With The Wand, painful dental injections are a thing of the past

For a lot of people who are scared of visiting the dentist, it’s not the dentist him- or herself that they are afraid of. Neither is it the drill, the actual treatment. . . For many people, it’s the thought of the dentist’s injection of local anaesthetic that causes their anxiety.

oral-health-stevenageNow, thanks to The Wand, pain-free dentistry is a reality. We use The Wand as a matter of routine at Smilecraft in Stevenage, and have many delighted patients who are more than happy to testify to the results.

Whether it is the sight of a needle or the bee-sting feeling of the injection itself that makes you anxious about having local anaesthetic at the dentist, The Wand can help.

First and foremost, it looks nothing like a syringe. It looks like a pen, which is connected to a modern computer unit. So if the sight of a needle leaves you quaking in your boots, you may be pleasantly surprised.

The bee sting effect that people often experience with traditional injections isn’t actually caused by the needle, but by the delivery of the local anaesthetic too quickly. The Wand takes the element of human error out of the process; delivery of anaesthetic is controlled by the computer, so that it will be provided in a smooth, controlled and even manner every time.

The Wand also has other benefits in addition to preventing the unpleasant bee sting sensation of injections. It enables your dentist to numb only the area that needs to be numbed.

Previously, after a dental injection, you would spend a good few hours afterwards afraid to eat or drink, lest you drooled on yourself, or ended up chewing on your numb lip instead of your sandwich. With the help of The Wand, your dentist can now numb just one or two teeth as necessary, which means that you will leave the dental practice without feeling like someone has given you a fat lip.