Improved arrangements

With Smilecraft in Stevenage, braces are a relatively quick and comfortable way to improve your dental confidence, oral health, and facial appearance. Our method of realigning your teeth is modern, discreet and efficient. Its name is Six Month Smiles.

An up-to-date remedy

Braces in StevenageUnlike the old metal braces that resemble train tracks and are embarrassingly noticeable for whoever’s wearing them, the Six Month Smiles system we offer involves a tooth-coloured wire-and-bracket appliance. Its special colouring makes it much less visible to the casual observer. And the average length of treatment time, as the name suggests, is 6 months, although your treatment time will vary depending on your dental situation. When opting for braces in Stevenage, Six Month Smiles give you a quicker and less visible solution than the traditional alternative.

A healthy investment

When you improve the alignment of your teeth, you improve your overall oral health as well as enhance your smile’s appearance. When your teeth function more efficiently, you put less strain on your jaw. And when there are fewer awkward areas for your toothbrush to visit, the potential for food debris and plaque build-up is reduced. So gum disease, tooth decay, and bad breath are kept at bay, while your teeth end up looking smarter and feeling stronger.

These are all reasons why, for dental patients in Stevenage, braces are a short-term treatment that provides a long-term health benefit.

Who are braces for?

At Smilecraft, we use braces to improve a wide range of conditions. Sometimes it’s just a person’s front teeth that stick out too much, making eating more difficult than it ought to be. Or a person might have crowded teeth that seem to lean on each other at awkward angles, making good oral hygiene difficult to maintain at home. Then again, it could be a misaligned bite, causing jaw strain and chewing problems.

Whatever your reason, at the first stage of your treatment, our friendly team will talk to you and assess your oral health. In a sensitive and professional manner, using modern equipment and drawing on the latest dental knowledge, they will then work out a treatment plan that fits in with your lifestyle and budget, as well as your dental wishes.