About our Dentist In Stevenage

Our dental clinic within Stevenage has been providing professional and caring private dental care for over twenty five years.  Since our clinic was established, our dental team has continued to deliver routine, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry to many happy patients.  We have adopted a dental approach which we believe works perfectly, we always place our patients health, comfort, and happiness, at the top of our priority list, ensuring they receive the best possible form of treatment available.


A preventive approach

Our team believes that prevention is always better than a cure.  Preventive dentistry essentially aims to prevent the onset of tooth decay, yellowing, or disease, before they damage the teeth.  With this in mind, we encourage our patients to visit our clinic regularly (twice a year) for a dental check-up, ensuring the oral health of our patients’ is always under control.

Our happy patients

Our Dentist In Stevenage attracts patients from all around, and even overseas.  Our clinic hosts families of many generations, many of whom are personally recommended, which we believe speaks volumes.

See for yourself

Patient reviews within modern dentistry are now becoming essential in attracting patients, this is why we display a wide array of happy reviews on our website.  Our patient testimonials ensure our patients trust our approach before they even walk through our clinic doors, it also gives them a glimpse of their potential smile.

Meet the team

Our Dentist In Stevenage boasts a wide array of dental healthcare professionals.  Our team within Stevenage is not only made up of dentists, but also welcoming reception staff, dental nurses, and trained hygienists.  Our excellent dental team consists of eight individuals, all of whom deliver the same professional and caring dental approach.

Optimum results

We understand that receiving any form of dental care, whether this be just a general dental check-up, or a major dental surgery, can be a huge, emotional and financial investment.  Our patients visit our clinic to receive the best possible results, and we aim to deliver.  Within the growing field of modern dental work, there are many modern materials and technologies which we provide at our clinic.  Using modern techniques ensures our patients always receive the highest standard of care.

Feeling anxious

If you are considering visiting our clinic but you are feeling nervous, there is no need to fear.  Many patients may not be aware that dental anxiety is in fact extremely common, and is now accommodated by many dental clinics worldwide.  Our clinic within stevenage has adopted many ways to ensure our patients feel at ease, one of which is the wand computerised system.

What is the ‘Wand computerised system’?

The wand is a computerised system which administers local anesthetic in a controlled manner, ensuring that our patients feel little pain when having treatment. 

Aside from physical solutions, we also listen to our nervous patients queries and concerns, allowing them to voice any anxiety they may hold prior to treatment.  Once our patients have talked through their worries, we can offer them a ‘walk-through’ of any treatments they require, as well as a visit to our clean and comfortable clinic before treatment.