Pain-free dentistry in Stevenage

For those who suffer from dental phobia, they are unlikely to visit the dentist unless it is absolutely necessary. Patients who are afraid of the dentist may be afraid of the pain, the drill, the injections or may have had bad experiences in the past. Luckily, modern dentistry has evolved considerably over the years and pain is no longer inevitable when visiting the dentist.

At Smilecraft, we are proud to offer The Wand in Stevenage, a painless injection system, which was developed to replace the traditional needles in dentistry. This innovative computer-controlled anaesthetic delivery system is ideal for patients who have associated the dentist with pain and discomfort.

The Wand in StevenageHow does it work?

What many patients who are afraid of needles fail to realise, is that the pain does not usually come from the needle. Needles can cause discomfort, but they cannot cause pain.

In reality, the pain caused by injections is created by the anaesthetic being delivered too quickly or with uncontrolled force. The software that operates The Wand controls the flow of the anaesthetic, while the hand piece with the needle is held in place. Working together, these two components make painful injections a thing of the past.

Are there still needles and injections?

The Wand incorporates a needle, however it is not as visible as regular needles. Its innovative and patient-friendly design is ideal for children or patients who are afraid of injections, since The Wand looks more like a pen rather than a syringe. Compared to regular syringes, the needle of The Wand is very small and discrete. For patients who panic at the mere sight of a needle and the thought of what is about to happen, The Wand can help them to relax.

Is it as effective as regular needles?

The Wand is even better than regular needles because it is entirely controlled by computer software. Regardless of what type of injection is required and in which area of the patient’s mouth it should be done, our dentist is able to reach comfortably and apply the anaesthetic accurately and painlessly. The technology behind The Wand eliminates the margin for human mistakes and offers a more relaxed experience to patients of all ages.