Discreet orthodontics in Stevenage: a subtle way to straighten your teeth

Receiving orthodontic treatment later in life has many benefits, such as restoring your confidence in your smile, rejuvenating your appearance and improving your oral health. However, adults don’t necessarily see metal braces as the most fashionable accessory and are often reluctant to wear them due to cosmetic and practical considerations. Luckily, dentistry has come a long way and many modern teeth straightening treatments are specifically tailored to adult patients.

Orthodontics in StevenageAt Smilecraft in Stevenage, orthodontics is all about restoring your beautiful smile. We firmly believe that teeth straightening can be effective at any age. That’s why we offer Six Month Smiles, an innovative orthodontic system specifically designed for adult patients who want to straighten their teeth discreetly.

How Six Month Smiles works

Six Month Smiles braces are exactly like regular braces, with the exception that they consist of tooth-coloured brackets and titanium wires. As the name of the treatment suggests, the average treatment time is only six months. Given that regular braces treatment can take up to two years, some patients may wonder how Six Month Smiles braces can work so quickly.

The answer is simple. Unlike metal braces that treat the teeth from the root and can even alter your bite, Six Month Smiles braces focus on the teeth that people can see when your smile. Whereas regular braces make larger adjustments that take longer, Six Month Smiles braces are quick, effective and comfortable.

Am I eligible?

In order to be a good candidate for this type of treatment, you must be at least 16 years old. Six Month Smiles braces are ideal for patients who have slightly oddly aligned teeth and want them fixed in a short period of time. However, if you suffer from severe misalignment or have bite problems, this type of treatment is not ideal for you and your dentist may suggest regular braces instead. In any case, we are happy to evaluate your circumstances and answer any questions you may have.

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Straighten your teeth with adult orthodontics in Stevenage

Whether you are an adult whose teeth have shifted over the years or you have become more conscious of the way they have always looked, metal braces are not your only option. Fortunately, recent orthodontic advancements allow patients of any age to correct crooked, gapped and misaligned teeth, without having to wear braces.

At Smilecraft in Stevenage, orthodontics are all about the health, appearance and overall well-being of our patients. We understand that metal braces may not be to everyone’s liking, therefore, we offer Six Month Smiles, a discreet dental treatment with fast and reliable results.

Orthodontics in StevenageWhat is Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles is an innovative orthodontic treatment that reduces the time it takes to straighten your teeth almost by half, or even more. The braces themselves are clear and less noticeable, and the technology in Six Month Smiles uses less pressure to move the teeth into their right position, making the treatment more comfortable.

Unlike metal braces, Six Month Smiles wires are made of nickel-titanium. The clear brackets are applied only to the teeth which are visible when you smile, not your entire bite. As such, treatment time is considerably shorter compared to traditional orthodontics. Less pressure on your teeth also means you don’t have to worry about risks that come with metal braces, such as root damage.

What to expect

As with traditional orthodontics, treatment with Six Month Smiles braces begins with a consultation appointment with one of our dentists. After examining your teeth and analysing your bite, they will discuss your dental goals and assess your individual needs. Six Month Smiles is only suitable for patients with moderately crooked teeth, who do not wish to modify their bite.

Once the treatment has been determined to be the best for you, your dentist will make an impression of your teeth and send them over to the Six Month Smiles laboratory. There, the impressions of your teeth will be used to determine where the clear brackets and tooth-colored wires will go. Once ready, your dentist will fix the braces on your front teeth and see you after five weeks for your first adjustments.

If you are interested in adult orthodontics in Stevenage, please contact our team for more information.

Half a year to a beautiful smile

It’s amazing how quickly six months passes. Here we are already in summer and to many of us it seems like only a couple of weeks since we were frantically shopping for Christmas presents. Imagine now, how quickly time will fly by if you decide to straighten your teeth with a great system for orthodontics in Stevenage.

At Smilecraft, we know that for many busy adults, time is of the essence and that is why we chose Six Month Smiles as our preferred treatment for orthodontics in Stevenage.

Orthodontics in StevenageOrthodontics is dentistry’s term for the area of work focussing on improving the look of misaligned teeth, be they crooked, gappy, crowded or tilted in or out.

The most common orthodontic treatment for correcting the alignment of the teeth is the fixed bracket and wire braces. They have been around for several decades and these days, unless you have serious problems to correct, do not need to be the traditional metal ‘train tracks’ braces, which have a reputation for being uncomfortable and a bit too obvious.

