Can my dentist in Stevenage perform cosmetic treatments?

There is a huge emphasis on facial appearance with the influx of social media platforms available, like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Everyone wants to flaunt a desirable smile and perfect teeth to their internet friends and followers.

Dentist in Stevenage

Even if you do not have much of an online presence, we are sure that the way your teeth look impacts your confidence. Maybe you hate smiling for photographs because of your less than perfect pearly whites?

Our cosmetic dentist in Stevenage will help you to achieve near-perfection with a range of treatments, namely tooth whitening, Six Months Smiles and porcelain veneers for unforeseen accidents.

Let us help you change your world by enhancing your natural beauty at the Smilecraft Dental Clinic.

The fastest way to a dazzling smile

Do you feel that your smile has lost its former sparkle? Get it back with teeth whitening! Teeth whitening is not only one of the safest treatments on the market, but is also the quickest way to transform your look for the better.

Lighten your teeth in one of two ways, with a DIY kit at home or with us in back-to-back whitening sessions. If this is your first time, we recommend you come to us for optimal results.

With us, you can choose from these options:

With the possibility of lightening your teeth by up to 16 shades, Enlighten Whitening is taking the world by storm. Achieve optimal whiteness for a lifetime! For the best possible results, Enlighten Whitening requires an in-surgery and at-home component. After your whitening session with the dentist in Stevenage, we will provide you with mouth trays and gels to keep your teeth in their perfect pearly state.

If you want white teeth that look natural, the Zoom whitening procedure might be more suitable for you. In a couple of sessions in the dentist’s chair, we will lighten your teeth by between four and six shades, depending on your preference. You are also required to use bleaching trays and whitening gels for six days after the treatments.

If you prefer the comfort of your home to our clinic, come to us so that we can custom make teeth whitening trays for you. Treatment time varies from patient to patient, according to the state of your teeth and the degree of whiteness you wish to achieve. Four to six weeks is the average time, so if you want immediate results, you might want to consider treatments in the clinic instead.

It can take only six months to boast straighter teeth

The duration of treatment time for conventional braces is off-putting for many, especially for those who do not have time on their side.

Consider our Six Months Smiles programme if you have an upcoming wedding and want to enhance your smile for your special day. This programme straightens your front teeth, the ones that are the most visible when you smile.

Please note that there are restrictions to Six Months Smiles, especially if you face more complicated issues. For example, if you have a bite issue, moving your front incisors might only make it worse, and require you to consider more intensive straightening methods in the future at the dentist in Stevenage.

Fix your chipped tooth

Have you chipped a tooth while taking a bite out of an apple? Porcelain veneers will cover up unsightly cracks and chips in your tooth that cause you shame.

Walk out of our offices with a repaired tooth on the same day the accident occurred.

Cosmetic treatments might not improve your oral health, but will increase your confidence and feelings of self-worth.