Quick and easy teeth straightening

If you have been thinking about getting your teeth straightened, you may be wondering about where to get good braces in Stevenage. Teeth straightening, as a term, covers a wide variety of problems, including those relating to the upper and lower jaw not matching up so that the teeth meet evenly.

Braces in StevenageProblems with jaw alignment usually get fixed when you are a child, and often with funding from the NHS, so if you are an adult looking for braces in Stevenage, you are probably more concerned with some wonky teeth that are at the front of your mouth and show when you talk and smile. At Smilecraft, we call these the front six social teeth, and they can be easy and quick to get straightened.

One of our favourite ways of doing this is with a cosmetic braces treatment called Six Month Smiles. This kind of braces in Stevenage is aimed at people with mild misalignment on the front teeth, and can be placed by a specially trained general and cosmetic dentist, such as at Smilecraft.

How does Six Month Smiles work?

Six Month Smiles are a twist on the traditional metal bracket and wire braces, but so much nicer to look at. The brackets are much smaller and are made of clear ceramic rather than metal. The wire, and there’s only one, is much thinner and is tooth-coloured nickel titanium.

The wire is strung through the brackets, which are placed at just the right angles to pull your teeth into the right position. The wire is tightened through the brackets to achieve a constant, gentle pressure that will straighten your teeth in an average time of only six months, hence the brand name. These braces are not invisible, but blend in with your teeth and look more like a piece of jewellery than a train track.

You will need to wear a retainer after treatment to keep your teeth in place. You can either have one bonded to the backs of your teeth, or you can have one more like a mouth guard, which you wear at night.

We can talk you through which one is right for you when you come in for your consultation with one of our dentists.