An overview of Enlighten Teeth Whitening in Stevenage

We are all living in a world that has become more about image than ever before, as Facebook, Instagram, and other social media outlets allow us to instantly post images of ourselves to share with others. This has led to people paying more attention to their looks, we are now all looking to create the public image we wish to portray by having the perfect hairstyle, make-up, and clothes to look our best.


One of the areas people have become more conscious about is the teeth, as we are now paying more attention to them than ever before. This has created a demand for dental treatments and over the counter solutions for whitening our teeth.

At Smilecraft Dental Care we have decided to start offering a specialised tooth whitening service. By offering Enlighten Teeth Whitening in Stevenage we believe our clients can truly benefit from the best treatment of its kind.

A new form of tooth whitening treatment

Enlighten Teeth Whitening in Stevenage, is a streamlined system for whitening your teeth that can improve the whiteness of your teeth by sixteen shades, allowing you to achieve the perfect whiteness you are looking for. With at-home and in-surgery options available, we do believe that this is one of the most effective tooth whitening systems available on the dental market today.

The Enlighten system also makes use of a special toothpaste serum to be used for two weeks prior to and during the whitening process, followed by the Evo White toothpaste to give a life long whitening effect after the treatment is completed.

The best thing is you can keep your teeth white for as long as you wish but using the specialised gel that you can purchase from your dentist, you can top-up the whiteness of your teeth quickly and safely, without leaving your home. This gel will need to be applied regularly to achieve the best results and the perfect white teeth for you.

Cosmetic procedures are not just for the vein

Tooth whitening is one of a group of procedures offered by many dentists that are classed as cosmetic surgeries, while we are aware of how many people view these types of procedures, we would be quick to point out how wrong it is to attach any negative ways of thinking to these procedures. We would also point out that many people seeking these types of treatments have genuinely personal reasons for why they are seeking a cosmetic procedure of any kind.

Look at it this way, if someone having their teeth whitened experiences a boost in their self-confidence that leads to them becoming more out-going and sociable, then they have gained a positive effect upon their mental state of mind and, in our view, that’s a good reason for them to undergo tooth whitening treatment.

When someone approaches our practice for a tooth whitening treatment, we will ask them why they feel the need for treatment. We are not trying to judge, we are more concerned with knowing that someone has thought their reasoning fully, this allows us to make sure we are providing the right treatment to the right client.

So…you want pearly whites

If you are looking for tooth whitening, then we would recommend you contact Smilecraft Dental Care to find out more about Enlighten Teeth Whitening in Stevenage.

At Smilecraft Dental Care we provide you with the latest in dental technology and techniques.