Pain-Free Dentistry at Smilecraft Dental Care in Stevenage

Today I visited Smilecraft, Stevenage for an appointment with Dentist, Bradley Abrahams. He worked on my teeth for over an hour and used an amazing pain killing device called ‘The Wand’, which left me with no numbness in my lips, I was able to talk and drink with no embarrassment immediately afterwards. no wonder it’s called ‘The Wand’ its certainly worked its magic, as did Bradley and the dental nurse who was very attentive and caring throughout.

SmilecraftI was also very pleased indeed with the results of the work on my front teeth and have no hesitation in recommending anyone visiting this friendly dental practice.

Nicolette Keizer

After a root canal treatment I had done by another dentist my tooth cracked and had to be pulled out. The only solution was a dental implant. Bradley recommended Dr. Zanaboni at Mount Vernon Dental Specialists. Last Thursday I had the crown fitted on the implant as the final step. Everything works absolutely fine and it feels like this new tooth was always there and it looks absolutely natural.The whole treatment was never painful and perfectly coordinated between the two specialists.

I had other treatments done by Bradley like another root canal treatment and everything was done to my full satisfaction.

Ivo Schaedler

The most astonishing thing happened this morning. I went to visit Bradley Abrahams at Smilecraft in Stevenage, had the best part of an hour of drilling in preparation for a crown fitting and walked out much the same as I walked in – no numbness, no dribbling, no lop-sided smile. All thanks to Bradley’s new gadget, something called “The Wand”. This clever piece of technology delivers anaesthetic in such a way that, first of all, you are unaware that a needle has been inserted and then, once the procedure is complete, that you’ve ever been anaesthetised at all. Over the years (56 in my case) the dental profession have gradually made great improvements but the discomfort of injections and their after effects has, in my book at least, always been the most unpleasant aspect of a visit to the dentist. That and the bill (sorry Brad, couldn’t resist). “The Wand” has completely changed that. Aside from the delights of The Wand, my teeth have been cared for by Bradley and his excellent team for the last 14 years and I cannot praise them highly enough.

Reg Marjason