How the wand in stevenage can improve the dentist for your children

Getting small people to the dentist can be really stressful on parents. Terrible tantrums and traumatic tears are often associated with trips to the dental chair. For lots of reasons often children just don’t like the dentist. For some it’s that they’ve absorbed fear through images and video on the television or sometimes they overheard adults talking about their bad experience – more often than not it’s a combination of these things. This fear is reinforced by bad experiences at the dentist. Pain for an adult is unpleasant but at least we have the knowledge to understand it’s pain we are going to benefit from. Pain for children is worse because they don’t understand why it’s happening to them. So imagine if they could go to the dentist and have the treatment they need but without having to go through painful injections? Well finally they can with the development of the wand in stevenage you can now get pain free injections for your little ones.

What is this magical wand?

Well this magical system was created to replace those horrible outdated syringe injections when you come to the dentist. This system is controlled through a computer and is able to deliver anesthetic to patients without causing pain. This makes any dentistry work much less stressful as you don’t need to worry about the pain aspect. From personal experience I can support the argument that the injections often feel the worst part of the process.

What will happen when the Wand in Stevenage is used?

When you first see the wand you’ll notice that it doesn’t look like a wand at all, it actually looks like a big computer with a pen attached to it. It is able to give a supply of local anesthetic in a slower way  and the low pressure and lower rate means that you get a more effective anesthetic and means it’s more pleasant for the patient.

When using the Wand in Stevenage your dentist has more control than they would with a syringe – they are able to pinpoint numbing to just one tooth! How amazing is that? No more having a floppy tongue or limp lip. Your children most likely won’t notice they’ve had any numbing done, so they can jump straight back into their fun filled lives without the invasiveness of full mouth or part mouth numbing.

What else can I do to help my children’s dental experience?

Try and keep the language around the dentist positive, positive reinforcement is key with calmer dental experiences. Always work to manage their expectations – don’t say it will be pain-free because this could not be the case and then they will feel betrayed and build a negative picture of the dentist. Explain to them as best you can why it’s important for them to go and that they need to look after their teeth. Using phrases like ‘we need to keep them super clean for the tooth fairy’ can be a fun, practical approach to take. If you are worried about your child’s relationship with the dentist feel free to contact the practice for more practical tailored advice.