Braces make happy faces

Braces not only create attractive smiles, but are also essential to creating healthy, aligned teeth that will continue to serve you for decades to come. The idea that braces are reserved for the likes of teenagers and young adults alone is outdated.In fact, adults represent an ever-growing portion of patients in the UK seeking teeth straightening treatment.

braces-in-stevenageWhatever your age, our experienced dentists at Smilecraft can help you decide if braces in Stevenage are the right solution for you.

Problems fixed by braces

Under the skilled care provided by our dentists, you can regain the confidence in your smile, while enjoying results that are effective and long-lasting. Please visit our before-and-after smile gallery online to see what our patients have achieved with braces in Stevenage.

A consultation with one of our experienced team will be necessary to determine if teeth straightening treatment is the best option for you. Our braces in Stevenage can fix issues such as crooked teeth, crowded teeth, gaps between your teeth, overbites, underbites and misaligned bites.

You may feel embarrassed when you smile if you are experiencing any of these issues. Not only are these issues a cosmetic problem, they can also affect your ability to chew and speak. Misaligned bites can even lead to neck and jaw pain.

Six Month Smiles for a confident smile

If aesthetics is one of the main reasons you’re looking to achieve straighter teeth, then Six Month Smiles might be just what you need. This system involves the use of clear cosmetic braces that target the front 6teeth, which are most prominently on display when you smile. The system takes the best of the traditional braces system and updates it so it works faster and more comfortably than before.

At our practice, you won’t have to wear bulky conspicuous braces, or spend years waiting for results. With Six Month Smiles you could have straight teeth on average in just 6 months and start to feel confident about your smile within the year. So treat yourself to the smile you deserve with braces in Stevenage. If Six Month Smiles isn’t right for you, then we’re on hand to explore another options with you.