Going places

When it comes to your teeth, you shouldn’t have to settle for imperfection. It is important that you feel comfortable to smile to your fullest. Perhaps you’re unhappy with having crowded, crooked, or gappy teeth but you want the perfect smile without having to go through all the trouble of traditional braces.

Many adults assume that they have passed the years of braces, which are so commonly associated with children. Thanks to advances in modern dentistry, this no longer has to be the case. At Smilecraft, we provide braces in Stevenage that serve as alternatives to traditional fixed metal braces. This is because we understand that adults might want to go through a discreet teeth straightening treatment while they work or socialise.

Braces in StevenageThe clear alternative

You should never have to keep your smile on standby while you go through treatment, which is why Six Month Smiles lets you smile as you go. In Stevenage, braces have come a long way since the train track look.

Six Month Smiles uses tooth-coloured wires and brackets, making the braces hard to spot from afar while they straighten your teeth, as they more easily blend into the background. They work to shift your teeth over a time period of as little as six months, meaning the treatment is less intrusive on your lifestyle in both time and appearance. The reason this is possible is because Six Month Smiles focusses on straightening your front teeth – the ones that are most on show when you smile. This means gentler forces can be used while still ensuring a shorter treatment time

Braces to benefit your future

Although adult braces are often focussed on improving the appearance of your teeth and achieving your desired smile, they can also improve your oral health. Crooked or misaligned teeth are prone to dental problems like tooth decay or gum disease through a build-up of plaque. By straightening teeth and bringing them into proper alignment, there is less room for the plaque to accumulate and cause complications.

If you are considering braces in Stevenage, then contact us at Smilecraft today to book a consultation with one of our welcoming dentists. Get on track to your confident smile today.