Improve the appearance and performance of your teeth

At Smilecraft in Stevenage, braces are used for two reasons: to make teeth more effective, and to improve their appearance. If you have front teeth that stick out too much, or a higgledy-piggledy smile, we can realign your teeth with a contemporary method that’s often surprisingly speedy and discreet.

Braces in Stevenage

Braces in StevenageOur Six Month Smiles braces are a way to reposition the teeth in a short amount of time. As the name suggests, the average duration is six months. This modern dental appliance focuses on the teeth at the front of your mouth, the ones most visible when you smile. They apply gentle pressure to your teeth, following a meticulously customised treatment plan. Plus, they’re made of a transparent material, so they won’t attract too much attention while you’re wearing them.

Dental improvements

If too many teeth are pointing the wrong way, the jaw can be put under excessive strain. Straighter teeth look better, and do their jobs more efficiently. They’re also easier to keep clean. Crooked or crowded smiles have awkward nooks and crannies, in which food particles and bacteria can hide. Realigning the teeth can thus reduce your risk of developing tooth decay and gum disease.


Your treatment will begin with a conversation between you and the dental team. If having braces in Stevenage is the appropriate method to achieve your desired outcome, we’ll take some images of your mouth and create a detailed treatment plan.

You’ll then begin wearing your braces, under our supervision. Regular checks on progress will ensure everything stays on track. When it’s time to remove the braces, you may need to wear a retainer at night, to make sure your teeth get used to their new positions.

Healthier future

Improving the position of your teeth will make it easier to look after your oral health. The enhanced aesthetic appeal of your smile can have a positive effect on your overall self-image. These significant and long-lasting benefits, and the speed and subtlety of the treatment, make our Stevenage braces popular with adults. Even those with customer-facing jobs can wear these low-key dental appliances without embarrassment, while the results are plain to see.