It’s going to be all white

If you took a survey of why people put off dental treatment, we’re fairly certain some would cite wanting to avoid wearing glinting metal train track braces to straighten out their teeth, while others might mention equally unattractive metal fillings to sort out teeth ruined by decay. Thankfully today, these reasons don’t hold any water, as dentistry has moved on.

Dentist in StevenageAt Smilecraft, your dentist in Stevenage, we provide modern dental care that doesn’t just take care of your oral health but also looks out for the aesthetics of your smile during and after treatment.

Bye-bye metal braces

If you want to finally sort out those crooked front teeth, which just weren’t crooked enough to qualify you for treatment on the NHS as a child, then we’ve got the solution for you: Six Month Smiles. Our dentist in Stevenage is accredited to provide this discreet, fixed braces treatment. Using clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires, your braces won’t dominate your teeth. Focusing on just the front teeth means your treatment will be speedy too, taking, on average, just 6 months.

Auf wiedersehen amalgam fillings

If you’ve experienced tooth decay, then you’ve probably had a filling or 2 in your time. If those amalgam fillings have left you hesitant to smile for fear of everyone seeing just how much work your teeth have had, there is a solution at your Stevenage dentist. White composite fillings are tooth-coloured and so blend in with your teeth. They are just as strong as amalgam fillings and come with the added bonus of bonding to the surface of your teeth. Amalgam fillings don’t do this, which means there is a tiny slither of space into which bacteria can creep. So, whether you have old amalgam fillings you want replaced, or are in need of new fillings, why not go with white composite?

Sayonara stains

It’s all well and good having dental treatments that blend in with the colour of your teeth, but if your teeth are stained and discoloured, that may not be a colour you want to stick with. Get the natural gleam to your teeth back by asking our dentist in Stevenage for teeth whitening to remove those surface stains.