhance your dental care journey.

Navigating the new normal: the dental e-consultation is here to stay

In our humble, local clinic, we’ve always prided ourselves on being part of the fabric of our community. Our patients are more than just clients to us; they are our neighbours, friends, and even family. But, much like the world around us, our clinic is evolving. In the age of digitalisation, we are embracing the wave of digital dentistry, ensuring that we keep up with the times while maintaining our signature care and attention.


As the landscape of healthcare undergoes this seismic shift, online check ups have moved from being a mere convenience to a necessity. We are now part of an era where medical advice, consultations, and even diagnosis are being effective with a dental e-Consultation Stevenage, a prospect that would have seemed like science fiction just a few years ago.

The dawn of online dental appointments

Just as you’d book a table at a restaurant or a ride in a taxi through an app, you can now schedule your dental appointments at our clinic online. It’s no longer a future promise; it’s our current reality. A simple click on our website opens up a calendar where you can choose a time slot that suits you, eliminating the need for time-consuming calls or lengthy waits.

The rise of virtual dental appointments isn’t just about scheduling, though. It encompasses everything from consultations to follow-ups, all done remotely. No longer do you have to commute to our clinic for a quick chat or minor queries. Now, you can get your dental health assessed and addressed from the comfort of your home. Isn’t that something to smile about?

The value of online dental care

In many ways, a dental e-Consultation Stevenage enhances our ability to deliver comprehensive dental care. They allow us to extend our reach beyond the walls of our clinic, making dental care more accessible to those who might not be able to visit us physically due to distance, health issues, or time constraints.

Moreover, we understand that some of our patients may experience dental anxiety. For them, having the option to first communicate with us online can help ease their nervousness and build trust before any physical appointments.

It’s also worth noting that online checkups help us optimise our time more efficiently. By managing routine consultations and follow-ups digitally, we can dedicate more of our in-person time to complex cases that need a hands-on approach.

The transition to a digital dental world

Transitioning to the digital world may seem daunting, but the process is far from complicated. Technology has made it easier than ever to conduct virtual checkups. All you need is a stable internet connection, a device with a camera, and a quiet space where you can talk to us. Just as in our physical clinic, confidentiality and patient safety remain our top priorities. We use encrypted platforms to ensure that your information remains private and secure.

It’s also important to mention that while dental e-Consultation Stevenage is becoming more commonplace, they do not completely replace the need for physical visits. There are still cases where in-person examinations are necessary. For such instances, our clinic remains open and ready to provide the same level of care and attention as we always have.

What is a dental e-consultation? A guide

When we first embarked on our journey as dental professionals at our local clinic, the landscape of dentistry was vastly different from what it is today. The introduction of a dental e-consultation Stevenage, a concept that seemed almost futuristic a few years ago, has not only revolutionised our practice but also fundamentally altered the way we work and engage with our patients.


In the traditional setting, our clinic was a hive of activity. Patients would step in, greeted by the familiar sounds of dental equipment and the comforting aroma of minty fresh toothpaste. Today, while the physical clinic continues to be a vital part of our practice, a significant portion of our operations has transitioned to the digital realm. This shift, initially gradual, then suddenly rapid, mirrors the pace of the digital revolution that has swept across various sectors.

Stepping into the virtual consultation room

A dental e-consultation Stevenage, or ‘teledentistry’, as it is commonly referred to, has become an indispensable part of our daily operations. Instead of the conventional in-person consultations, we now meet our patients in virtual consultation rooms. The transition, although fraught with its own set of challenges, has brought with it undeniable benefits.

The virtual consultation room has been a game-changer, enabling us to extend our services to patients who would otherwise face difficulties in visiting our clinic. Whether it’s due to physical disabilities, geographical limitations, or the ongoing pandemic situation, online consultations have ensured that dental care remains within everyone’s reach.

Harnessing the potential of digital diagnostics

One of the most transformative changes ushered in by online consultations is the advent of digital diagnostics. The use of high-resolution images and real-time video conferencing has empowered us to diagnose a broad spectrum of dental issues remotely. While it doesn’t entirely eliminate the need for physical examinations, it significantly reduces the number of unnecessary visits, leading to considerable savings in time and resources for both our patients and us.

