The process of getting Six Month Smiles

Getting Six Month Smiles braces in Stevenage with Smilecraft is an exciting prospect for many patients. The thought of finally achieving a straight smile, if you have been living with a misalignment for a long time, can be liberating and certainly something to look forward to.

Choosing Six Month Smiles braces in Stevenage means that you do not need to be apprehensive about the teeth straightening process. Normal worries about, for example, the appearance of your braces, are addressed by the design of the braces. The equipment used by Six Month Smiles is specially crafted to blend in with the surrounding teeth, so obtrusive braces become a thing of the past.

Braces in StevenageAsk your dentist, Smilecraft, about the process of getting Six Month Smiles. Everyone is different but, usually, it all starts with a consultation and gathering information. Once your practitioner is satisfied that you are suitable for Six Month Smiles, they can send all of your information off to them so that your unique braces can be made. Six Month Smiles return these to your dentist for fitting. They may need to do some preparatory work, which will either take place before or during your fitting. Once the brackets are in place, a wire is threaded through them and secured with elastics. This is the basic process of fitting Six Month Smiles although your dentist can explain in more detail during your initial appointments.

How do Six Month Smiles feel when they are fitted?

Despite the fact that Six Month Smiles braces in Stevenage have a low profile, it may still feel a little odd when they are first fitted. This is because the inside of your check is not yet used to the sensation of something sitting between them and your teeth. The feeling of having something in your mouth should fade fairly quickly as your body begins to disregards the signals coming in.

In terms of other sensations, you may feel some discomfort initially. This is because moving teeth, even when done gently, involves placing pressure on the teeth and gums. Fortunately, any sensations do fade quickly and, in the meantime, you can take ordinary painkillers to help alleviate them.