You can have pain-free dental treatment with the Wand Stevenage

One of the main reasons many of us will avoid attending a dentist when we are having problems with our teeth and gums, is that our minds tend to associate receiving dental treatment with undergoing pain. We also may think about, and fear, a dental practitioner administering an injection into one or more areas of our mouth before giving us the treatment we are attending their practice for. Let us be honest, no one is a big fan of receiving injections, but if we need dental treatment then it is always recommended that we receive some kind of anaesthesia to help us to cope with any pain the treatment may cause.

Many of us would be more willing to go to the dentist for any treatments we may need, such as fillings, root canals, or extractions, if there was a way to avoid the pain the treatment may cause. For over one hundred and fifty years this was not possible, however, with modern technology pain-free dentistry has become a reality with the use of the Wand Stevenage.

At Smilecraft, we want all our patients to receive their required dental treatment in a way that they are most comfortable with. If we can make their treatment as pain-free as possible then they are more likely to engage with their dental treatment. This is good news for those who may have a fear of needles, as they will find this new technology can steer them away from the syringes they are so afraid of.

What is this new technology

The wand Stevenage is a painless system of providing patients with an injection of anaesthetic without the use of the syringes that we all are aware of. This system is often credited as being an evolution in the provision of pain relief to patients who are undergoing dental treatment. This new system for the delivery of anaesthetic could help to make you and your family feel more comfortable about the need to receive any invasive dental treatment, as you will not have to feel the pain of a needle entering any part of your mouth.

The delivery device is shaped like a pen that is held in the hand of the dentist providing your treatment, so the image of a syringe or needle is taken away from your thinking from the very start of your treatment. The pen device works at a very low-pressure level to slowly deliver anaesthetic to the area of your mouth being treated, this is controlled using computer control to ensure you receive the exact amount of anaesthetic to numb the area you are having treated.

This is a way to provide patients with a more pleasant experience of having to receive dental treatment, as they feel no pain and this is something we would all desire when we are receiving any treatment that may cause us severe pain.

Getting to know more

If you are about to undergo a dental procedure at our practice and you want it to be as pain-free as possible, then we would recommend that you ask us about the Wand Stevenage. At Smilecraft Dental Care we provide you with the latest in dental technology and techniques.