Fostering deeper patient relationships in the digital age

Interestingly, the shift to a dental e-consultation Stevenage has also positively influenced our relationships with patients. The convenience and comfort of consulting from the comfort of their homes have led to more relaxed and candid conversations. We’ve discovered that patients are more forthcoming in discussing their dental issues and concerns, leading to a deeper understanding and more personalised care.

Charting the course for the future of our practice

As we continue to navigate this new digital landscape, we are constantly learning, adapting, and innovating. We are exploring cutting-edge ways to enhance our online consultations, such as integrating artificial intelligence to assist in diagnostics and employing virtual reality for patient education.

While the journey has been filled with challenges, it has also been incredibly rewarding. The transformation brought about by online dental consultations has not only reshaped the way we work, but also reaffirmed our commitment to providing the highest quality care for our patients.

The digital smile revolution has dramatically reshaped our practice, and we are excited about the endless possibilities it holds for the future. As we embrace this new era in dentistry, we remain steadfast in our mission – to keep your smiles healthy and radiant, no matter where you are.

The power of a dental e-Consultation

I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformations that have swept through dental care over the years. The advent of technology in healthcare, and in dental care specifically, has opened doors to newer, more convenient possibilities. A dental e-Consultation Stevenage, mong these advancements, stands as a testament to our quest for convenience and accessibility.


Easing into the digital space

For many, visiting the dentist can be a daunting experience. The anxiety of an appointment, the travel, the waiting – it can all become overwhelming. A dental e-Consultation Stevenage provides an alternative, allowing you to access professional dental advice from the comfort of your own home. Imagine being able to discuss your dental concerns, show symptoms, and receive professional advice without having to step outside your door. It’s a revolution that’s not just about convenience, but also about fostering a more positive relationship with dental care.

The power of personalization

In our clinic, we’ve always championed the power of personalized care. With online consultations, we’re now able to bring this personalized approach directly to you. Instead of hurried appointments squeezed into busy schedules, we’re able to devote time to understanding your concerns, discussing treatment options, and developing a dental health plan tailored to your unique needs. You’re no longer just a name on a patient chart; you’re a person, with your own dental story, which we’re eager to hear and address.

Continuity of care: anytime, anywhere

We’ve seen many patients who are unable to make regular visits due to geographical constraints or demanding schedules. A dental e-Consultation Stevenage erases these barriers, providing seamless continuity of care. Whether you’re on a business trip or vacation out of town, your dental health doesn’t have to take a backseat. With just a few clicks, you can get connect with us and continue your treatment plan. Your dental health is our priority, regardless of where you are in the world.

The future of dental care is here

As we embrace online dental consultations, it’s not just about making our services more accessible, it’s about transforming how dental care is perceived and received. We’ve found that online consultations can be particularly beneficial for those who may have been avoiding the dentist due to anxiety or fear. By creating a more comfortable and relaxed environment, we can help alleviate these fears, encouraging better dental health habits.

Moreover, online consultations empower you to take control of your dental health. They provide a platform where you can ask questions, voice concerns, and learn more about maintaining good oral health. It’s a more engaging and interactive form of dental care, where we’re not just treating you, but also educating you.

Join us in the digital revolution

We invite you to join us in this digital revolution. Try our online dental consultations and experience the ease, convenience, and personalisation that they offer. We promise you, it’s not just a different way to receive dental care, it’s a better way. As we journey into this new era of dental care, we’re excited to have you with us, every step of the way.

What a dental e-consultation in Stevenage can help you with

When the pandemic hit it caused major disruption to dentistry and more and more patients were left not able to get the care they needed and deserve. We at Smilecraft dental weren’t happy with this and wanted to be one step ahead so that we are ready to always offer our patients best care possible in any given national circumstance. With dental e-consultation we are now opening up new doors to quicker, more convenient dentistry.


What is a dental e-consultation in Stevenage?

A dental e-consultation in Stevenage is very much similar to what you would have experienced before the pandemic, with one ,major difference – it’s all done online. We’ve partnered with Smilemate, an online dental consulting app which helps us get a better idea of exactly what’s going on so we can book you in for the appropriate dental treatment that little bit quicker. Through the use of photographs you take and send to us we are able to fast track the process of getting you back to full dental health. Issues we can look to fix are: broken tooth or filling, trauma, swelling, orthodontic enquiries, and cosmetic enquiries


What’s amazing about SmileMate is that for new patients it can put us even further ahead of the game. If you are able to use the app and send us photos prior to your first appointment we could even be able to cost out any cosmetic work you are thinking of having done and fully prepare the treatment plan ahead of the appointment. 

