Wishing all our patients a very merry Christmas in Stevenage

Dreaming of a whiter Christmas?

At Smilecraft we know that the run-up to Christmas can be a busy and hectic time, as we all carry out the various preparations needed in order to enjoy a merry Christmas Stevenage with our friends and family. Whilst getting your presents, crackers and Christmas trees in order is of great importance, so too is spending a bit of time on yourself to make sure that you look and feel your absolute best over the festive season.

If you’ve noticed that your enamel has become somewhat dulled or yellowed then there’s still time to arrange to undergo dental whitening treatment in order to shine and have the merry Christmas Stevenage you deserve.

What does dental whitening involve?

Noticing that your teeth are duller or more yellow in colour than before can be severely stressful and disheartening – but there is nothing to fear as there’s still time to get your smile shipshape to allow for a merry Christmas Stevenage and some remarkable photographs.

Dental whitening is one of our most popular and sought after cosmetic dental treatments which we provide to our patients here on a regular basis. Part of what makes dental whitening so popular is its ability to brighten and clean up the appearance of any smile remarkably quickly, either within a single session at our practice, or over a few weeks at home. 

If you are unhappy with the colour or shade of your teeth and would like to do something about it in the run-up to Christmas, then the first thing you need to do is book in for a consultation with one of our approachable and professional cosmetic dental experts. During this consultation, our whitening experts will first determine the cause of your dental staining, as there is more than one type of dental staining, before then working out which of our treatments is best suited to your needs.

What type of dental whitening treatments are on offer?

At our practice we aim to offer our patients all the procedures and treatments they could ever need in order to achieve the smile they desire. One such treatment which we offer our patients to brighten the shade of their teeth is the Enlighten Evolution whitening system, which is our most efficient and streamlined whitening system to date, and can brighten a patient’s enamel by as much as 16 shades! The Enlighten system involves a mix of both in-practice whitening and at-home whitening to give patients the best and most lasting results. 

Alongside Enlighten we also offer our patients Zoom whitening, which is one of the fastest ways to achieve a smile that is between 4-6 shades brighter. The main appeal of the Zoom whitening method is that it is carried out within the dentist’s chair, and takes just two hours to complete. After completing Zoom whitening, patients are then given bleaching trays to use at home to ensure the longevity of the treatment.

If time is less of a factor in your decision to brighten your enamel, then we also offer home whitening kits. These utilise a mould of your unique tooth shape and structure which is made within our practice, that you take home and place a small quantity of a peroxide-based gel within. These at-home whitening kits should be worn overnight for roughly 4-6 weeks and you should see visible improvements in your tooth shade after just two weeks of whitening.