This reputation has put many off having braces, especially adults, who are working and do not wish to draw attention to what their dentists are doing for them.

That’s why at Smilecraft, we use Six Months Smiles braces. These are great for adults who have no major issues with their bite, and only need to have their teeth straightened.

How does it work?

In Stevenage, orthodontics from Six Month Smiles work on the same mechanical principles as metal braces. However the brackets are much smaller and made of clear ceramic, and the wire strung between them is tooth-coloured. This way the braces blend into your teeth rather than dominate them. Also, because the aim of the treatment is simply to straighten the teeth, the braces use gentler forces, which is why they are much finer looking.

Six Month Smiles are so-called because that’s how long they take, on average, to straighten your teeth, which means fewer appointments. This also means your treatment can be cheaper than other teeth straightening methods.

Why not come in and talk to us about Six Month Smiles? You could have a brand new smile for Christmas if you start your treatment now.

Straighten your teeth with discreet, short-term orthodontics in Stevenage

Some people say that having a straight, beautiful smile is the best accessory, but not everyone is born with perfect teeth. While conventional braces are typically considered the best way to straighten your teeth, not everyone likes the effect of metal. Luckily, modern dentistry offers other to straighten your teeth discreetly.

Orthodontics in StevenageIf you are one of the many adults in the UK who are unhappy with the appearance of their teeth, then did you know that in just six months you could be enjoying a straighter, healthier smile? At Smilecraft in Stevenage, orthodontics are made possible with Six Month Smiles. This innovative treatment, helps us combine the best aspects of traditional braces with modified techniques and materials. The result is a hassle-free cosmetic solution that fits your busy lifestyle.

What are Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles consists of tooth-coloured brackets and wires, which are very discreet when fixed onto your teeth. They function just like metal braces, with the exception that they are designed to improve the appearance of your front teeth instead of altering your bite.

Treatment with Six Month Smiles braces is much quicker than with conventional braces as it focuses on correcting only your front teeth. Whereas metal braces can take 18-24 months or more, Six Month Smiles braces can give you straight teeth in as little as six months, as their name suggests.

Because the treatment is gentle, you shouldn’t experience major pain or discomfort. Patients opting for the clear fixed braces can expect quicker results even to other short-term teeth straightening treatments such as Invisalign.

What to expect

During your initial consultation, your dentist will assess the state of your teeth and gums and let you know whether you are suitable for Six Month Smiles orthodontics in Stevenage. You will have the chance to ask questions and learn more about the treatment from our experienced dentists. After that, you will be provided with an individual treatment plan detailing the specifics of your treatment.

If you decided to proceed with Six Month Smiles, your dentist will fit them over your teeth. Throughout the treatment, you are expected to visit the dentist at least once a month for checking and adjusting the braces.

Your guide to orthodontics

Orthodontics is all about straightening or moving your teeth to give you an even bite and an aesthetically pleasing smile. Braces are a major part of orthodontics in Stevenage. But it is about more than just the appearance of your teeth; it also concerns their health and function. Orthodontics helps to ensure the long-term health of your teeth, gums and jaws, by making sure the pressure of your bite gets spread evenly across all your teeth.

Orthodontics in StevenageDo I need orthodontic treatment?

Many people have crowded, crooked or protruding teeth. Orthodontics in Stevenage, at Smilecraft, will straighten your teeth or move them into better positions. This not only improves their appearance and the way your teeth bite together, but also makes them easier to clean.

Sometimes the upper and lower jaws meet in such a way that they bite together incorrectly. This can put a strain on the muscles of the jaw, cause jaw and joint pain and even headaches in some cases. Orthodontic treatment at our practice can correct this to ensure you bite more evenly and so reduce the strain on your jaw.

A little bit of history

In the early 1900s, orthodontics involved using gold, platinum, silver, steel and gum rubber to form loops, hooks and ties. In fact, 18 karat gold was routinely used for wires, bands and clasps. Why gold, you might ask? This is because it is malleable and easy to shape. However, gold had its drawbacks. Because of its softness, it required frequent adjustments and it was hugely expensive. These gold bands wrapped entirely around each tooth, meaning the original modern brace was rather glitzy!

In the 1930s, stainless steel became widely available, but using it for braces was considered rather controversial. It wasn’t generally accepted as a material for orthodontic treatments until the late 1950s.

Thankfully times have changed and now your orthodontic treatment is more accessible and affordable, but also much more reliable and safe.

With ever advancing technologies and equipment, orthodontics in Stevenage has never been so successful and innovative. Give us a call today to see how we can help you get your smile back into shape.

