What qualities should I look for in a dentist in Stevenage?

Finding a dentist is easy; all you have to do is open up a phone directory or look online, and you will come across many in your area. Finding a dentist in Stevenage who is right for you proves more difficult.

Dentist in Stevenage

If you are in the market for a new dentist, allow us to introduce ourselves. We are a group of qualified and experienced dentists based in the town of Stevenage. We pride ourselves on our world-class services accompanied by a smile and pleasant demeanour.

Not in our area? No problem! Refine your search for the most appropriate dentist for you and your family by taking stock of desirable qualities that any good dentist should possess while learning how to spot red flags, as outlined in the below.

A good dentist is compassionate, understanding and a good listener

In the past, dentists were perceived as butchers; there to inflict pain without remorse or empathy. This, of course, is untrue in modern times as you will find that most medical professionals are highly compassionate.

An exceptional dentist in Stevenage does not merely focus on the problem at hand but on you as a person.

You might suffer from dental anxiety or have a fear of needles, feeling comfortable enough to open up these issues will make your experiences at the dentist less of an ordeal.

Another dentist might regard your fears with impatience, while a compassionate one helps you to overcome it by showing that the terror you feel has no grounding in reality.

Informs and educates you

Many issues we see every day are preventable. Some people do not know how to take care of their teeth properly or merely do not care about their oral health and hygiene.

An essential duty of a dentist in Stevenage is to inform patients about how they can improve upon their teeth-cleaning habits while at the same time, gently prompting them to take better of their teeth by telling them about the very real and serious consequence of neglect.

Tries to minimise your pain and make you feel comfortable

Specific treatments are synonymous with pain, which a dentist is very much aware of and will try to ease your discomfort with anaesthesia and numbing gels. Short breaks will also help to make any unpleasantness bearable.

Will not introduce unnecessary treatment

A dentist who is trying only to maximise his or her gains may recommend treatments that are not required to fix your dental issues, these are few and far between.

An oral health provider after your best interests tries to help you save money by using a traditional or conservative approach to help treat uncomplicated issues.    

At the same time, despite dental care being more accessible than before, many people cannot afford to pay for appointments in full. You know you are in good hands if your dental clinic offers a variety of payment plans from which to choose.

Choosing someone to take proper care of your teeth is no mean feat – make sure that you are in the right hands.