An investment worth making

If you are unhappy with your smile, but are not sure you can justify the expense of having braces in Stevenage, then perhaps we can help you.

It may seem that having straight teeth is purely a vanity thing; after all, 40 years ago, very few people bothered with having their teeth straightened if they were only a bit crooked, not even movie stars. However, nowadays, it seems that having your teeth aligned is almost obligatory. It may have started with apparently self-obsessed celebs, but there are real emotional and physical benefits that come with the results of treatment with braces in Stevenage.

Braces in StevenageThe physical side of things

Let’s look at your physical health. When your teeth line up along your jaws, they are better at biting and chewing. If you leave your teeth wonky, you will find that, over time, chewing can become painful, as some teeth take more of the brunt of the powerful forces we create when we eat. If only a few teeth are absorbing that force, they can crumble away over time. Not only that, but the uneven pressures can translate into pain in the jaw joint, neck and even manifest as headaches and migraines.

Besides the pressure issue, decay and gum disease can be more of a problem when your teeth are misaligned. This is because wonky teeth offer more nooks and crannies that are hard to keep clean, little havens for plaque to build up. The acid that bacterial plaque gives off is what erodes tooth enamel and irritates the gums, so if your teeth don’t crumble, they may just decay or fall out. Not a great prospect. Well-aligned teeth are far easier to keep clean and more likely to stay intact.

The emotional side of things

Emotionally speaking, having straighter teeth can contribute to your overall happiness levels. When you have a smile you like, you will smile more. Your smile activates the release of the body’s natural feel-good chemicals, such as serotonin. When you’ve got more of that floating round your body, you’re more likely to smile, creating an upward spiral of feeling better.

To find out more about how braces in Stevenage can benefit you, why not come in for a consultation with us at Smilecraft?