The dental treatments we offer at our Dentist In stevenage

Our clinic believes that prevention is always better than a cure, this is why we strive to make sure our patients’ teeth and gums are always clean and healthy. General routine dentistry consisting of root canal, and emergency dental care, are just a few of the treatments we provide; however, we also offer restorative, preventive, and cosmetic dental treatments.


What is cosmetic dentistry?

At our Dentist in Stevenage we strive to offer not only general dentistry, but also cosmetic dental treatments. Cosmetic dentistry aims to improve the aesthetic appearance of a patient’s smile, and has recently surged in popularity within the field of dentistry. Some of the more popular types of cosmetic dentistry consist of tooth whitening and porcelain veneers, both of which we offer our patients at our Dentist In Stevenage.

Finding the right treatment for you

Tooth whitening has become increasingly popular to administer in the form of ‘home whitening kits’, this is why our clinic uses a combination of in house and at home whitening. Teeth whitening is a quick and simple way to completely transform the appearance of your smile, lifting and reducing stains whilst causing zero damage to the function of the tooth itself. Our ‘enlighten’ whitening system is a professional and safe bleaching treatment which can lift a patient’s tooth by up to sixteen shades! Aside from our enlighten whitening, we also offer Zoom whitening, ensuring our patients can decipher which particular treatment type suits their dental needs.

How much do your treatments cost?

We are fully aware that the cost of your dental treatment may be in the forefront of your mind, this is why we aim to make the process as simple and as stress free as possible. A hefty upfront dental cost is never desirable, this is why we offer 0% finance payment plans, allowing our patients to pay for their treatment in installments.

How to start your dental journey

Patients who are considering receiving treatment at our clinic may be unsure of how to commence their treatment journey, this is where we can help. Located on our website, we offer our patients many contact options, there is a telephone number which is ideal for nervous patients who wish to ask some questions about the process. Many of our patients may have hectic work and social lives, and therefore prefer to drop us an email which we also encourage.

Can I book an appointment online?

Yes! Many of our patients find this online tool extremely useful, it only takes a few seconds. Via our ‘email us’ page, we offer our patients the chance to fill in a few personal details, the reason for their visit and time slot they wish to schedule. Scheduling appointments online allows even our busiest patients to stay on top of their dental health.

Come and pay us a visit

Our team understands that many of our patients may lean towards a more direct treatment approach. Aside from our contact details and online form, many of our patients may prefer to pay us a visit. Nervous patients may find it useful to discuss their treatment face to face with our dental team; however, any of our potential patients are welcome to book any appointments or treatments directly at our clinic.