A guide to a dental e-consultation in Stevenage

Here at Smilecraft, we work hard to ensure that all our patients have a wide range of options when it comes to getting the best possible smile. We encourage people to come to visit us for regular dental check-ups, and to learn about the choice of treatments we offer that help to improve dental health and to give great cosmetic results. This is our guide to a dental e-consultation in Stevenage, explaining how it works and how it can help.


How does it work?

A dental e-consultation in Stevenage is a modern solution for patients who lead busy lives. It takes the form of a video chat with the dentist that allows the patient to discuss any concerns they have and to ask questions about possible treatments.

The first step in the consultation is to fill in the form provided. The patient gives their name and contact details and is then asked to attach a photograph of their mouth. This can be taken using a standard smartphone and is an opportunity for the patient to show the dentist what their teeth and gums look like so that they can identify any issues and how they could be treated.

The patient is also asked to write a description of any difficulties they have been experiencing, including things like pain, sensitivity or cosmetic issues.

These details are then submitted to us for the dental e-consultation in Stevenage. The dentist examines the photograph taken and reads the description provided by the patient before booking them in for the consultation.

Who is a good candidate?

The idea behind this kind of appointment is to facilitate the needs of patients who lead very busy lives. Many of us now find that there are simply not enough hours in the day. Working full time and having a family as well as attempting to carve out a social life leaves little in the way of options for dental appointments. People who lead very busy lives do not necessarily want to take time off to discover that the issue they have can be resolved at home.

These consultations give our patients the opportunity to find out if they can alleviate any difficulties using some form of at home treatment, or if they may resolve over time with the simple application of good oral hygiene. Alternatively, they may discover that a visit to our surgery is needed, but the patient is able to save time as the dentist has been able to identify the problem and the treatment in advance of the appointment.

Patients who feel a little anxious about coming to see us for check-ups or any kind of dental treatment may find the e-consultation process very helpful. It offers them an opportunity to discuss their worries and ask the dentist about how they can help with these. They can also learn in detail about what might be involved when they attend for an in-person appointment. Having this knowledge in advance can be a very effective tool in helping to alleviate nerves and allow the patient to feel much calmer about visiting the dentist.