The wide variety of treatments on offer with our dentist in Stevenage

At our dental clinic in Stevenage we not only offer preventive dentistry for all of our patients, treatments to promote dental hygiene and oral cancer screenings, but we also provide cosmetic dental treatments, such as tooth whitening, in addition to solutions to missing teeth  including dental implants.


A glimpse into your future smile

If you are interested in receiving any form of dental treatment at our clinic you may be curious to see what your future smile will look like. Located on our website we have a ‘smile gallery’ which displays many of our happy patients’ smiles, before and after their chosen dental treatment.

How to book your first dental appointment

Our dental team is aware that patients may prefer to book their appointment using our online system (rather than via the telephone, or an email) which is why we offer an online scheduling service, allowing our patients to select the reason for their appointment, and their preferred time.

Do I have to pay for my dental treatment upfront?

No! Our dentist in Stevenage understands that private dental care can be difficult for many both financially, and emotionally for those who are anxious, which is why we strive to make paying for your dental treatment as straightforward as possible. If you are considering paying for your dental treatment over the course of several months or years then give our practice a call!

How it works

Located on our website we offer a detailed fee guide for any of our potential or pre-registered patients to determine which dental treatment may work for them. We never deceive our patients with false dental costs which is why we always inform them of their exact treatment costs before they start their journey with us.

Your monthly payment plan

Our dentist in Stevenage offers our patients a monthly payment plan to cover the cost of their dental treatment which means good quality dental care can be affordable and accessible to the many.

What are the benefits?

Many of our private patients may choose to pay for their dental procedure upfront, however some may feel more comfortable paying in instalments (if their dental bill is higher, for example) which is always welcomed at our clinic. Paying over a longer time period can help ease the financial burden that dental care can bring, our 0% interest makes it even easier to spread the cost, meaning you are only ever paying for your treatment.

Do you only offer private dental care?

No! Despite offering bespoke private health care to our patients within Stevenage, we also offer dental care under the National Health Service for our younger patients. Dental treatments under the National Health Service at our clinic never compromise on quality, and ensure your children’s teeth are being looked after to the same high standard as your own.

Feeling uncertain?

The modern world of dentistry can be hard to navigate, and many patients may be unsure of how monthly payment plans work, if this is the case then feel free to contact our clinic to speak to a member of our dental team.