Orthodontics: another very long word in dentistry

Just like medicine, the dental profession is awash with very long words for things. These words usually derive from Latin or the Greek. Sometimes bits of both languages have been used. The reason such words are used is so that they can be understood by dentists all over the world, whereas translations from one everyday language to another can often cause confusion

A great example of a very long dentistry word is orthodontics. In Stevenage, this wonderfully important-sounding word refers to the branch of dentistry involved in making sure that your teeth fit together properly. It covers not only your teeth, but your jaws as well. If your jaws don’t line up, your teeth don’t either. Because teeth straightening doesn’t quite cover everything we do in the area of alignment, we use the word orthodontics in Stevenage.

Orthodontics in StevenageAt Smilecraft, our favourite appliance for bite and teeth alignment is Six Month Smiles. As the name suggests, the average treatment time for this device is only six months.

How does Six Month Smiles work?

It works like traditional bracket and wire braces, except that it is much finer and therefore more discreet. Instead of heavy metal, the brackets are smaller and made of clear ceramic. The wire that strings them together is tooth-coloured nickel titanium.

Six Month Smiles with orthodontics in Stevenage uses the same tried and tested mechanics that you find on much heavier ‘train track’ braces. The angles at which the brackets are positioned on the teeth determine the direction in which the wire will gently pull the teeth.

Six Month Smiles is generally used for people who want to move their front six social teeth only. These teeth only have one root to be moved, which is another reason why the treatment can be so much quicker than the two or three years one expects with traditional metal braces.

The best way to find out if Six Month Smiles can help you is to book a consultation with us at Smilecraft. Once we have assessed your teeth we will be able to tell you if this is what you need or some other treatment might be more suitable.