All you need to know about orthodontics

Today many patients are becoming conscious of their crooked teeth, but want to stay away from the more abrasive method of filing the tooth away to fit crowns or veneers.

Orthodontics in Stevenage is now increasingly popular with adult patients. This is because of the huge technological advances that have been made over the years. No longer do our patients have to spend years of their life with an unsightly fixed metal brace.

orthodontics-stevenageInvisible braces that are now available to you at Smilecraft can provide a solution to crooked teeth, without the conspicuous look of traditional teeth straightening treatments. What’s more they are often even faster at producing results than traditional fixed metal braces.

Six Month Smiles

At Smilecraft we use Six Month Smiles for our patient’s cosmetic orthodontic needs. This is a treatment that has been pioneered by an American dentist and is very popular in the USA. Six Month Smiles has taken the best aspects of fixed braces and adapted the treatment and materials to give adults a cosmetic solution that fit our patient’s lifestyles. As the name suggests the average treatment time is just 6 months. For some patients, it can take up to 9 months, while others can look forward to successful orthodontics in Stevenage in as little as 4 months.

There are regular milestones along the way, which will help us make sure your treatment is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible and to your satisfaction.

Will I need to wear a retainer?

Yes. This is usual with orthodontics in Stevenage. The retainer we provide is necessary for maintaining the new, straighter position of your teeth. You will have a choice between a removable retainer, the most popular option, or a fixed retainer attached to the backs of your teeth.

Can anyone have Six Month Smiles?

Unfortunately no. However they provide a great solution for adults and older teenagers with crooked or gappy teeth, who do not require a major alteration to their bite. In fact, the majority of adults we see with mild crowding or spacing between their teeth are suitable candidates for Six Month Smiles. So, why not give us a call to arrange your initial consultation with one of our experienced dental team.

Enhance your smile with orthodontics

Are you embarrassed or self-conscious about crooked, poorly-spaced or crowded teeth? If the top and lower teeth do not line up, it can cause problems with your bite.If you do not like the way your teeth look, the chances are that you do not smile freely. This can affect your self-esteem as well as social and professional interactions. At Smilecraft, we have helped many patients with orthodontics in Stevenage and know that a beautiful smile can really make a difference to your life.

orthodontics-in-stevenageWhat can orthodontics do for me?

Orthodontics is a field of dentistry that focuses on aligning and straightening teeth. Straighter teeth have obvious benefits aesthetically, but have other advantages too. Straighter teeth are easier to clean, and reduce the number of gaps for plaque to accumulate in. This means that your teeth will be healthier as well as looking better and thus having positive effects on your confidence. Orthodontics in Stevenage could be the answer to your wishes for a beautiful smile and great oral health.

Braces are not for me

For many of people in Stevenage, orthodontics used to mean ugly metal braces. But it does not have to any longer. Advances in dental technology have allowed faster, more comfortable treatments, which are much more discreet, due to tooth-coloured wires and brackets. You can have the smile you want without the inconvenience, discomfort and unsightliness of older systems.As the treatment time are now usually shorter, it can often save you money too.

How does it work?

We offer orthodontics in Stevenage to give you the smile you have always wanted.Impressions, photos and x-rays are taken at the start of treatment so that we can tailor our approach to your needs. We advise on oral hygiene and arrange regular check-ups,to make sure that your treatment is proceeding as planned. A retainer is used after treatment to ensure that your teeth do not move back to their original position.

Contact us today to see how you, like many others, can benefit from orthodontics in Stevenage.

Orthodontics: the art of straighter teeth

Many adults are affected by poorly aligned, protruding or crossing teeth that can lead to poor oral health, and an unattractive smile can lead to a loss of confidence. To correct these problems it is generally necessary to have your teeth straightened using orthodontics. Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that specialises in the correction of these problems. In most cases braces of some type are used to gradually move the teeth in the jawbone from their original position into a new and straighter alignment.

orthodontics-stevenageIt is usually better to have your teeth straightened during childhood, while you are still growing, but there are now many effective orthodontic procedures that are suitable for adults. Here at Smilecraft in Stevenage, orthodontics are now a popular treatment for many of our adult patients.

All about orthodontics in Stevenage

Orthodontic treatments are used to straighten and realign crowded, crooked or badly spaced teeth. As well as improving the appearance of your teeth these corrective procedures have a number of other benefits. If your teeth are not correctly aligned your bite may be affected, this can result in problems developing over time due to uneven wear and tear on individual teeth.