After you have sent all the information to us, you will be contacted via telephone or video call for further consultation before any further actions are taken. We at Smilecraft are dedicated to offering our patients the most cost effective, accessible treatment plans out there and think e-consultations will be a key component in all dentistry in the coming years.


We would also like to let all patients know that we are still very much accepting face to face appointments and understand that online appointments aren’t accessible to all. We don’t want anyone to feel that they can’t contact the practice for an in house check up or be worried about taking up time. We are here to support and care for all patients no matter there given circumstance.

Check ups

As we move out of the pandemic and into a brighter future we encourage all patients to make sure they’ve had a full dental check up in the last six months. X-rays can often uncover issues we aren’t able to see on the surface so we can’t stress enough how important it is to come and see.

Equally hygienist appointments are excellent to give you a big clean and revitalise your gums, again these are only treatments we can do in practice, so don’t be worried about coming back to see us – we have all the safety precautions in place.

If you would like more info on e-consultations feel free to contact our reception team.

A guide to a dental e-consultation in Stevenage

Here at Smilecraft, we work hard to ensure that all our patients have a wide range of options when it comes to getting the best possible smile. We encourage people to come to visit us for regular dental check-ups, and to learn about the choice of treatments we offer that help to improve dental health and to give great cosmetic results. This is our guide to a dental e-consultation in Stevenage, explaining how it works and how it can help.


How does it work?

A dental e-consultation in Stevenage is a modern solution for patients who lead busy lives. It takes the form of a video chat with the dentist that allows the patient to discuss any concerns they have and to ask questions about possible treatments.

The first step in the consultation is to fill in the form provided. The patient gives their name and contact details and is then asked to attach a photograph of their mouth. This can be taken using a standard smartphone and is an opportunity for the patient to show the dentist what their teeth and gums look like so that they can identify any issues and how they could be treated.

The patient is also asked to write a description of any difficulties they have been experiencing, including things like pain, sensitivity or cosmetic issues.

These details are then submitted to us for the dental e-consultation in Stevenage. The dentist examines the photograph taken and reads the description provided by the patient before booking them in for the consultation.

Who is a good candidate?

The idea behind this kind of appointment is to facilitate the needs of patients who lead very busy lives. Many of us now find that there are simply not enough hours in the day. Working full time and having a family as well as attempting to carve out a social life leaves little in the way of options for dental appointments. People who lead very busy lives do not necessarily want to take time off to discover that the issue they have can be resolved at home.

These consultations give our patients the opportunity to find out if they can alleviate any difficulties using some form of at home treatment, or if they may resolve over time with the simple application of good oral hygiene. Alternatively, they may discover that a visit to our surgery is needed, but the patient is able to save time as the dentist has been able to identify the problem and the treatment in advance of the appointment.

Patients who feel a little anxious about coming to see us for check-ups or any kind of dental treatment may find the e-consultation process very helpful. It offers them an opportunity to discuss their worries and ask the dentist about how they can help with these. They can also learn in detail about what might be involved when they attend for an in-person appointment. Having this knowledge in advance can be a very effective tool in helping to alleviate nerves and allow the patient to feel much calmer about visiting the dentist.

A modern practice with dental e-consultation in Stevenage

By now we should all realise what a different and strange world we are currently living in, as we are in the era of restrictions, tiers, and lockdowns. Covid-19 has now become the largest national emergency in living memory, it has changed every aspect of our lives and forced us to rethink how we continue to do the simplest of everyday tasks that need us to leave our homes.


While dentists have now mostly re-opened, there is still a requirement to consider the steps that need to be carried out to keep people safe and well. While strict cleaning routines and PPE are still in place, dentists have also started to look towards modern technology to see how it can be used within the dental practice environment.

Smilecraft Dental Care is one such dentist that has decided to fully embrace technology, in the hope of creating a new way for our patients to receive the consultations they require. A dental e-consultation in Stevenage is simple and quick, making it so that the patient does not need to leave their home for a check-up.

