Preventive dentistry for kids

When you think about what you want to put in place for your children, the various elements add up to making sure that they are happy and healthy. A good job, good health, somewhere nice to live, good friends and a happy family of their own. This is what most parents wish for their children to have a good life.

Preventative Dentistry for Kids

Teeth play a very important part in the good health aspect of a life. Without good teeth, it’s not possible to eat properly, to bite into and chew up the nutritious foods we need to sustain our bodies. Also, good teeth play a vital role in having a good smile. And a good smile is one of the most important tools we have in making that first contact with people, be they a prospective partner, a new social group or someone who can decide whether or not we get a good new job or a promotion.

Without those connections, it may not be possible to get the money to pay for the new house and so on.

So, having a good set of teeth is more important than it is sometimes given credit for.

What can you do to make sure that your children have good teeth while they are growing up at home, and continue to look after them once they have flown the nest?

Well, here at Smilecraft Dental Care, we believe that the first step is learning a good oral health routine that your child will keep to even after they have left home and there is no one to ask them, ‘Have you brushed your teeth?’.

We also believe in looking after baby teeth as well as possible, because decay can move from baby teeth through to the adult teeth behind them.

To that end, we offer preventive dentistry for kids. We can paint their back teeth with fissure sealants that form a protective barrier against decay causing acids and bacteria. We can also mineralise the teeth with fluoride treatments.

These are timely treatments for youngsters who have not yet mastered all the skills of toothbrushing and whose tooth enamel has not yet hardened.

Help your child beat decay. Book them in for preventive treatments today.