Half a year to a full power smile

The trouble with wonky teeth is that they are very hard to hide. Really, the only way to keep your misalignments to yourself would be to become a hermit or take a vow of silence. But here we are in the 21st century where neither of these options would be great lifestyle choice and we all have to interact with our fellow human beings by speaking and smiling. We can’t even hide behind the phone now that we have video calling. That’s why at Smilecraft in Stevenage, braces for adults are becoming an increasingly popular choice.

Whether you missed out on braces as an adolescent because your teeth weren’t wonky enough to meet the NHS criteria, or you did have braces and your teeth have since wandered off course, at Smilecraft we think we can help. And quickly too.

Braces in StevenageSix months to your new smile

Our preferred system of braces in Stevenage is called Six Month Smiles. A great name with a great promise of getting your smile straightened out in an average time of only 6 months – although it can take as little as 4 and as long as 9 months. The reason this system is so quick is that it is aimed at solving problems with misalignments of the front 6 ‘social’ teeth, the ones that are most on view when we talk and smile. Six Month Smiles is designed specifically to solve twists and gaps, crowding and protrusions rather than the more serious issues to do with your jaws not meeting together properly.

In Stevenage, braces from a few decades ago were all designed to deal with these more serious problems, so they needed strong forces and ‘heavy metal’ to do it.

Six Month Smiles uses much smaller brackets that are made of clear ceramic rather than metal, and the wires that are strung between them are tooth-coloured. This results in braces that blend in with your teeth rather than dominating them. They also use much gentler forces to move the teeth, and so they are far more comfortable to wear.

Once your treatment is over, you can top it off with a teeth whitening treatment to get the absolute most out of your lovely new smile.