Fast and effective tooth realignment

If you want to improve the alignment and appearance of your teeth without spending a long time wearing a dental appliance, Smilecraft has the solution for you. A discreet and speedy experience of orthodontics in Stevenage, Six Month Smiles uses tooth-coloured wires and brackets to reposition your teeth using gentle pressure. Its colouring minimises unwanted attention, and as its name suggests, the average duration of treatment is around six months.

Orthodontics in StevenageThe stages of orthodontics in Stevenage

At your initial consultation, we’ll take a look at your teeth, and listen to you talk about how you’d like to improve them. If our treatment is the appropriate way to achieve your desired results, we’ll take some detailed images of your mouth, and proceed according to a meticulous treatment plan.

Six Month Smiles focuses on the teeth that are most visible when you open your mouth. Your realignment appliance stays attached to the front of your teeth while treatment is ongoing, and is customised to work efficiently. It won’t cause the embarrassment that more visible dental braces can bring to their wearers. Worries about your appearance at business meetings or social events will be kept to a minimum.

After the braces are removed, you’ll probably need to spend a while wearing a retainer at night time, so that your teeth become securely fixed into their new positions.

The benefits of orthodontics in Stevenage

Improving your smile can help you to feel better about your overall appearance. If your front teeth stuck out too much beforehand, they’ll both look better and function more effectively after your treatment. Crooked or crowded teeth will be easier to keep clean once they’ve been straightened out. This reduces your risk of gum disease and tooth decay, because there’ll be fewer awkward spaces in the mouth for bacteria and food debris to hide in.

If you’ve developed the habit of keeping your teeth hidden when laughing, or posing for photos, realignment treatment can make this a thing of the past. Our Six Month Smiles can also be more-cost effective for you than alternative types of tooth realignment. Contact us today to find out how this contemporary technique can make cosmetic and functional improvements to your teeth.