Looking for a dentist in Stevenage?

When you move house, in among all the unpacking and setting up new utilities contracts, you also need to find new healthcare providers. Don’t leave getting on the lists of your local GP and your dentist in Stevenage until you have an emergency. Most of us need you to come in for an initial examination before we carry out any treatments. We need a baseline record of your health to start from.

Dentist in Stevenage

We are Smilecraft

Here at Smilecraft, we are a dentist in Stevenage that has been at the heart of the town’s dental health for more than 25 years. People come from in and around the town for our routine general dentistry as well as cosmetic dental treatments.

We provide treatments for the whole family, so you can bring yourself, your children, your young adults and your parents and we will be able to cater for all their dental needs. We put your comfort and needs at the top of the list of our priorities.

The Wand

That means we have invested in the Wand, a way of delivering anaesthetic injections that is painless. No one likes the sting that comes with an injection. It is caused by a sudden rush of a lot of fluid into the cells. With the Wand, a computer controls the amount of fluid that goes into your mouth, little by little, so there is no sting, just gradual numbing. Now it really is possible to have pain-free dentistry.

Your initial consultation

Arrive early, as the first part is filling in a medical history form. Your first consultation with us takes an hour. We need this time to get to know you, and find out about what you want from us as your new dentist in Stevenage. We also need to get detailed records of your teeth as they are now. Teeth tell us all about your dental history.

After we have thoroughly examined your teeth, taken x-rays and done a cancer check, we will go through what we have found with you. Then we can go on to draw up a treatment plan for you, if you need one. Hopefully, by the end of the appointment, you will feel part of Smilecraft.