Bringing you the latest in dentistry

At Smilecraft, we are committed to bringing you the latest in dentistry so that you have the most comfortable and precise experience available. We want to make visiting the dentist a positive event that fits into your lifestyle well and leaves you feeling fresh and ready to get on with your day.

One of the tools we work with is called The Wand. We think that’s a great name for this piece of equipment because it seems to work magically during many dental procedures.

Pain Free Dentistry in StevenageHow does it work?

The Wand is used to numb an area for dental work such as fillings. It is held in the dentists hand like a pencil and applied to the required area. Your procedure is then carried out as normal.

If we are going to use The Wand in Stevenage for a procedure, we would be happy to show it to you beforehand if you would like to see it. Some patients like to do this so that they know what is going on. Others prefer not to see. Your experience is up to you, just talk to us about what you want.

The patient experience

With The Wand, there is no initial pain like when you have an injection. Many patients do not know when the numbing has taken place.

Another striking difference is that the numbing is highly localised. The anaesthetic is applied in pulses at low pressure so it does not spread beyond the areas where it is necessary. This means that using The Wand does not lead to a large area where there is a lack of feeling, numb lips or dribbling.

Patients feel more able to simply go on about their day after having treatments involving The Wand.

Nervous patients

There are lots of reasons why people have issues visiting the dentist. Talk to us if you are a nervous patient and we will do everything we can to make you more comfortable.

One of the triggers that usually ranks pretty high on the list of issues around the dentist is the injection. With The Wand, we think that you will find the experience much more comfortable and easy to face. Once you start having positive experiences at the dentist, it may not seem so daunting in the future. Talk to your dentist about using The Wand for your treatment.