It’s not about vanity, it’s about oral health

Did you sneak past the braces monster as a kid and now wish you had had your teeth straightened? Maybe your teeth weren’t quite wonky enough to qualify for free treatment on the NHS? Maybe your parents could not afford it or you refused? Perhaps now you wish you had straighter teeth, but it’s just vanity right? Well, wrong, actually. Orthodontics in Stevenage could be exactly what you need.

Straighter teeth are generally healthier than wonky teeth. This is for two reasons:

Orthodontics in StevenagePlaque

Plaque is the sticky film that builds up on our teeth during the day. It is bacteria that live in the mouth and they proliferate by feeding on the sugars in our mouths left from food and drinks. Plaque quickly hardens into tartar and gives off acid. This attacks tooth enamel and creates cavities through which bacteria can sneak in to decay the teeth. Acid from plaque along the gum line inflames and irritates the gums, and can also attack the bone, loosening teeth, perhaps even causing them to fall out. If you take advantage of orthodontics in Stevenage, your straighter teeth will provide far fewer places for plaque to hide and build up, which can lead to decay and gum disease. You will have a much higher chance of hanging onto your natural teeth for life.


When you chew, ideally your teeth bite down evenly against each other and work as a team to create the forces (up to 97kg or 200lbs) that are needed to break down your food into a swallowable paste.

However, when your teeth are wonky, only a few teeth bear the brunt of that force and it takes its toll on them. Over time they get worn down and can crumble away, leaving them vulnerable to decay.

Replacement parts

Teeth that are misaligned have a much higher chance of needing to be extracted in later life, and this means you will have to replace them. Orthodontics in Stevenage may seem like a big investment, but it could be nothing compared to the cost of dental implants, or the hassle of dentures.