When your teeth do not meet correctly it can affect the way that your jaw works resulting in strained jaw muscles. This in turn can lead to problems in the joints and can even be a cause of recurring headaches.

Can orthodontics work for me?

At Smilecraft in Stevenage, orthodontics now offer a realistic solution to a less than perfect smile. Because of our different dental needs, adult orthodontic treatments differ in a number of ways from the typical treatments offered to children.

Any successful orthodontic treatment depends on your overall dental health. As long as your teeth and gums are in good condition, having your teeth straightened should be a reliable and straightforward procedure. In many cases we only work on straightening the front teeth, which allows us to complete the straightening process in a relatively short time. The treatment is also designed to be very discreet. So if you are interested in finding out more about how you can have a smile to be proud of, and keep your teeth healthier for longer, come and make an appointment. Let’s see if we can give you something to smile about for years to come.

Adult orthodontics in Stevenage: straighten your teeth with Six Month Smiles

An increasing number of adult patients in the UK are dissatisfied with the alignment of their teeth. However, many people would rather not wear visible metal braces simply because they consider the look unsightly. Luckily, modern orthodontics in Stevenage offer a quick, easy and innovative way for adults to attain a healthy and beautiful smile over just six months.

orthodontics-in-stevenageAt Smilecraft in Stevenage, we want you to always feel confident with your smile, so we provide Six Month Smiles braces for correcting crooked or misaligned teeth. Our experienced dental team will help you determine whether Six Month Smiles is the right treatment for you.

How does it work?

Six Month Smiles is a teeth straightening treatment that combines modern materials and advanced technology to gently shift and align your front teeth within six months.

Unlike metal braces, this therapy focuses on the teeth that are visible when you smile. Six Month Smiles provides a solution to a range of minor dental problems such as misaligned bites, crooked, spaced and crowded teeth. The clear braces and brackets used in the treatment are hardly visible.

Is Six Month Smiles the right treatment for me?

If you are 15 years or older and you are not looking for a major alteration to your bite, Six Month Smiles braces may be right for you. If you have more serious orthodontic problems, we may recommend alternative teeth straightening options- talk to our experienced dentist about the options available.

Benefits of Six Month Smiles braces

The best thing about Six Month Smiles is the duration of treatment, but there are so many other benefits to them. Six Month Smiles braces are made from tooth-coloured materials, making them very discreet and comfortable.

As treatment works so quickly, they are an ideal solution for people who want to look their best for an upcoming big occasion such as a wedding or a graduation. Finally, shorter treatment time makes them more cost-effective than other orthodontic solutions.

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If you have any questions on Six Month Smiles braces, or to find out more about orthodontics in Stevenage, call or email Smilecraft today to schedule a consultation appointment.

Is it time to straighten things out?

Do you suffer from crooked or misaligned teeth? Most people are aware of standard fixed dental braces. Gone are the days of painful, metal braces that are highly visible and fixed in place. In recent times, there are many much less invasive, more convenient and flexible ways to straighten your teeth. At Smilecraft, Stevenage, orthodontics is provided in a modern and revolutionary way.

orthodontics-in-StevenageWe understand that undertaking orthodontics takes a lot of consideration and at Smilecraft we are keen to keep our patients informed, relaxed and comfortable at every stage of the process. We also consider significant factors such as the costs of the treatment and the long-term impacts on your oral health.

What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that corrects teeth and jaws that are positioned incorrectly. Crooked and wonky teeth that do not fit together correctly are harder to keep clean and are at risk of being lost early due to tooth decay and gum disease. This causes stress on the chewing muscles that can lead to headaches and shoulder and back pain. Teeth that are crooked or not in the right place can also negatively affect your appearance and confidence.

For your orthodontics in Stevenage, we use diagnostic tools including examining your dental health history, plaster models of your teeth and X-rays to clarify what orthodontic treatment each of our patients need and from this we will develop a treatment plan that’s right for you.

Isn’t orthodontic dentistry expensive?

Top quality treatment does come at a price, but we understand that not everybody can afford to pay this all in one go. Our pricing structures are transparent, and we offer a variety of finance plans, including a 0% finance offer to spread the cost and make quality treatment much more manageable and affordable.

Dependent upon the orthodontics you require, you can borrow between £600 and £50,000. Most patients’ applications are approved within a week and you can then go full steam ahead and schedule your orthodontics in Stevenage.

So, if you are in need of teeth straightening in Stevenage, look no further than Smilecraft. Contact us today and be on your way to a straighter, happier smile.