Preparing for orthodontics in Stevenage

If you want to get your teeth straightened, you may need orthodontics in Stevenage. At Smilecraft, we do all we can to help you prepare for the experience of wearing braces. This might include giving you information on what will happen and advice on how to cope with each stage of the journey.

Orthodontics in StevenageWhen you visit Smilecraft, a member of our team will give you personalised guidance. However, there are some general preparatory steps that apply to almost everyone:

  • Selecting your braces

Choosing the right braces for your circumstances goes a long way towards making your treatment comfortable. You may be able to select a method like Six Month Smiles, for example, so that you can enjoy fast-acting, discreet braces that are easy to fit and popular with our patients;

  • Healthy teeth

Before you start having any orthodontics in Stevenage, your teeth need to be in good condition. Braces move teeth gently, but it is still a strong process for them to undergo. In order to enjoy your treatment and reduce the risk of damage to your teeth, you may need to have repairs, fillings or even a good clean and polish before you start your teeth straightening procedure;

  • Emotions

Teeth straightening is a long-term treatment. While some procedures, like Six Month Smiles, take a shorter amount of time than many methods, you still need to be prepared to wear braces for a few months or more. The best way to prepare emotionally for this is to look forward to the way your teeth will look when they have been moved. You could put up a picture on your fridge of a straight and beautiful smile to help remind you;

  • Extractions

Occasionally, a tooth or two may need to be removed to make room for the realignment of your smile. This particularly applies if you have had a problem with overcrowding prior to your treatment. Your dentist will only do this if necessary and they will discuss it with you beforehand;

  • Advice

Following the advice of your dentist helps you to enjoy your treatment and keeps your teeth and gums healthy. This might include tips on food choices, care and frequency of check-ups.