Cosmetic orthodontics: tooth straightening with Six Month Smiles

Orthodontics isn’t just for teenagers, and isn’t all about obvious braces. At Smilecraft Dental Care in Stevenage, we believe that anyone can benefit from teeth straightening treatment – no matter what their age. As increasing numbers of men and women are starting to realise the true value of a beautiful, attractive smile, so the demand for adult orthodontics has seen a rapid increase.

six-month-smilesAt our Stevenage dental practice, we are always eager to point out that even cosmetic orthodontics goes hand in hand with health benefits. By improving the alignment of your teeth, you make them easier to clean. When there are fewer areas that are hard to clean, where plaque bacteria can build up, you can reduce your chances of both dental decay and gum disease – so long as you have an excellent home hygiene routine and pay regular visits to your dentist and hygienist.

For many adults interested in orthodontics, their key concern is with the teeth that show when they smile. Often referred to as the “social six” teeth, it is here that any alignment issues will be most obvious.

At our Stevenage dental practice, we use one of the most popular cosmetic orthodontic systems in the world for teeth straightening: Six Month Smiles.

Stevenage Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles are braces with a difference. They take the traditional principles of orthodontics, modernise and adapt them to provide treatment that is as rapid as it is discreet. As you will have worked out from the name, the average treatment time with these cosmetic braces is just six months.

Some orthodontics cases at our Stevenage dental practice are complete in as little as half that time. The vast majority of patients complete their treatment within a nine-month time frame.

Although Six Month Smiles do comprise brackets and wires in the same way standard braces do, the brackets are made out of clear ceramic and the wires from tooth-coloured nickel titanium. This means that they will blend in with the natural colour of your teeth, and are not obvious in everyday life.

These braces use lower forces than standard orthodontics, making them much more comfortable.