Filings no longer need to stand out

Metal amalgam fillings stand out, creating dark patches in your teeth and undermining the integrity of your tooth. As your dentist in Stevenage, at Smilecraft, we’ve trained in white composite fillings to give you a great alternative to the grey standouts of traditional dentistry.

Dentist in StevenageWhenever you think about fillings, traditional grey amalgam comes to mind. This old style fills the gap in your tooth once the decayed part has been removed. However, because it doesn’t bond to the tooth, it leaves gaps which could mean bacteria can get into the gaps and continue to undermine your damaged tooth. Thanks to white composite fillings, this is no longer an issue. It bonds to your tooth, creating a seal and locking in the gap, so the integrity of your tooth is maintained.

Bright white and looking great

This new style of filling not only protects your teeth, it looks great as they totally blend in with your natural tooth. We take care to colour match your filling and to follow the contours of your natural teeth. It means there’s no compromise on the way you look and when you’re enjoying laughter with friends, the only thing they notice is the joy in your eyes and not the grey in your mouth.

Your dentist in Stevenage goes that extra mile

Although we know your smile is important, we also want to ensure your fillings are durable, long-lasting and make your teeth strong. Since we take your health seriously, Dr Bradley Abrahams and Dr Caroline King have trained with one of the leaders in the field of white composite filings, Dr Didier Dietschi. It means when you come to receive a new filling or to have your old metal amalgam replaced, you can guarantee that we can offer you a great service based in the latest techniques.

Smilecraft, as your local dentist in Stevenage, goes that extra mile to make you smile. We offer a range of treatments that looks after the day to day maintenance of your teeth through to providing care to resolve missing teeth or correct overbites. We’d love to hear from you, so ring our reception today to book in your consultation with one of our dentists.