This time you can get out your phone

A dental e-consultation in Stevenage all starts with the camera on your phone, a device that almost everyone has access to. We will ask you to use either camera. If you are alone, we recommend using the selfie camera, to take several images of your teeth. You will need to take these pictures at a high quality, as this will give us a clear set of images to look at when we are carrying out our consultation.

You will need to take images from several different angles, this will allow us to see all the teeth. Start with taking a frontal image of the teeth, then take left and right angles. Where you need to, use your fingers to insert into the mouth and move the lips and flesh of the mouth out of the way, as this will help to give us a better image of the teeth to look at.

Next, you will need to open your mouth wide, this will help you to take photos of the top and bottom of your mouth. Try to move your tongue out of the way of your teeth, if possible.

One good tip is to take the images in a well lit area if you are using your selfie phone camera. If you have someone helping you, use the camera on the back of your phone with the flash on. This will allow for clear images to be taken.

You have your images, now what?

Once you have taken your images you will need to fill out a simple online form, this will register you for your e-consultation. Once we have your form, we will send you an email requesting your photos of your teeth, with instructions about how to send them to us.

Once we have your photos one of our dentists will examine them and write a clear report to send back to you, via email. This report will outline any treatment you may need.

Dentistry in the Covid-19 era

A dental e-consultation in Stevenage allows the clients of Smilecraft to carry on having their dental check-ups in a world with Covid-19, should you consider joining them.

If you are seeking a dentist who will look after you, the health of your mouth, and the appearance of your smile, Smilecraft will be a welcome discovery.

When is there need for an e-consultation?

What is an e-consultation Stevenage? I hear you ask. The recent pandemic has shown us that we need to reduce face-to-face contact with our patients without compromising on the help that we can provide to them. This article will discuss what ailments can be discussed through an e-consultation, and how this process is used for new patients, as well as what you should do next. If you decide to use our practice as well as this process then you can fill in the form that is on our website and upload your photos. Your details will then be reviewed by a dental practitioner, allowing you to receive a customised report from our dentist, so you can be assured that you are getting the best advice and help.


What issues can be looked at through an e-consultation?

What is an e-consultation Stevenage?  What types of advice can it be used for? There are many ailments that can be looked at through this type of consultation. If you have a broken tooth or are in need of a filling then an e-consultation could allow you to get the help that you need and quickly. Swelling and trauma can also be looked at through this consultation alongside any orthodontic enquiries. The e-consultation can also be used to allow you to look into any cosmetic dentistry you may require. The consultation is designed to keep you safe so you can get the help and assistance that you need with your smile, without compromising on your security and health. E-consultations can also be used for new patients who come into our practice. This will be discussed in the next section.

E-consultation and new patients

What is an e-consultation Stevenage? How can this be used by new patients? New patients can use this process so we at Smilecraft can get to examine their dental health and receive an indication of their goals for their smile. The consultation will allow us to determine which treatments could be necessary. This can also be used to give you an idea of a treatment plan and any costs that you may incur, so you are fully aware of these things before you come into the practice for the first time. You should use the ‘your expectations’ section of our website to show us exactly what you have in mind when it comes to altering your smile for the better. If this sounds like an efficient and safe way for you to get the help that you need then you should read on to the next section to discover what you can do next.

What will happen with the consultation?

One you have had your consultation with us, it will then be followed up with a video or telephone call. This will then be used to make the first in-house appointment where we will meet you face to face for the first time. If you want to participate in our e-consultation so you can get the help that you need in the safest way possible, then you should have a look at our website to read more about how the process works, as well as more about us and our practice. You could also consider calling us so we can best advise you on your next steps.

What is an e-consultation?

Let our technology work for your smile


In light of the recent changes within all of our lives that Covid 19 has had, we feel, here at Smilecraft, that it’s time to make the most of the cutting-edge technologies which are at each of our fingertips. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to combine our dental expertise with new emerging technologies to allow for patients to have their teeth professionally assessed and their concerns voiced within a digitalised environment which does not require them to visit our practice. If you are asking what is an e-consultation from us here at Smilecraft, then have no fear. Our expert technicians and practitioners have worked tirelessly to create a seamless experience which is easily accessible to all those who need it.

How can technology help?

