Get your smile back

When you start to notice a part of your appearance that you’re unhappy with, it’s hard not to fixate on it when you look in the mirror. Although others may not notice the same thing, it can drain your self-esteem when you feel dissatisfied with a problem that irritates you. If you’re unhappy with misaligned or crooked teeth, it might be that you want to stop smiling.

A future without smiles shouldn’t be an option, which is why we provide orthodontics in Stevenage. At Smilecraft, our welcoming and experienced dentists understand that not all patients are comfortable with traditional braces. In fact, some would rather avoid teeth straightening treatment than to go through a procedure that could disrupt their lifestyle. Fortunately, we provide a discreet alternative to traditional metal tracks that lets you carry on as normal.

Orthodontics in StevenageLet’s be clear

At Smilecraft, we provide Six Month Smiles as one of several treatments included under orthodontics in Stevenage. This is a subtle yet precise treatment which works in a similar way to traditional braces, except the brackets and wires are tooth-coloured. This means they more easily blend into the background of your teeth for a discreet treatment.

Six Month Smiles is cost-effective because it takes less time to shift and straighten your teeth into their desired positions. Although the length of treatment differs from patient to patient, it can straighten your teeth in as little as six months.

Looking good, feeling healthy

While Six Month Smiles is designed to improve the appearance of your teeth to boost your confidence, it also encourages good oral health. If you have overcrowded, misaligned or gappy teeth, straightening your teeth means much less room for plaque to build up between them. In turn, you are more likely to avoid complications like tooth decay or gum disease.

It’s only a matter of time

In Stevenage, orthodontics is all about giving you confidence towards the smile you deserve. Thanks to advances in modern dentistry, you no longer have to be burdened with unsightly metal braces or lengthy treatments. If you’re considering orthodontics in Stevenage, then contact us today at Smilecraft to book your consultation.