Dental care at the dentist in Stevenage

Deciding which dentist to go to when your mouth is in trouble is a big decision, especially because there are so many practices in the UK. Some might offer you outstanding service, and others could leave you with bad memories from a traumatic experience caused by substandard treatments.

Dentist in Stevenage

At 800 years old, Stevenage has stood the test of time and continues to thrive today with its old world charm. While a visit might take you back in time to another century, the town offers all the modern conveniences to its residents, including schools, stores, restaurants, and our reputable dental clinic, Smilecraft Dental Clinic, a practice which continues to put the smile back on the faces of the locals and many others in the surrounding area. 

We value your needs and do everything possible to restore your mouth to good health with our range of treatments and our friendly and professional service that is second to none at the dentist in Stevenage.

 Who are we?

We are a family dental clinic. From grandparents having problems with their dentures to sorting out the milk teeth of your little ones, we do not discriminate – we take care of everyone both young and old.

As we like to tell our patients ‘prevention is better than cure’, which is why we stress the importance of investing in a good toothbrush, paste and cleaning your teeth for the recommended amount of time. This should be twice a day every day for 2 to 3 minutes per session. To this day, many people do not see the importance of flossing, but it is a vital part of your cleaning regimen that minimises your risks of tooth decay and several mouth diseases.

People often moan to us because they do not see the point of regular check-ups every six months.The state of your mouth can change rapidly, and being able to detect and diagnose potentially harmful issues early on can spell the difference between correcting a problem easily and painlessly, or spending more time in the dentist’s chair with a more serious infection.

Problems we see everyday

From gum disease and tooth decay to missing teeth and misaligned pearly whites, our years of collective experience means we have seen the lot.

Many are afraid to see us because they do not like to be judged and put off going to see the dentist in Stevenage time and time again, resulting in the state of their teeth worsening. Remember that we have witnessed teeth and gums in various states of decay, and your issue is not unique.

Coming to see us early on could:

  • Cure and reverse the effects of gingivitis, a common and easily treatable disease that often shows up in adults. Get rid of those unsightly red gums that cause you so much embarrassment, for good.
  • Preserve your teeth. Remove cavities from your pearly whites, before the infection spreads throughout your tooth.
  • Save your life. For the most part, decreased oral health is not fatal, but the early signs of serious body diseases are often detected in your mouth. We do screenings for oral cancers, diabetes and HIV/AIDS.
  • Transform your dull, yellow and ageing teeth to a sparkling and brilliant smile on par with a toothpaste advertisement.

Are you looking for a dentist in Stevenage? Come and have a chat with us.