The question of “What is an e-consultation?” is something which, understandably, many people across the country have been increasingly asking. In response to the recent Covid 19 restrictions, we understand that many people across the country are more hesitant to have face-to-face contact. This being said, we do still recognise the importance of maintaining a good level of oral and dental health. As a means of ensuring that our patients get the best possible care from us here at Smilecraft, we developed the SmileMate Virtual Consultation System. If you are already aware of the specific issues or concerns that you have with your teeth, then SmileMate allows patients to explain them to a dental expert in their own words. This information is filled out within a section dedicated to the patient’s dental expectations. In order to best correctly assess the health of our patients’ teeth, and the extent of treatment they may need, we also ask them to send in a picture of their teeth so we can make a more established observation and best decide on a treatment plan.

What can new patients expect at an e-consultation?

If you are a new patient to our practice here at Smilecraft, then you can have every confidence. We have engineered our digital constellation software to be easily accessible to all – including any older patients who may require treatment. The first, and most crucial stage in the e-consultation process is the information which patients put in the ‘your expectations’ section. After the patient has detailed their dental needs, concerns and wants within the section and sent in the relevant pictures if they are required, then our expertly trained dental diagnostic and specialist practitioners can then process this information. They can then contact you again with a uniquely made, patient tailored treatment plan which has been crafted in such a way that it best meets the needs and desires which you, the patient, have clearly laid out. Some of the most commonly detailed problems which can be treated through an e-consultation include chipped or broken fillings, dental swellings and many forms and degrees of dental trauma. Patients also reach out to us through e-consultations to seek out information on orthodontic treatments which we offer here at Smilecraft, as well as cosmetic dentistry options which cover a wide range of different treatment options. Anyone who is looking to have their oral wellbeing seen by a professional team of dedicated specialists – without having to leave the comfort and safety of their own homes – ought to begin their e-consultation with us here at Smilecraft at the next convenient time to them. 

Safely contact your dentist through an e-consultation in Stevenage

Adapting to the times


At Smilecraft, we are a dentist who is completely dedicated to providing care to all those who need it in such a way that they feel comfortable, informed, and safe. We recognise that the recent lockdown measures taken across the country may have caused higher levels of anxiety than normal and has caused many people to refrain from making visits to practices unless it is absolutely necessary. As such, in an attempt to provide dental care to those who are unable to visit our practice, we offer online consultations. For those who are wondering what an e-consultation in Stevenage is, it is a way of digitally examining a patient’s dental wellbeing and working alongside them to create a unique treatment plan.

Benefits of an e-consultation in Stevenage

One of the main benefits of an e-consultation in Stevenage is that patients have time to explain their dental concerns and treatment goals to a professional through an online messaging system. This can be helpful for many patients as they may struggle to properly voice their concerns and wishes during a physical consultation as they have ample time and can carry out their digital consultation at a time and location in which they feel comfortable and relaxed. This ability to choose when they carry out the online consultation is another key appeal for those who are busy working from home and cannot spare any time to visit our practice to carry out a physical consultation.

Six Month Smiles treatment

One of the most common concerns which patients commonly voice during their online consultations is the misalignment of their teeth. Many of the patients who voice concerns about having crooked teeth have refrained from getting their teeth professionally straightened because they are convinced that treatment will vastly affect their outward appearance for as long as twelve months as conventional, fused metal braces often do. However, through treatments such as Six Month Smiles, we can straighten a patient’s teeth in such a way that it yields positive results in just six months – and without having a massively impacting effect on their outward appearance.

How does Six Month Smiles work?

The Six Month Smiles system operates through two different branches of cosmetic orthodontics, with both being tailored to meet the needs set by each individual patient. The first method is ‘Invisible braces’ which are discreet orthodontics which operate in a similar method to conventional braces, only they yield results in a shorter time frame. The ‘invisible’ nature of this method comes from the fact that the brackets used are specifically color-matched to blend in with the patient’s teeth and the wire used is made of transparent plastic and as such is far less visible.

The other alternative Six Month Smiles treatment which we offer here at Smilecraft is the removable retainer method. This alternative method of dental alignment, which doesn’t require anything to be attached to a patient’s teeth, is purely made up of a single transparent retainer. This retainer is made out of a digital impression of every patient’s unique tooth shape and is both transparent and wafer-thin. When worn over the patient’s teeth, the retainer uses pressure points that are built within it to push their teeth together until they are straight.