Fall in love with your teeth

Be honest, how do you feel about your teeth? A lot of you may not give them a second thought, but if you do and the thoughts that you give them are not all that positive about the way they look, maybe you would like to do something about it.

At Smilecraft in Stevenage, nothing gives us greater joy than transforming someone’s attitude towards their smile from one of mild despondency to utter embarrassment into real pride and a strong desire to smile at everyone they meet.

Six Month Smiles StevenageSpeed

One way we do this is by straightening out misalignments with Six Month Smiles. We chose to get our dentists accredited with Six Months Smiles because it can make such a difference and so quickly. The average treatment time really is only six months.

The reason for this is that Six Month Smiles concentrates on straightening the six teeth at the front of each arch, which are the teeth that everyone sees when you talk and smile. They only have one root each and are much easier to move than the molars, which have three roots. How long this process takes depends also on how out of alignment your teeth are. Six Month Smiles is great for most people but doesn’t really work so well on severe misalignment issues.

No metal

The other great thing about Six Month Smiles is how they look: almost like a piece of jewellery gracing your teeth, rather than a piece of track stolen from a toy railway.

Instead of large metal brackets, Six Months Smiles has smaller brackets made out of clear ceramic. Instead of two thick wires, it has one finer wire that has been coated to make it tooth-coloured.

Fewer appointments

Because the treatment times are so fast, you don’t have to come to us so often for adjustment, and that saves you time and hassle as well as making the treatment more cost-effective.

Payment plans

We appreciate that teeth straightening is a big expense for a lot of people, and we offer finance plans so that you can spread the cost out over several months.